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I love the Hilton Head Island

I love the Hilton Head Island HomeGoods Store. On Tueday, 18th, 2020, a courteous, efficient employee named Alec helped me with my purchase of two brown leather swivel chairs with the utmost willingness. He also helped me with some carpets. His customer service was excellent and so are my chairs!

Posted by Anonymous on August 19, 2020 03:39pm
I went to the store to return

I went to the store to return an item when the store opened the manager had called all associates to the front door for the morning huddle. I was told to go get in line. I feel that a morning huddle should have been done prior to the store opening and not at 9:30 when you have a group of customers entering. Poor management

Posted by Anonymous on April 6, 2019 10:27am
Amazing store! First time

Amazing store! First time ever and spent an hour perusing everything. Extremely good quality items at excellent prices. Love the volume of the variety. If you are looking for one particular or many items —that’s the place to go. Floor and cashier associates are extremely personable and helpful. This has become my favorite store to shop for unique, as well as, run-of-the-mill items.


Posted by Anonymous on November 30, 2018 09:27am
This is my first time in

This is my first time in homegoods the prices were very good

Posted by Anonymous on October 5, 2018 06:43pm
Waited patiently for the new

Waited patiently for the new store to open in Southbury CT. Needed bath rugs. Picked them up today. So happy they are gorgeous and look great in the bathroom. Thank you for opening a store for us here in Southbury, CT. I always loved buying goods at Home Goods Stores.

Linda Christie

Posted by Anonymous on July 30, 2018 03:25pm


Posted by Anonymous on May 11, 2018 07:53pm
I usually love Home Goods but

I usually love Home Goods but the customer service was awful . I asked For help and was pawned off 3 Times ..finally I went to the register to check out and asked for help again in locating an intern ..I was told the person behind me was in a hurry so they would help after checking them out ..which would h e them out ..really rude and frustrating ..not sure if this is lack of staff or lack of training either way I won’t be back .

Posted by Anonymous on February 16, 2018 11:41am
Bought 4 packs curly ribbons-

Bought 4 packs curly ribbons- green and white stripped, red and white stripped, red and white velvet with sparkles in a display with other various holiday colored ribbons. The sign on top of the display said 50 % off seasonal items. So when I got to the check out the cashier scanned them, he declared them as non-seasonal. I informed him of the sale sign, he said he would go back and take it down. I truly do not know when I would use these ribbons other than Xmas due to the color and sparkles. They scream Xmas and I got them to decorate next years Xmas tree. Truly disappointing.

Posted by Anonymous on January 3, 2018 04:13pm
This was my first visit to

This was my first visit to Home Goods. I had plenty of time to shop & did I shop!
I had excellent help ftom happy staff there, it was evident that they enjoyed their work/jobs there.
At checkout I was assisted by Angie & Jorden. They were helpful with my questions & wrapping my breakable items carefully.
I would definately reccomend this store/location/staff!
I do not get out to shop often. incentives are important in my shopping choices. I would love to win your sweepstakes along with any other discounts incentives or giveaway prizes. Thank you for this opportunity,
Kendall Karst

Posted by Anonymous on May 31, 2017 04:45pm