We understand the importance of your sweepstakes entries. Doing maximum entries in sweepstakes increase your chance of winning.

But it is hard to do it for hundreds of sweepstakes. Do not worry, our system will smartly maintain the records of your favorited giveaways entries.

Never miss important sweepstakes entry with following features:

  • Save any sweepstakes to your favorite list.
  • Smart Reminders to manage all your favorite sweepstakes.
  • 0% chance of missing your favorite sweepstakes entries. We will notify you about expiring soon sweepstakes, if you have not already entered.
  • Daily schedule of sweepstakes to enter of every frequency: Daily, weekly or monthly, so you can do maximum entries.
  • Never miss winner announcements for all sweepstakes that you have entered with our timely alerts.
  • Manage your account functions on multiple devices (like mobile, desktop..etc).

Here is the step by step guide:

My Account - User Menu

When you join “My account” will serve all personalized features of the website.

After you logged in, you can see My Account (icon) as shown in image. Click on My Account menu to open it. It will also display notification count if you have any pending notifications to check.

Add/Manage My Favorites

Never miss any sweepstakes to enter with My favorites function. Once you add any sweep to My favorites, you can check later anytime to your favorites and enter sweeps. To manage favorites, Click on "View all" from My Account Menu.

Use Favorite Button/Icon to Favorite any sweepstakes on You can also remove them from Favorite list any time.

"Sweeps to Enter Today" List

Never miss a chance of entry on your daily, weekly or monthly giveaways with the list of your favourite sweepstakes you need to enter today. This list only contains the sweepstakes that are available to enter based on their frequency. Sweeps which you have already entered, upcoming or expired will not be in this list.

Check list of all the Sweepstakes to Enter Today by clicking on "Sweeps to Enter Today" in My Account Menu.

Manage Entered Sweepstakes

When you click on “Enter to win” link on any sweepstake’s page, we assume that you have entered the sweep. If you have not entered at that time, you can change status any time.

1. "Entered" Icon shows that you have already entered sweepstakes. By Clicking on it you can change the status "Entered" to "Not Entered"
2. "Not Entered" Icon Shows that you have not entered the sweepstake. By Clicking on it, you can change the status from "Not Entered" to "Entered" any time.
3. "Enter to Win" Icon will take you to Sweepstakes entry. By Clicking on them you can go to sweepstakes entry page.

Check and manage "Entered Sweepstakes" List by clicking on "Recently Entered Sweeps" from My Account Menu.

Expiring Favorited Sweepstakes

This is the list of your favourite sweepstakes that are expiring soon and you might have missed to enter.

You can view and manage "Expiring Favorited Sweepstakes" List by clicking on "Expiring Soon" from My Account Menu.

Winner Announced Sweepstakes

Here you will find list of all sweepstakes which you have entered and already announced the winners.

You can view and manage "Winner Announced Sweepstakes" List by clicking on "Winner Announced" from My Account Menu.

Activate Pending Account

You must activate your account by opening the link which we have sent to you. If you did not receive the activation mail, kindly check mail in SPAM or JUNK folder.

You can also manually request to resend account activation email. When you Login with user name and password it will show you warning about "You have not activated your account". You can find "resend activation mail" link there.

Filter My Favorites by type

You can filter your sweeps with different options like: Draw date, winner announcement, expiring and entry types.

You will find filter options in "My Favorited sweeps" page as shown in image.

If you still have any confusion, don’t hesitate to contact us.