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My gf and I are AMC A-List

My gf and I are AMC A-List members. Last night we got our tickets and went to see the new Jumanji movie. This morning, I tried to play the game. I got to the ice wall - which is the end of Phase 1 of the game. It asked for my purchase code. I entered the order # that I got with our tickets, but that wasn't accepted. I contacted AMC customer service and was told that A-List members ticket purchases are excluded from receiving a purchase code because we didn't *PAY* for our tickets. What?!? Isn't that the reason why we joined your A-List program in the first place? The customer service person went on to say that it was like a bonus for those who actually paid for their tickets. Seriously? Prior to every movie you see in an AMC theatre, they jam it down our throats all the perks that go along with being an A-List member. I guess they forgot to mention that you don't get to play the promotional games. What bites, is that when 'purchasing' our online tickets, we do the same steps as everyone else - the only difference comes at the time of purchase. We have a $0 amount due. So for whoever wins the Jumanji experience, please share so us A-Listers can have an idea of what it feels like

Posted by Anonymous on December 14, 2019 11:14am