17 Tips to Enter & Win Sweepstakes learned from a Pro

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Winning a sweepstake is a goal for every sweeper, but not all success. We know it’s all about luck but some hacks we learned from pros that will help you to be the winner.

Sweepstakes enthusiasts often wonder if luck would ever shine on them. Some also worry if winning a prize is a possibility at all. But ask this question to sweepers- folks who participate in sweepstakes often. They would tell you all about the vacations, gift hampers, and prize money they keep winning.

You can also take home many prizes a year, as many sweepers do. And we are not asking you to cheat or exploit loopholes. Rather, we want to share with you some tricks and tips that sweepers use to maximize their chances.

According to the consistent giveaway winners, winning sweepstakes is as much about strategy as it is about luck and patience. Read to know to learn more about it.

17 Giveaways Winning Tips Shared by winners

win sweepstakes tips and tricks

1. Enter multiple times

Enter as many sweepstakes as you can. No rule prohibits a person from participating (and winning) in more than one sweepstake at a time. So if you are serious about winning a sweepstake, enter often.

Also, many sweepstakes allow the same person to make multiple entries. So read up the rules of the sweepstake before filling the form. Check out if it allows you to enter again, and after what time. Some sweepstakes restrict entry from the same person within the same day or the same week. That's why you should not skip the rules.

Also, maintain a log of all the sweepstakes you enter, along with the number of entries. It would help you maximize your chances.

2. Enter Sweepstakes with Multiple Prizes

The chances of a single big win are always low. There are just one prize and way too many contenders. But the chances of winning sweepstakes with many small prizes are higher. That is why we recommended small giveaways as they are game-changer.

3. Find and Enter local or Regional Sweepstakes

Also, keep an eye on local and regional sweepstakes. There are fewer participants in a regional sweepstake than a national one. Taking part in them would greatly improve your odds of winning. You can also look out for local giveaways organized by movie theatres, restaurants, etc. in your town. If you are entering local store sweepstakes, then submit entries at all of their locations

4. Refer Sweepstakes and Get Bonus Entries

If a sweepstake gives you bonus entries on making referrals, then share it among your friends to earn more entries. If your friends are not interested in sweepstakes, you can share the referrals with like-minded individuals on online forums.

5. Use auto-fill to complete sweepstake forms

We have suggested that you should enter as many sweepstakes as you can. Now you might feel that this sounds quite tedious. But you can simplify the job by using a form-filler program. There is free software like Roboform, Keyboard Express, 1Password, LastPass, or Autofill that could help you save time in the giveaway entry process.

These forms save your basic details and cut down your typing time when a form asks for those details. You can fill in your name, address, and other lengthy details with a few clicks.

Please note that there is a vast difference between auto-fill and auto-submit software. Auto-fill merely replaces the actual typing work. Auto-submit makes entries on your behalf, without you opening the sweepstake. While that sounds convenient, sweepstakes websites ban the use of auto-submit software. So stay away from auto-submit apps. And always read the rules to prevent any errors that might cause disqualification.

6. Choose Sweepstakes with More Work

Many folks skip sweepstakes that demands more from them. They are not interested in sweepstakes if it asks them trivia questions, or has multiple rounds. This also means that such sweepstakes have fewer participants. So if you keep calm and enter these sweepstakes, you enjoy more chances of winning.

7. Organize Your Sweepstakes Entries

Keep a track of all the sweepstakes you enter. Make an excel workbook, and log every small and big competition that you take part in. We would suggest you make separate sheets for daily, weekly, and one-time sweepstakes. It would help you remember where you can make entries again.

Also, note down the important dates in the sheets. It might include dates of announcement of winners, a second-round, etc.

8. Create a new Email Id

You don't want your mailbox to get flooded with promotional emails from sweepstakes. Neither do you want your win notifications to get lost in a melee of personal or work emails? So if you are a dedicated sweepstake enthusiast, create a separate mail account for it.

Once you have created a new email ID, remember to check it once every day. When you end up winning a sweepstake, sponsors would contact you through your mail. You won't get your prize if you don't respond in time.

9. Set Aside Time Everyday

Sweepstake pros share that making a few entries every day is a great way to improve your winning chances. You don't have to spend several hours daily. Even spending 15 to 20 minutes a day could shore up your number of entries. And you can do this while sipping your evening coffee, or when you take a break from work for lunch.

10. Use Sweepstake Directories

Sweepstake directories are websites that categorize and compile sweepstakes. Rather than searching and scanning every individual sweepstake, you can find them all at the same place.

When you visit a sweepstake directory, you can search sweepstake based on the prize, number of entries, etc. This will help you find the giveaways you like and avoid the ones that don't interest you much. You can even sign up for newsletters to receive the best free to enter sweepstakes directly to your inbox.

11. Follow the Rules

Never cheat in a sweepstake, unless you want to get disqualified. Worse, you can also get blacklisted if you get caught using unfair methods. Some folks also get disqualified because they don't read the rules, and make errors because of their ignorance.

Reading rules would make you aware of the rules, and the terms and conditions of the giveaway. Also, you would get to know if you can take part more than once, and multiply your chances of a win.

12. Enter Sweeps with Short Entry Period

Many sweepstakes run for several weeks or months. They are quite convenient for you to enter but think of the number of entries they receive.

Giveaways with a short entry window have less number of participants. If you target such sweepstakes, you can increase your chances of winning.

13. Participate in Text to Win, Mail-In, or Call-In Sweepstakes

Few people take interest in a contest where they have to send a physical mail or make a call or a text. And sweepstakes pros use this to their advantage. They recommend never skipping such contests as the chances of winning increase when the number of entries is less.

For Mail-In entry method: Decorate your mail-in entry envelope with stickers, glitter, colorful designs, or fuzzy material to make yourself stand out. You can even use brightly colored envelopes or cut out images from magazines to improve the chances to win.

14. Try Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Sweepstakes

Watch out for the contests organized on Facebook, Twitter, etc. They have short entry periods and less number of entries. You have more chances of winning. Most of these competitions are easy to enter. All they ask for is a 'like' and a 'share'.

For Facebook sweepstakes: Always comment even if it’s not mandatory as winners are rarely selected randomly. Commenting helps you to interact with the giveaway twice and make your face more identifiable to the person selecting the winner.

15. Enter Skills contests

You should also consider participating in a contest that requires skill. A contest that asks you to write an essay or submit a photograph attracts less crowd. That translates into more chances of winning. Moreover, your fate won't rest solely on a lucky draw. You have a chance of standing out with your skills.

16. Play Instant Win Games at Non-Peak Times

The best time to play the Instant Win Game is in the early morning or late at night. Fewer people tend to enter at these times so you have higher odds of winning. You must change your entering time to keep variation and balance to help you win more instant wins. If you win take a screenshot of the winning message as proof in case of problems.

17. Enter the Blog Giveaways

Blog Giveaways generally have smaller prizes so most people aren't interested. As a result blog giveaways tend to have fewer entries. The fewer entries mean the higher odds of winning.

8 Handy Tips Every Sweeper Needs

  1. Listen to the Radio for more contests
  2. Always check your spam folder for prize notifications
  3. Never lie about your eligibility.
  4. Purchase is not necessary to enter any sweepstakes.
  5. Beware of sweepstakes scams.
  6. Never enter for Prizes You Don't Want.
  7. Don't forget sweepstakes taxes.
  8. Never provide your bank information or credit card details.

Lastly, all sweepstakes pros will tell you that consistency is the key to winning. So if you want to win attractive prizes, keep a track of sweepstakes and giveaways, and take part frequently.