Use your skill and talent to enter the contests online to win great prizes such as cash, gift card, trip, and more. Enter the dunking, Gerber, dunk, bikini, beauty, hot dog eating contests, and more for your chance to win. User votes or judges will select the winners.
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Free Contests Online

A pinch of creativity and skill is all you need to enter & win the contest online. Hundreds of contests are available online where you can use your genius to win amazing prizes. There are four types of contests such as writing/essay contests, video and photography contests, cooking/recipe contests, as well as trivia contests.
No luck works in the contest as the entries are judged to determine the winner rather than a random drawing. Some contests require online voting and the winner is determined based on the votes. A one-stop destination to find all the active and legit contests that are open to the USA and Canada is Sweepstakesbible.com.
Sweepstakesbible.com lists legit and current contests with pertinent information such as official rules, limit, entry frequency, entry URL, ARV, judging criteria, and more.
Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, Ford, Pepsi, Smithfield, Doritos, and Lay's are some of the famous sponsors of the contests. You can enter dunking, Gerber baby, dunk, bikini, beauty, karaoke, drawing, Halloween, video, photo, logo, movie, hot dog eating contests, and more online to win prizes such as money or cash, scholarships, car, truck, gift cards and more.
You are required to submit an original and creative video, photo, recipe, logo, design, or essay to enter the contest online. A panel of judges will select the winners based on skill, merit, or other objective criteria.
The entries with the highest scores will be the winners. The odds of winning contests are higher compared to sweepstakes & giveaways as fewer people tend to enter as the specific skill required.