Sweepstakes are the effortless way to win the prizes you have been dreaming of. Enter the PCH, HGTV, QVC, Amazon, Travel Channel, and more sweepstakes and instant win game online to win a car, vacation, real money, home, etc. Get free to enter sweepstakes alerts daily by following our website.
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Free Sweepstakes Online

Every day thousands of people win fantastic free prizes by entering into the online sweepstakes. But still, there are many people who think online sweepstakes are a scam. Sweepstakes are 100% real but you must follow trustworthy sweepstakes directories to find legit one to enter.

PCH (Publisher Clearing House), HGTV, Travel Channel, QVC, BHG, Discovery Channel, Amazon, McDonald’s, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, DIY Network, and Good Housekeeping are some big players in the field of sweepstakes.

Sweepstakesbible.com round-up and list legitimate & real free to enter sweepstakes that are worth entering along with entry link, rules link, codes, limit, entry frequency, prizes, prize value, and how to enter the process in detail.

You can enter the sweepstakes, giveaway, instant win games, and contests regularly to actually win fantastic prizes including cars, vacation, cash/ money, boat, home/house, Xbox, tickets, gift cards (Walmart, Amazon, Visa), grocery, rent, truck, free gas, Jewelry, food prizes, etc. Most of the sweepstakes are available for people who are 18 years or older in the USA, Canada, UK, and Worldwide.

Many sweepstakes are available particularly for kids, college students, veterans, and under 18. Blog, reader's digest, keystone, home depot, omaze, Walgreens, Microsoft, Marie Claire, and Heineken sweepstakes are also available for you to enter and win great prizes.

Cash sweepstakes let you win cash prizes such as $500, $1,000, $5000, $7000, $10,000, $25 000, $50 000, $100,000 or even 1 Million dollars. If you are thinking about how to win or how many sweepstakes should I enter? Then, the answer to both the question is entering as many sweepstakes as you can. You just have to submit a simple entry form that requires your name, email address, address, and phone number to sign up for getting an entry into the sweepstakes. Some sweepstakes required Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter account to enter. You will be entered into the sweepstakes random drawing for your chance to win.

No purchase necessary for entering the sweepstakes. The survey sweepstakes help you to win cash, discount coupons, gift cards, and validation code which can be redeemed at the store or online for free shopping or food & beverage. The sweepstakes winners will be notified by phone, email, or mail as specified in the official rules or terms and conditions. The list of sweepstakes winners is also available. Each and every sweepstakes website or forum shows sweepstakes that are ending today or soon so that you don’t miss your last chance to win.

You can sign up for sweepstakes alerts or newsletters in sweepstakes app or directories to stay updated with new sweepstakes. The huge sweepstake prizes are taxable and winners are responsible for it.