Whole Foods Market Feedback Survey: Win 1 of 5 $250 Gift Cards


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Just purchased fresh tulips

Just purchased fresh tulips at Detroit, Woodward Ave. store. Several were frozen and wilted. Called the store, waited on hold for five minutes, called back, talked to a snippy receptionist who made the experience triple bad.Very disappointing

Posted by Anonymous on February 9, 2021 10:37am
went to Long Beach

went to Long Beach location
they are so nice and friendly

Posted by Anonymous on December 18, 2019 12:57pm
Went to Krocks Rd location

Went to Krocks Rd location in Pa this morning ! Didn’t open doors till after 8am !! Got what I needed and no body at registers but a whole group at customer service drinking coffee and bullshitting!!!! Not a good impression!

Posted by Anonymous on December 13, 2019 08:24am
i went to La Jolla, San Diego

i went to La Jolla, San Diego location, and had a bad impression of Whole food.
(2199236)10066 cashier was not helping me load 4 shopping bags.
I was still bagging it but she helped somebody behind me, it was 8pm no lines at all.
she had only myself and somebody behind me, I was pushed to go quickly.
Whole food needs to train cashiers 'customer service'.

Posted by Anonymous on August 18, 2019 10:21pm
Website WFM stalled while

Website WFM stalled while completing Survey.

Posted by Anonymous on July 2, 2019 01:22am
I do my purchasing in Whole

I do my purchasing in Whole Foods market I like this store very much.

Posted by Anonymous on July 1, 2019 05:18pm
went to the Louisville Ky

went to the Louisville Ky store today and went through the express lane because I thought I had 15 items. I was trying to explain to the salesclerk, who wore no name badge, what was in the bakery bags I had. She said unless I just wanted to talk I didn't have to tell her what was in the bags. Then she told me in the future express lane was for 15 items or less. I had 20. I explained to her I was sorry but there was no one at the express lane when I walked up and they had 3 salesclerks there. They were all available. Never experienced this before at this store. A little disappointed have to weigh whether the items I purchased are worth the attitude.

Posted by Anonymous on May 9, 2019 12:57pm
We shopped at Whole Foods

We shopped at Whole Foods Market in Savannah at 1821 East Victory Drive, 31404
The store was neat and clean, and the man at the seafood section was particularly informative in a fun way. The shelves etc. were well stocked and stocked in a logical, reasonable fashion. We will shop there the next time we are in Savannah.

Posted by Anonymous on March 4, 2019 02:57pm