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I’ve been trading at this

I’ve been trading at this store for yrs. Every time I go into the store I spent a lot. This is the third time that I didn’t get my 5.00 off. The clerk looks at me and says the machine doesn’t work.I stop going to a store on Airline because the manager which’s has know me for yrs. Would take my coupon so I quit going to that store. Now I guess I have to stop going to the one on Tidwell. I have given y’all to many chance to do to right. Now this this virus going around you need customers and you treat them badly.Well its time for me to go t try o dollar general.What bad people your clerk didn’t even care and the manager just blow me off. Bye

Posted by Anonymous on April 5, 2020 01:45pm
The store #03801 in Ellwood

The store #03801 in Ellwood City, Pa has to the absolutely dirtiest store that I have every been in!! The floors has not been swept or mopped in a LONG time. There is food laying on the floor. Absolutely disguising!!!! And to see 2 employees just standing behind the counter just talking!! Take proud in your store and clean it!!!Take Pride in your store and clean it!!!

Posted by Anonymous on March 25, 2020 11:00am
WOW! What an idiot "Mike" was

WOW! What an idiot "Mike" was & IS! Please tell your son that as he gets older he will see a lot of people who act and say the things they do because THEY want attention and by saying what he said and bringing attention to something that your son could have done (but didn't) he knew the people in the store would react to him, as they did when "Mike" made a big deal out of nothing! Mike is the guilty party here for being a turd and not even thinking that it was more or less likely to have been opened by someone else when the box could have been less seen by anyone else! If you do see the TURD, MIKE... Tell him he'd better run & hide from me!

Posted by Anonymous on February 8, 2020 01:15pm
I was attempting to

I was attempting to participate in a Family dollar Survey. The further I went in the survey, the more invasive it became. their were questions that had nothing to do with Family Dollar's line of business.
Some of the questions were too personal just for trying to get a handle on what a persons buying habits are.My income, my family members income, and a few other things Family Dollar wanted to know was none of their business. Thank you for your time.

Posted by Anonymous on February 5, 2020 11:04pm
ive been shopping at this

ive been shopping at this hang out / disco since they 1st started doing business in va. i get along with everyone because everyone is different and you meet different types of people everywhere you go and i dont take anything personally. until today that is. i befriended a man in line waiting to pay any i asked him what did he want to do go next or should we just pick a line each and hope for the best. he said hes next and he dont care what i do. i said well yeah i can dig that man so then i said ok ill go in line 1 and you stay here in line 2 because that way you will be next,. he started saying all kinds of crazy things and i even offered to ggive him $10 if hes not done and head out the store before me. then he starts pointing his finger like he was training me to do as he said like i was some lower class person. then everyone in the store jumped in on it including the employees. as he was paying and i was still waiting i said so you want to man up and pay me the $10 we bet? again everyone got in on that. so even though it was clearly racism happening i wasnt gonna be treated like it was over 400 years ago and they were haveing some kinda sick party with me so i said to him i was trying to be nice and polite to you sir, i cant help im just a little smarter the you. i barrly made it outta the parking lot and i was prepared to get shot because the employees and costumers thought i was gonna be pushed around like like we were still living in a new country when no body really knew right from wrong because it was all new to everyone. and i know i didnt have anything to do with what was happening hunderes of years age and im pretty sure my great great great great great grandparants had anything to do with it either. but i was attacked in that store by a raise that apparently is not gonna just forget it and let us Canadians be free. i will never step in those doors again and im paying everyone i know and they know and family members to bring me a receipt for things they couldve ran into dollar general but they went anywhere else instead. ive never hated a soul but YOU PEOPLE CAN HAVE THAT GREASED UP TRASH. im gonna do whatever it cost me to cost that business money and by all mean get that store#03422 in petersburg va closed down. yaw can let it go? you just got it started back up

Posted by Anonymous on February 2, 2020 07:45pm
How come you mammy had you ?

How come you mammy had you ?

Posted by Anonymous on January 21, 2020 06:30am
Christmas day, around noon.

Christmas day, around noon. Ran out of zip lock bags and paper plates. Family Dollar was one of only stores open. No surprise I wasn't alone. Only one clerk working and the line curled around the store. But the clerk was so efficient the line moved quickly. When I got to the register, she was so pleasant despite the crush. What could have been a terrible experience was actually quite pleasant. She deserves a lot of credit.
Store #02241, Hutchinson, Kansas

Posted by Anonymous on December 25, 2019 02:14pm
entered store 07519 harper

entered store 07519 harper ave the store is a mess. boxes both full and empty were up and the aisles. One clerk trying to stock and take your money. This store has just been remodeled a few weeks ago and it is already a mess. Stock was a mess and the store needs a good cleaning. You need to provide some good help to clean it up again.

Posted by Anonymous on December 19, 2019 09:34am
Visited Store #06677 2649

Visited Store #06677 2649 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA. I was applauded at the conditions of the store now. The aisles were littered with boxes, you could hardly walk. Couldn't find the items I was looking for. Some of the workers didn't know where items were. I couldn't believe how the store has changed. I WANT THE OLD FAMILY DOLLAR TO COME BACK AGAIN!!! (Ms. LAH)

Posted by Anonymous on November 21, 2019 11:40am
I truly hate going into this

I truly hate going into this store and only go in as a last resort. EVERY SINGLE TIME I go into this store something I purchased is mispriced as in it has one price on the shelf and always rings up for more than the advertised price. I feel like every trip to this store is a bait and switch scam. I wonder if the BBB would go in and do a price check audit if they would be surprised to learn how much money Family Dollar is CHEATING their customer out of. And yes if you continually have items that ring up for more than the advertised then yes you are cheating your customers. This is store # 01587

Posted by Anonymous on November 9, 2019 04:27pm
I went to the family dollar

I went to the family dollar in Citronelle Alabama store #01261 and was treated horrible by a employee who was working behind the counter, I was trying to get help with the family dollar app and I was getting frustrated because it would not work for me, I was not upset at the lady, I tried for 20 to figure it out and gave up, but was going to buy soda and cigarettes anyway, and I accidentally said the wrong name of the cigarettes and when I corrected my self she slammed them down, and asked for a ID and I gave the ID to her and I guess I held it wrong because she ripped it out of my hand and threw it at me and it bounced off the counter and fell on the floor, and she called the other lady up to "deal with this person" she was on the other counter yelling about how she had rites and how she didnt have to put up with this. This is not the way anyone should behave ever!!!! This kind of person should not be in a customer service position. And your customers should not be subjected to this treatment.

Posted by Anonymous on November 7, 2019 01:58pm
Horrible service at the

Horrible service at the Family Dollar store #06879 on 1500 N. 24th St. Omaha NE.
The black girl store clerk did not want to open the doors at 8am. I was standing in the cold and it was 7:58am. She then purposely did not open the doors until 8:05am. All I wanted to buy was one item. So when I checked out with this ignorant person, she did not say good morning or anything. She just blurted my total. Then handed the receipt. So yes I snatched the receipt. Then she had the audacity to say that I didn't have to snatch the receipt and that I was rude. I told her yes I did and she was rude too! Then she told me I didn't have to come back to this store. AS if she owned the store!. I told her that she didn't have to work at that store. And I also told her she should get to know her job and do it right. I cant stand how these younger workers think that they are entitled to respect and to make free money by just standing there! If she didn't want to work there then she should quit. Go back to school and get a better job if she's so irritated! There was another white lady on the other register. I assume that was the manager. As far as I know she didn't say anything to this lazy worker who doesn't want to do her job. If it weren't for customers nobody would have jobs! And of course there's not a name on this receipt so that I can complain further! People should treat each other right! Just because you don't want to get up and work early in the morning doesn't mean she should've taken it out on me. The hours say 8am-9pm. Do your job right. Other working people count on those hours for convenience so that we too can go to work. Just horrible attitude! This store wont have to worry about me coming back with the Shaquita looking worker being there! And by the way I am a black person too! She acted as if her name should be Shaquita!

Posted by Anonymous on October 30, 2019 08:53am
I went there this evening and

I went there this evening and bought window cleaner that was on the Bargain Shelf. Brought to the checker and after giving a number to her coworker, she said something like "four..". When I pointed out politely that it said 1$ on the label, she got indignant and sarcastically went "YAaaA -
I have to put in the sku number!"
I'm thinking to myself "ExSKUse me Sasquatch, it's not MY fault you ate all the Hostess Cupcakes and now you're hungry again. Next time you're talking to yourself let a customer know psycho, otherwise it sounds like you're saying the price. Will not recommend that Family Dollar in Alton, Illinois.

Posted by Anonymous on October 24, 2019 07:33pm
Hey People just wanted to

Hey People just wanted to tell everyone that I know someone who works for Family Dollar and from I have been told by a number of managers in the Denver Metro area there is suppose to be two people in each store at all times! this company is lying! in the store I go to there is this one lady who is very nice who has been there alone on many days up to 5hrs with no breaks for the restroom or eating not only are the breaking Labor laws but they are risking the employee as well as the customers who shop there and when I asked for the number to their district manager this Janet told me she could not give me that number that I had to do the survey! now the store I shop at is at 19th and Federal in Colorado and I'm there every day so I see a lot like two Mexican men come in and go in the back room or the grab food and never pay for it and the only one who has tried to stop them is an older lady her name starts with a B and then you have the injured Manager who is not suppose to be working coming in pulling out stock from back you and yelling at the people who are doing their best! Hell everyone go to work for Family Dollar fake and injury and collect workman's comp they wont fight it! and oh get in good with the people in the store and have free run of the store and take whatever you want they don't care! hell they don't care about there employees or the product or anything else in this store! I'm going to call the Labor broad and see what I as a customer can do to help the poor lady and to find out who I call about the mice and roaches and the filth of this store! I think this girl Janet and other two girls names start with a M and a S should be fired but that is me the three of them mistreating someone older is wrong but Family Dollar doesn't care!

Posted by Anonymous on September 30, 2019 04:43pm

Bring in a FAMILY DOLLAR STORE IN YOUR COMMUNITY you are asking for trouble and CRIME.
No Whites, American Indians , Asians , Mexicans, Nothing but DEADLOCK RUDE negroes.
I will never spend another WHITE DOLLAR AT Store#12328 in Ridgeland ms.

Posted by Anonymous on September 22, 2019 07:28pm
I visit the family dollar

I visit the family dollar store # 02678 5425 Riverdale Rd.
The person at the counter ringing up orders was eating
something out if a bag I didn’t get hello I just got this
person out the bag down and began to lick each of his
Finger then preceded to ring up my purchases that was
so disgusting and to top it of not even an thank you.
I wouldn’t have mind waiting for this person to go and wash
his hand first

Posted by Anonymous on September 17, 2019 01:31pm
I made a purchase on

I made a purchase on yesterday and after opening found there were missing parts.
I returned to the store this morning and was treated rudely by the cashier who refused to give her
name. All I asked for was an exchange that was REFUSED.

Posted by Anonymous on September 13, 2019 09:26am
hello, I just want o say the

hello, I just want o say the family dollar store located on 79th Euclid #08465 needs to be shut down , because it is always dirty and filthy, the aisle blocked by boxes. and dirty floors. shelves are empty. this store is a mess everyday. some one need to do something. I will never shop at this store again.

Posted by Anonymous on July 2, 2019 01:31pm
I have visit the family

I have visit the family dollar at Crane st schenectady NY store #05797 and always is a mess,you look for an item and the isle is empty.The employees plus manager are always talking to someone instead of working.when you are ready to pay they always selling something for a charity or any group and if you answer with a no thank you,who ever is in the register gives you attitude.I have been there several times during the week and always try to sell you candy and the attitude is obnoxious.

Posted by Anonymous on March 13, 2019 04:21pm
I work in the loves park area

I work in the loves park area and go into the family dollar here almost every day. The same women is working every time I go in there. She's the store manager and she absolutely amazing. She knows where everything is in the store, and always has a positive attitude. She always makes sure you have a great experience while your in her store. Very happy with that store and how clean it always is. She deserves some recognition for all she does.

Jacqui Breson

Posted by Anonymous on February 7, 2019 10:24am
While traveling to the Pigeon

While traveling to the Pigeon Forge area on 1-25-2019, we (meaning my husband, my son myself, and 2 family members from Germany) we stopped in the FD store #00437 there were 2 employees that we encountered. Mark was so kind and polite very professional. Mike (not sure that was his name or not) was a total ass, my son (12yrs old) was looking at a hot wheels car, the package was slightly opened he was standing there and this Mike guy walked him over to my husband and accused my son of trying to steal the $1.25 toy. my son now has a problem as a direct result of this horrible accusation. He is afraid of picking anything up to look at. as I am all about teaching a child and keeping them safe and honest, I also know you need proof and facts right. Mike had no proof and his facts are all wrong. for 10 yrs my son has collected cars both hot wheels and match box, he looks for something new to him everywhere we go, when he spots one that he hasn't seen and likes he will show either his dad, me (his mom), or whom ever (adult ) he is with and say " I don't have this one , it cost $, and can I get it. my son is homeschooled because he threatened suicide due to being bullied in the 3rd grade, violated in the 4th grade, and threatened (in a manner in which I will not repeat) in the 5th grade, he became with drawn and scarred of people. it has taken me the past 2 yrs for him to come out of the shell he hid in to get my happy go lucky boy back. YOUR employee set me back, the rest of our trip was a failure, my son was fearful, and with drawn didn't want to do anything. we ended up driving back home to SC that night, and today, he doesn't want to go anywhere , do anything, or even enjoy his brother's company outside of our home. SO "MIKE" or who ever you are thank you for ruining a family trip, thank you for your bulling a child if I ever see you again it will be too soon. But since my husband said I was no longer allowed to shop family Dollar again you are safe.

Posted by Anonymous on January 26, 2019 10:39pm
can't find numbers on

can't find numbers on receipt that are asked for and transaction id# does not fit in space provided

Posted by Anonymous on January 7, 2019 02:51pm
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iPad is now broken and she has 83 views. I know this is totally
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Posted by Anonymous on January 6, 2019 08:22am
Went FD on 12.21.2018 store#

Went FD on 12.21.2018 store# 02934 @ 906 E. Tidwell Houston, TX manager told the customers that she didn't have any money for cash customers SMH I called & reported the incident.

Posted by Anonymous on December 27, 2018 01:36pm
there is no survey code on my

there is no survey code on my reciept.

Posted by Anonymous on November 28, 2018 11:55am
Store #03228 in Lebanon, Oh.

Store #03228 in Lebanon, Oh. has a great staff who always greet me upon entering store. They will stop what they are doing and take me directly to the aisle where I am searching for a specific item. I have not had any trouble returning items with a receipt. I'm always told to have a good day upon leaving the store. When I return the cart inside the store, they thank me.

Posted by Anonymous on November 22, 2018 09:57pm
friendly and helpful clean

friendly and helpful clean store at 921 Manton ave providence RI

Posted by Anonymous on November 22, 2018 10:05am
[ love my family dollar in

[ love my family dollar in Covington ky store no.05859 the store is clean and everyone is friendly and very helpful.

Posted by Anonymous on November 9, 2018 01:09pm
I bought a bag of briefs &

I bought a bag of briefs & was very happy with the price for them. I do enjoy going to the Family Dollar stores in Asheboro, NC. Keep up the good work.

Thank You, Teresa Wood

Posted by Anonymous on November 8, 2018 10:24am

DO NOT SHOP FAMILY DOLLAR they will not take care of their bad product I got a pair of head phone for my grandson at store 5067 in Galloway took them home and they didn't work took them back with my charge slip and wanted to get a different pair. they could not do that so I said just return them she said she would have to talk with her manger so she pulls out her phone and text her manger and after 15 min and the line going back thought the store I had to give up I WILL NEVER BE BACK

Posted by Anonymous on November 5, 2018 05:23pm