Brass Fitting Class Settlement for High Zinc Plumbing Products


Two lawsuits were filed against the company for its defective high-zinc brass plumbing fittings which tend to break down prematurely. Consumers residing in the United States who owned or currently own properties containing the said products are eligible to benefit from the class action lawsuit settlements. The high zinc content of brass fittings and related components led to a defect in its design and premature corrosion. This especially occurred when drinking water passed through them triggering a chemical process termed as “dezincification.” Exposing this brass with high zinc content to water caused them to get blocked over time. There were also seepage issues that lead to leaks over time and causing both property damage and impairing water supply. 

Copper is a primary constituent of high-zinc-content brass alongside 30% zinc. The Uponor yellow brass fittings were manufactured with either UNS C36000, C3770, or C35330 brass or similar copper alloys. They served as a component of the Wirsbo/Uponor PEX system. All allegations have been denied by the defendants who believe they have acted responsibly in selecting, supplying, installing, and using the plumbing products. However, they have agreed to the terms of this class action lawsuit for avoiding uncertain trail and associated expenses. If any class member wishes to exclude themselves from the Uponor class-action lawsuit settlement, then they have till 19th August 2015 to do the same. 

Eligibility for Making Claim: A claim can be filed by anyone who currently owns or previously owned buildings in the United States constructed on or after 1st January 2002. These buildings should either contain or must have contained Uponor yellow brass fittings for making the plaintiffs eligible for the Uponor pipe-fitting lawsuit settlement. If the buildings were owned or are owned with Uponor yellow brass fittings in the Las Vegas Valley then the owners shall be deemed to be class members under the Nevada Uponer pipe-fitting settlement. If you are unsure about whether your building contains the brass pipe fittings which can make you eligible for the benefits of this class action lawsuit, then you can take a look inside your electrical panel. It will contain a yellow sticker with the words “Uponor,” “Wirsbo” or “Aquapex.” You can also hire a plumber for identifying the brass pipe fittings. All the associated documentation like color photos should be retained for confirming the products. 

Proof of Purchase: Adequate documentation should be submitted by the Class Members for proving the installation of Uponor piping in the building. They might either submit physical evidence like the Uponor yellow brass fittings or documentation vouching for its installation such as a notarized plumber’s report, inspection report, or photographs. 

Potential Claim Amount: The defendants in this class action lawsuit have agreed to pay a maximum of $21 million for settling the nationwide class-action lawsuit and a minimum of $7 as settlement for the Nevada class action lawsuit. This money will reimburse all eligible Class Members for the costs shelled on repairs and replacements arising from flow or leakage issues and other property damages caused by the same. The ultimate amount to be paid to each Class Member will depend on the type of claim filed by them. A maximum of $60000 shall be paid by the defendants per claim to the class members for property damage in the nationwide lawsuit settlement. The maximum ceiling of payment per claim in the Nevada settlement is $150000. You can take a look at the various benefits of the settlement website. An extended warranty shall be offered by Uponor to the class action members for eligible claims. 

Claim Form: 

US claim –

Nevada claim –

Deadline for Submitting Claim: The last date for claim submission varies from case to case. If you previously suffered property damage, then the claim must be filed within six months following the approval of the class action settlement. The time limit for filing a claim becomes 12 months after property damage for properties located in Clark County, Nevada. For property damages that might arise in days to come, a claim should be filed within six months of the same. Claim for future damages to property located in Clark County, Nevada, should be filed within 12 months of the damage. The period of claim will run for five years starting from the approval of the Uponor class action lawsuit settlement and eight years from the approval of the Nevada Uponor class action settlement.

Final Hearing Date: 9/8/2015 for the Nationwide class action settlement and 10/22/2015 for the Nevada class action settlement.

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