Allura Fiber Cement Siding Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

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Allura USA failed to act upon its promise of delivering fiber-cement siding which could last 50 years without any signs of wear and tear courtesy of the subpar materials used in its construction. This triggered the plaintiffs to file a class-action lawsuit. If your owned home has an Allura fiber cement siding manufactured in the Plycem’s White City, Oregon, plant between Feb. 1, 2014, and May 7, 2014, or between Feb 1, 2014, and Feb. 18, 2015, at the company’s Roaring River, North Carolina plant, then you are eligible for the claim amount detailed below:

Eligibility For Making Claim: For being considered eligible to make a claim, your owned home needs to have an Allura fiber cement siding manufactured in the Plycem’s White City, Oregon, plant between Feb. 1, 2014, and May 7, 2014. You will also be considered as a potential claimant if the Allura fiber cement siding was factory-made between Feb 1, 2014, and Feb. 18, 2015, at the company’s Roaring River, North Carolina plant. 

Proof Of Purchase:  Claimants need to submit proof of ownership for participating in this settlement. Acceptable documentation is a purchase order or invoice from the builder, supplier, or a third party. It also includes a previous communication from Allura confirming that the sliding is Allura Fiber Cement Sliding. Photographs of the sliding can also be used as proof of purchase. 

Potential Claim Amount: Class members can choose between replacement and repair, a cash option with proof of repair, or a quick cash option. Claimants going with the first option will receive the following:

  • $1 for each square foot and equivalent to the size of the replacement area towards the cost of primed fiber cement boards.
  • $4.75 for each foot of the replacement area as a contribution towards additional repair expenses inclusive of paint, installation labor, trim, home wrap, and other incidental works.
  • An incremental $200 for replacement area either equal to or less than 20 boards.
  • A paint allowance for the entire elevation at $1 per square foot in houses with replacement area below 30% of the elevation.

If the qualifying damage is equal to or less than 30% of an elevation, then Class Members can proceed with the cash option with proof of repair. In such cases, the claimants are eligible to get $4.25 per square foot of qualifying damage within 30 days since final approval. The Class Member can claim an additional $4.25 per square foot of the elevation’s remaining portions if they can provide adequate proof of repair for the complete elevation within the stipulated time. 

Claimants opting for the quick cash option are eligible to receive $4.25 per square foot of the qualifying damage. This option of compensation will focus fully on the siding exhibiting qualifying damage. 100% of the amount shall be remitted by the claim’s administrator within 30 days of the receipt of the claim’s final approval. 

Case Summary: Allura is a seller of various home construction materials like panels, siding, soffit, and trim. A class-action lawsuit against Allura claims its fiber siding is defective and doesn’t meet the standards for weather resistance and performance. While peer fiber cement siding uses silica and common grain in the manufacturing process, Allura uses fly ash for its economic pricing and this has led to major quality issues. 

Despite Allura claiming that its siding will last 50 years, plaintiffs in the class-action lawsuit have claimed that the inferior choice of materials has resulted in problems with porosity and water absorption. The Allura siding settlement covers claims which will qualify for damage such as bowing, cracking, warping, shrinkage, gapping exceeding 3/16th of an inch in the siding, breakage, or damage to the property from the failed siding. 

Claim Form:

Deadline for Submitting Claim: 06/23/2023

Final Hearing Date: 05/17/2021

Settlement Pool: $12.5 million

Important Note: All claim forms need to be submitted within 6 p.m. Pacific on June 23, 2023. You should refrain from filing a claim if you do not qualify for it as the claim is being submitted under penalty of perjury. Submitting a fraudulent claim might harm other eligible Class Members. You can browse through the FAQ segment of the Settlement Administrator’s website to verify whether you meet all standards. 

Case NameIn Re: Allura Fiber Cement Siding Products Liability Litigation, Case No. 2:19-MN-2886-DCN in the U.S. District Court for the District of South Carolina

Claims Administrator

Plycem Siding Settlement

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Class Counsel

Daniel K. Bryson

Scott C. Harris

Harper T. Segui


Phillip W. Segui


Gregory F. Coleman

Rachel Soffin


William F. Cash III

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Mitchell M. Breit of


Michelle J. Looby


Defense Counsel

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