EZ-Flo Class Action Settlement


Both current and prior owners of properties in the United States containing a potable water plumbing component of EZ-Flo International are eligible to file a claim for the defective quality product according to the below-mentioned terms:

Eligibility for Making Claim: Class Members include current or former owners of property unit(s) located in the United States which either contains or previously contained a qualifying product manufactured within 10 years before the effective date.

Proof of Purchase: Claim Form including the product types, property address, supporting documentation, and proof date of manufacture. Some examples of supporting documentation are an affidavit, photographs, and evidence of property damage.

Potential Claim Amount: $100 – $3,500 according to the claim.

Case Summary: Former or current owners of property unit(s) in the United States which currently contain or previously contained a potable water plumbing component of EZ-Flo International (“EZ-Flo”) comprising of connectors, stop valves, and fittings manufactured using yellow brass by EZ-Flo (“Covered Products”) are considered as a Settlement Class Member. Plaintiffs have alleged that they suffered damages from defective components and sub-components of the potable water plumbing system. Though the allegations made by plaintiffs have been denied by EZ-Flo, they have agreed to the settlement for ending the litigation. EZ-Flo believes that its Covered Products are of superior quality and have not violated any standard, code, or law whatsoever. Class Members including homeowners made the following claims according to the terms of Brasscraft EZ-Flo class action settlement:

  • Exterior Meringue Deposit claims may be made for green or white or zinc oxide deposits or similar dezincification that occurred within 10 years of manufacture of the potable water system.
  • Reduction in water flow caused by zinc-oxide build-up makes homeowners eligible to claim for occlusion under the class action settlement.
  • Leaks can be claimed if they resulted out of dezincification producing a minimum of six drops per hour and occurred within 10 years of the product manufacture.
  • Inoperable Valves can be claimed if residue build-up ceases the normal opening and closing of the water valve.

Claim Form:  ez-flo_claim_form_091018.pdf (ez-flosettlement.com)

Deadline for Submitting Claim:

  • On Exterior Meringue Deposits: 06/07/2020
  • On Occlusion or Inoperable Valves: 06/07/2022,
  • On leaks: The later part of 06/07/2022

Important Note: According to the terms of Brasscraft EZ-Flo class action settlement, EZ-Flo is under the obligation of paying for damages and replacements caused by leaks. The deadline for class members to either object to or exclude themselves from the claim is 11th February 2019.

Case NameHouze, et al. v. BrassCraft Manufacturing Company, et al., Case No. BC493276, Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Los Angeles

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