When Does Walmart Restock? Timing for Stores & Website

When Does Walmart Restock? Timing for Stores & Website

American retail corporation Walmart operates a chain of supercentres that promises to deliver products at the best rates to customers. But for doing this, Walmart needs to keep its aisle full at all times. The restocking schedule of Walmart depends on the store policies and the types of products. Usually, fresh produce like milk, meat, and other groceries is restocked between 10 pm to 7 am. This is carried out on the second and third shifts as the stores have less traffic. Read on to know more about the restocking policy of Walmart.

On which day of the week does Walmart restock?

Walmart doesn’t follow a strict restocking schedule but all the products get replenished every 3 to 5 days. Fast-moving items and other fresh produce get restocked in sync with customer demand. The stocking schedule varies between stores with the busier ones getting stocked more frequently than others. However, most of this restocking happens between 10 pm and 7 am.

How much time taken to restock?

There isn’t any specific window when Walmart restocks its shelves. Usually, it takes up to 2 days for the restocking to complete and this depends on the type of product. The distribution centers of Walmart are spread across the US easing out the restocking since the shipments are sent to the stores without delays.

How often is the online inventory of Walmart updated?

The online inventory of Walmart doesn’t get updated on real-time bases. Given the large number of stores and products, there is a chance that you might order an item only for it to get out of stock by the time the order gets processed. However, Walmart tries to restock its shelves promptly. The retailer might take days to display correct figures about its online inventory. Walmart announces upcoming restocks for products having a steep demand either in its newsletter or website before release.

Will you find the same inventory at all Walmart stores?

While the inventory is more or less the same at most Walmart stores, some might carry additional items according to their location. The stores situated in colder areas carry a larger stock of winter clothing. Similarly, stores situated near a skiing location will carry a larger stock of skiing gear.

Which inventories are restocked by Walmart?

All the items sold by Walmart are restocked periodically. However, the retailer levies special importance on essential and fast-moving products so that customers can get them at all times. Items like household supplies, baked goods, meat, dairy, and fresh produce are restocked by Walmart during the night shift. No set restocking schedule is followed by Walmart for non-essential items like electronics which get restocked anywhere between 12 am and 7 pm. Other non-essential items like toys are restocked by Walmart from 7 am to 2 pm during its regular working hours.

Are out-of-stock items restocked by Walmart?

Out-of-stock items are promptly restocked by Walmart. Since the retail giant has several warehouses, it can hold stock before distributing it to different stores according to demand.

What happens if the products at Walmart get out of stock?

Whenever the products run out of stock, the company will notify its customers of the same. Usually, it takes around two days for the retailer to restock the products. But if the items can nowhere be found in the market, then it’s removed from the website and marked “out of stock.”

How to check the online inventory of Walmart?

Navigate to Walmart’s home page and enter the item you wish to enquire about in the search bar. If you are looking for a TV, then enter “Smart TV” on the search bar before clicking the search icon. You can also use different filters to sort the results according to screen size, price, brand, and more to find whether your specific requirement is available in the local store.

What are the steps to request a Walmart product?

  • Go to its corporate feedback page or store. Here you will see different areas to add your feedback or suggestions on products, brands, store experience, and more.
  • Choose the Product question/product feedback before clicking on Next.
  • Now enter the product information alongside further comments about the product and click on Submit.
  • Next, the product gets delivered to your address. If you can’t find the product you are looking for, then you can talk to the store manager and request its restocking. Alternatively, you can file a petition stating the high demand for the product and that it needs to be restocked.

How to get online stocking alerts from Walmart?

You can subscribe to email notifications of Walmart for being alerted of its restocks. This can be done by logging into your Walmart account and searching for the item you require. If the product is out of stock, then click on the “Get in-stock alert” button positioned next to the item. Next, you need to enter your email for being notified about the product restocks. All items aren’t eligible for in-stock alerts and the ones which qualify for the same have an alert button next to them.

When should you shop at Walmart?

It’s advisable to consider shopping traffic and stock availability before shopping at Walmart. The time slot between 7 am to 11 am is best to shop on weekdays when the night shift employees have finished restocking the shelves. This time has the least number of shoppers and can help you check out faster. The best time to shop on weekends is between 8 am to 10 am as it has less traffic. The post-lunchtime slot on weekdays and between 12 pm to 4 pm on weekends are the worst time to shop at Walmart.

When does Walmart receive shipments?

This depends totally on how much footfall the store receives. The busier ones get a new shipment at least 3-4 times a week. This depends on the distance between the store and the distribution center and also on truck availability.

When does Walmart restock PS5?

PS5 has a high demand and tends to go out of stock very soon. They are restocked every Thursday at 3 pm and you should keep checking both the app and the website to see if PS5 is available.

Are rollback items restocked by Walmart?

Yes, rollback items are restocked both online and in-store by Walmart as these are permanent store items. Whenever they get out of stock, Walmart replenishes them immediately following which their prices usually go back to normal.

How long do the restocks last?

This depends entirely on the demand. On average, the restocks last up to an hour and if it’s a high-demand item, then you need to get there early. If you are checking the stock online, then it’s advisable to refresh the page for a while as more stocks get replenished.

How does the online queue operate?

The main aim of Walmart’s online queue system is to offer restocks on a first come first serve basis. To benefit from the same, you need to be first in line whenever the drops go live. Customers are usually given an hour’s notice before the new stock gets added. You should browse to the store page and keep refreshing every few seconds until your position gets confirmed in the queue. You can now stop refreshing and wait until you are redirected to the correct page.

How to skip the online queue?

The waiting time might be exorbitantly high once you join Walmart’s online queue. To circumvent such a scenario, it’s advisable to come prepared with multiple devices or browsers so that you can attempt to enter the queue multiple times. However, you will have to create Walmart accounts for each device and browser and add your address and payment details in advance.

Is Walmart+ membership mandatory for restocks?

Often exclusive restocks are offered by Walmart to its +members. Getting a free trial won’t be of much help in participating in most of the drops. Rather you can choose the ’Start Paid Membership’ option from the ‘Early Access’ section. You can start a month’s Walmart Plus membership by paying $12.95 shortly before any restock is lively to go live.

Tips & tricks for Walmart restock

  • Whether or not you wish to have a Walmart+ membership, you need to sign up for an account and add your payment and shipping details for a hassle-free purchase.
  • The website of Walmart is more user-friendly than the app in terms of restocks. You can refresh your web browser unlimited times and this won’t be possible in the case of an app. However, using an app alongside your web browser can decrease your wait time.
  • Last but not least, you shouldn’t give up as items on Walmart often go Out of Stock within a few minutes as the site gets heavy traffic. Rather you should wait for some time and a second wave of products might go live.


Customers might feel lost scanning through the aisles of inventory at Walmart. This is why Walmart updates its latest inventory information so that you can plan your shopping cart accordingly. You can either check Walmart’s mobile app or website or call up the store and speak with a customer care representative to enquire about the availability of an item.