Walmart’s Price Adjustment Policy: Get a Refund for the matched difference

You might purchase something from Walmart at a certain price only to find the price lowered after a few days. In such cases, Walmart allows post-purchase price matching, especially for in-store purchases. You can simply request a refund for the differential amount to access the updated lower price. However, buyers are required to verify a non-clearance price of the item at a lower rate on within a week of the original purchase. This price adjustment facility offered by Walmart isn’t based on competitor pricing. The prices aren’t adjusted to match the ones at other Walmart stores.

How to request a price adjustment?

  • Bring the item bought from Walmart, its purchase receipt, and the verification of the newly reduced price on to a physical Walmart store within a week of your original purchase date.
  • Seek the help of a representative at the customer service desk with the price adjustment.
  • The store manager and/or employee shall have the ultimate discretion in granting your price adjustment.
  • You will receive a refund for the difference if the price adjustment is granted. This difference might be either paid in cash or credited to the original mode of payment.

Price adjustment for online orders

Walmart doesn’t offer price adjustments for online purchases. However, there is a price matching facility for online orders which is more flexible compared to price adjustment. If you find a lower price on products advertised by a qualifying online competitor, then you can request a price match for your item. The following steps shall have to be followed to request a price match:

  • Search for the item you want to buy from and add it to your cart.
  • Next, find the item from a qualifying online competitor having a lower advertised price.
  • Click on the blue “Contact Us” button under the “Help” section of to contact its Customer Care.
  • Finally, a representative will verify the item’s price match eligibility before offering you to complete the purchase at a discounted price.

Price adjustment for sale items

Walmart doesn’t offer either price matching or price adjustments for sale items. To qualify for a price adjustment, your item needs to be advertised with a standard price that is lower than the amount paid.

Price adjustment without receipts

Walmart can’t complete their customer’s price adjustments without receipts as it depends on knowing how much was originally paid for the item. You should carry your original store receipt or online order invoice if you are trying to request a price adjustment at Walmart. Cashiers require hard evidence of the initial price paid to authorize a refund. If your purchase isn’t verified by Walmart, then you will be issued a gift card by the retail giant.

Refund mechanism

Usually, the refund is made in the original form of payment. On average, the refund arrives in your bank within 10 days. You can also request a cash refund if the amount is either less than or equal to $10.

Is the price adjustment policy good?

The price adjustment and matching policy of Walmart are fairly flexible. However, it has become more stringent over the years. Earlier Walmart price-matched competitor prices in-store. This policy was removed in 2020. Below we have listed some of the exclusions from Walmart’s price match and price adjustment policy:

  • Special event prices like Cyber Monday deals, Black Friday, rollback, clearance, or limited-time promotions.
  • Instant rebates, bundle offers, offers including financing, and mail-in offers.
  • Buy-one-get-one-free or percentage-off advertisements without a specified price.
  • Prices from Walmart Marketplace Retailers
  • Prices from other Neighborhood markets, or Walmart stores.
  • Advertisements requiring a purchase for receiving a gift card.
  • Prices advertised by competitors for in-store purchases.

Limitations of the price adjustment policy

  • Price matches aren’t permitted by Walmart on products bought after 7 days from the original purchase date.
  • Store prices can’t be matched with online prices and vice versa.
  • The price of alcoholic products can’t be adjusted due to varying state laws.
  • The different deals or discounts offered by Walmart Plus membership aren’t applied for a price adjustment.
  • Online price matching can be a better option if you are trying to compare the price from another retailer.
  • The prices for used, damaged, or reconditioned products aren’t adjusted by Walmart.
  • Third-party merchants on Walmart Marketplace aren’t covered by the policy.
  • Products listed in liquidation, clearance, a special hour, or other special event offers by the competitor aren’t eligible for price adjustment

FAQs related to Walmart’s Price Adjustment Policy

Does Walmart offer price matching?

Yes, Walmart offers price matching both for online and in-store purchases.

Is price adjustment offered by Walmart for layaway items?

Usually no, as the price adjustments are requested between seven days thus disqualifying most layaway items. You can request a price adjustment if the price drops within a week of placing it on layaway. The item’s full price has to be paid if more than one week has passed.

Are price adjustments offered by Walmart Canada?

Just like Walmart USA, Walmart Canada also offers in-store price adjustments. This service is also offered for an item that is out of stock on

Is price adjustment offered for Marketplace merchandise?

Marketplace merchandise from third-party sellers is exempt and thus only products that are either sold or shipped by Walmart come under the purview of price adjustment.

Is price adjustment offered by Walmart on Black Friday?

No, price adjustment isn’t offered by Walmart on special events like Black Friday to deter the customers from availing of significantly lower prices through shortcut means.

Is price adjustment offered by Walmart on clearance items?

No, clearance pricing is considered special event pricing and price adjustment is not allowed by Walmart.

What will happen in case of pricing errors?

In such a case, your order might be canceled according to Walmart’s pricing terms & Conditions by The product your bought might be canceled due to a pricing error. Walmart will inform the customers in case of a cancellation. You should contact the Walmart Customer Service Team before placing your order if you are concerned about a probable pricing error.

What are the criteria for Walmart’s price match?

  • Customers can price-match a product only once a day.
  • The product needs to be identical in terms of color, size, quality, brand, and model.
  • The product needs to be in stock and available on the website when you claim a price match.
  • Price match facility won’t be offered by Walmart stores with online competitors in Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii.
  • The prices can’t be determined individually without other items like bundle offers, shipping charges, coupons, rebates, mail-in offers, and other offers including financing.


There can be nothing worse for bargain hunters than buying a product whose price reduces within a few days. Walmart, the biggest American retailer is always trying to help customers add to their savings and so it offers price adjustments. It offers products at extremely low prices and if you manage to find a product at a lower price than Walmart, then you can get a partial refund through a price match.

The price adjustment policy includes products like non-alcoholic groceries, appliances, clothing, furniture, home décor, automotive products, apparel, and more. While the products purchased in-store can be adjusted at a Walmart store, merchandise bought from can be changed through Walmart’s customer service or online. The in-store requests are handled at an operated checkout lane or the customer service desk. Though you don’t need to bring the item your bought, you need to carry the correct proof of purchase. Customers are required to provide proof of the revised price and upon verification, the differential amount is refunded via the initial payment method.