Check Cashing at Walmart: Cashing Limit, Fees, Hours & Stores Guide

You are often on the lookout for a place where you can cash your check at odd times but you aren’t a bank account holder. You might also try saving time by cashing your checks and running errands simultaneously. This makes Walmart the perfect choice for cashing your checks for a small fee. Let’s explore the check cashing policy of Walmart alongside the check verification system, its limits, and the types of checks that can’t be cashed.

Types of checks that can be cashed at Walmart

  • Cashier’s checks
  • Government checks
  • Insurance settlement checks
  • Payroll checks
  • Pre-printed checks
  • Tax refund checks
  • Business checks
  • 401(k) or retirement distribution checks
  • MoneyGram money orders that were purchased at Walmart
  • Two-party personal checks
  • Out-of-state checks

Limit on cashing checks at Walmart

A check cashing limit was introduced by Walmart in 2018. The maximum ceiling on cashing two-party personal checks is $200 whereas the limit for other checks is $5000. Every year, the cashing limit is increased to $7500 between January and April to accommodate tax return checks. However, lower limits might be set by individual stores and so it is advisable to check with your local store before you try to cash large checks.

The fee to cash a check at Walmart

Different fees are charged by Walmart to cash your check. The fees are deducted by Walmart from the check amount. The amount of fee depends primarily on the check amount as listed below:

  • Up to $4 fee for checks up to $1000.
  • Up to $8 fee for checks between $1000-5000.
  • Up to $6 for two-party checks worth $200.

While cashing checks more than $5000 during the tax season, it is advisable to enquire about the fee with your local store as these vary by location.

Is it cheaper to cash checks at Walmart?

If you aren’t a bank account holder but wish to deposit your check to your bank account, then a non-customer cash checking fee shall be charged. This is usually a percentage of the check amount you want to cash or a fixed amount. The fee charged by the bank is higher than Walmart. However, the convenience offered by banks is higher as the number of banks is more compared to Walmart outlets in your locality.

What are the verification requirements for cashing a check at Walmart?

Walmart allows cashing checks that you are authorized to. This is the reason why the store verifies our identity before cashing a check. You need to come with proof of identification and an endorsed check whenever you come to cash a check at Walmart. Any government-issued ID carrying your photos like your US passport, driving license, military ID, tribal ID, or state ID can serve as proof of identification for cashier checks, pre-printed checks, and tax refund checks. It also pays to carry your social security number. For cashing pre-printed checks, Walmart requires two types of IDs and one of them at least should have your photo.

How is a check processed by Walmart?

Your check will be electronically processed through the check acceptance company, TeleCheck. Some of the Walmart locations use Certegy which is a similar check-authorizing service. Here a scanning machine is used to read the checks. Thus it’s advisable to ensure that you present a wrinkle, smudge, and tear-free check as it might be denied otherwise. Both Certegy and TeleCheck use the information on your check including the bank account number, routing number, and transaction amount alongside your identification. At the end of the verification process, your request might either be approved or denied. The ultimate decision is based on the information fed to the verification system and how your check is compared to the other checks that have passed through the system. If you haven’t built a proper identity file by cashing adequate checks through Certegy or TeleCheck, then your check might be denied.

How to handle disputes while trying to cash checks at Walmart?

Walmart won’t be able to offer any instant remedy if TeleCheck denies your check. However, you will be offered a receipt where TeleCheck’s contact details shall be listed which you can refer to for further assistance. The same problem arises in the case of Certegy where Walmart can’t do anything to override your decision. You can call, send a fax, or email Certegy requesting your file. You can open a dispute with Certegy if you find any information in the file is either incomplete or inaccurate.

What types of checks Walmart doesn’t cash?

  • Checks that are filled out and signed by hand.
  • Checks made out to cash and personal checks.
  • Checks with a mismatch between numerical and amount written in words.
  • Starter checks
  • Third-party checks
  • Altered checks
  • Savings bond checks
  • Expired checks
  • Post-dated checks
  • Checks that are over 180 days old.
  • Comcheks or Comdata Checks
  • Non-MoneyGram money orders

State laws make it illegal for Walmart to cash any checks in New Jersey and New York.

How to cash a check at Walmart?

You don’t need to register with the store or make a purchase for cashing a check at Walmart. A check can be cashed at Walmart even if you don’t a bank account. You will just have to present the check alongside a valid government-issued ID to the MoneyCenter or your local Walmart customer service desk. Once your ID and check are authorized and approved, you will be asked to pay the cashing fee and can choose among two alternatives for receiving the funds. You can immediately take the cash or load either some or all of it in your Walmart MoneyCard. The latter is a prepaid Visa debit card which can be used in any place where the Visa debit card is accepted. MoneyCard is preferred as it is a safer choice than carrying large amounts of cash. Your spending will be limited to your card balance unless you opt for its overdraft facilities. The typical reload fee is also waived when you cash a check and load the balance into your MoneyCard.

Time to cash checks at Walmart

You can cash a check at Walmart money center from Monday to Saturday between 8 am to 8 pm. On Sundays, the centers are open between 10 am to 6 pm. The operating hours vary according to the location of the store. It isn’t uncommon to find some Walmart stores where the cash registers or customer care desk is operational 24*7.


Do you need to have a bank account for cashing a check at Walmart?

No, it’s not mandatory to have a bank account to cash your check. You also won’t require any registration. Just having a valid ID is enough for cashing your check.

Can Walmart cash international checks?

No, this facility is not there at Walmart courtesy of the long processing times linked with clearing international checks. However, there is an option of cashing a Canadian check in US currency drawn from an American bank.

Can Walmart cash a tower loan check?

Yes, but up to a limit of $5000 provided the cheque is valid and you submit adequate identification.

Does Walmart cash personal checks?

Yes, you need to head over to the customer service desk or the Walmart Money Services desk to get the personal checks cashed. This can be done even if you don’t have a Walmart credit card.

Does Walmart cash IRS or Stimulus check?

Yes, your stimulus or tax refund check will be cashed at Walmart provided it doesn’t cross over the check limits.

Can someone cash a check for you at Walmart?

No, you need to endorse a check and submit a government-issued photo ID yourself, This is done with the main aim of reducing theft and fraud cases.

Can a handwritten check be cashed at Walmart?

Handwritten checks aren’t cashed at Walmart especially because they are at a higher risk of being fraudulent.


Though we mostly associate Walmart as being the American hub for retail shopping, it offers a plethora of other financial services such as check cashing. This service is offered by Walmart Money Center and can provide you with some quick cash. Whether or not a check is genuine can only be verified by the issuing banks or institutions. The bank will return it as unpaid even if you cash a fake cashier’s check at Walmart. In such cases, Walmart will try and recover the amount paid for checks alongside additional fees by taking legal proceedings against you.