Lost Firestick Remote? Tricks to find Instantly

Lost Firestick Remote? Tricks to find Instantly

Believe it or not, television forms an integral part of our daily life which helps us relax. Everyone likes to sit back and watch their favorite series at the end of the day. The last thing you would want is your binge-watching session getting interrupted by a lost remote. This is a common and annoying incident that happens to almost everyone. Keeping such things in mind, we have collated a list of things to do if you can’t find your firestick remote.

How does Firestick operate?

You need to have a stable Wi-Fi connection to operate your Firestick remote. After setting up the device for the first time, you can navigate and save your credentials on the device banking on the Wi-Fi connection. However, your remote would remain connected to Wi-Fi even after you lose your remote. The scenario worsens if you cross the default range of your Wi-Fi. This usually happens when you carry your Firestick along but forget the remote at home.

Immediate things to do after losing your Firestick remote

  • Check the desk of your teapot or coffee table.
  • Your coach is the next suspect as you might have placed the remote there while watching TV. Thoroughly check in-between ridges of the sofa and also under the pillows.
  • Now look around or under the furniture to see if the remote has fallen by any chance.
  • If you went around rooms while watching TV, then look around those rooms. Chances are high that you would have taken the remote along while searching for something or talking over the phone.
  • Don’t forget to ask your housemates if they have seen or misplaced your Firestick remote somewhere.

What do I do if I lost my firestick remote?

If you still can’t find the remote after a thorough search, then try out the different options we have listed below:

Use your phone to control the Fire TV stick

You can easily navigate and play content on your Fire TV using your smartphone. For doing this, you will have to install the Amazon Fire TV app on your iOS or Android phone and log in to your Amazon account. On completion of signing in, the TV will be automatically detected by your smartphone. Simply tap on the TV option and enter the 4-digit code displayed on your Fire TV screen. This can only be possible if both your smartphone and Fire TV are connected to a common Wi-Fi network. Finally, you will be presented with a UI resembling your Fire TV remote. Here you can launch Settings, browse around using the navigation keys, control volume, summon Alexa and do everything else that is possible with a remote.

  • If you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection at home but wish to undertake remote navigation using the Fire TV app, then this can be done manually by creating a Wi-Fi hotspot. You will need two smartphones to complete this setup wherein one will be used for creating a Wi-Fi hotspot and the other for using the Fire TV app.
  • You will have to open your smartphone ‘Settings’ and move to the ‘Wi-Fi and Network’ section followed by ‘Hotspot and Tethering’ and finally ‘Wi-Fi Hotspot.’
  • Now rename the hotspot to the same Wi-Fi network your Fire TV was previously connected to. In the same way, you will have to change the password to the same one of the previous networks. Making an identical setup will help the Fire TV connect automatically to the Wi-Fi hotspot without any manual intervention.
  • Once you have configured the Wi-Fi hotspot, you will have to restart your TV after turning on the Wi-Fi. This will allow the TV to connect automatically to the newly created hotspot.
  • Connect your other smartphone to the same Wi-Fi hotspot and install the Amazon Fire TV app before logging in to your Amazon account. Now run the scan to detect your Fire TV on the app and tap on it to enter the displayed code on your TV.
  • Finally, you can easily navigate and perform different functions just like your lost Fire TV remote.

Remotely navigate Fire TV stick using Alexa

You can easily play content on your Fire TV if you have an Alexa-powered speaker at your home. For doing this, you will just have to instruct Alexa saying, “Alexa play ### on my fire TV” and it will perform your instructions. However, both your Alexa speaker and Fire TV should be on the same Wi-Fi network for this command to work.

Use remote control finder

If you often lose your remote control, then you can attach the thin remote control finder cards to the back of your remote. The remote-control finders bank on Bluetooth technology allowing users to ring the card using an app installed on their smartphone. You can thus easily grab the remote coupled with the ringing sound without having to look everywhere.

Use another Fire Stick remote

You can use your old Amazon Fire Stick remote for being paired with your current Fire Stick TV. It comes with the backward capability with the only difference being the few buttons it lacks such as volume, power, and mute buttons. You will have to press the FireStick Home button, back and arrow key simultaneously for 10 seconds, and then restart your Firestick. Following the reboot, the old Firestick will pair automatically with the TV allowing you to connect the Wi-Fi and use it.

Use any other normal remote

If you are tired of finding your lost remote and don’t want to use multiple remotes at the same time, then you can control your FireStick with your TV remote. Modern-day TV sets come with the CEC feature wherein it connects with other HDMI devices by integrating them. The HDMI-CEC option of every brand is mentioned differently, for example, LG calls it SimpLink and Philips calls it EasyLink. This allows using a single remote controller for both the TVs. Normally this feature is turned off in smartphones and you have to go to the setting menu to enable it. Just use the arrow keys to navigate FireStick and use various Fire TV menus with the TV remote. Though it won’t support all button combinations and shortcuts, you can do the basic things if you lose your Fire TV remote.

Connect an ADB

An ADB allows controlling the FireStick device provided your device is enabled with the ADB feature. FireStick TV doesn’t have any slot for connecting USB devices and so you can connect your FireStick TV via ADB to your device. You can choose between a variety of commands for the ADB feature to navigate and use as a remote.

Use a mouse or a keyboard as FireStick

If none of the above methods work due to a lack of an additional smartphone, Wi-Fi, or TV remote, then you can connect your computer’s mouse and keyboard to the Fire TV. Both wireless and wired mouse and keyboards can be connected to your TV. However, you might have to purchase a micro-USB splitter separately as Fire TV Sticks come with a single micro-USB port.

How many FireStick can you have on one account?

There is no limit on the number of Firesticks you can have on one account.

The first thought which crosses our minds whenever we have lost the remote for FireStick is to search under our couch. But you don’t need to worry if you have already scanned your house and still can’t find it anywhere. You can try any of the above options but if none of them seem to work in your favor, then you will have to purchase a new Fire TV remote.

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