How to Find Nearby Garage Sales to Save Money?

How to Find Nearby Garage Sales to Save Money

Once the classified section of the newspaper was the only place to know about upcoming garage sales. But in the modern age of Google and smartphones, you can choose among countless ways to score the best deals nearby. Garage sales are an excellent means of decluttering your house while making money from it. Collectors often bank on this opportunity to find valuable treasures at low prices. Today we are going to take a look at some of the best tools which can offer you the information needed for yard sales.

12 Best Applications to Find Nearby Garage Sales to Save Money

1. Garage Sales Rover

This application can provide you with the exact location of the yard sale. You can search for specific items be it clothes, toys, or a microwave oven. On locating the garage sale you wish to visit, the app’s GPS system will direct your path to help you find it. This user-friendly application is easy to use. Irrespective of your location, you can find any yard sale with its GPS satellite positioning. However, this application is available only for Android users.

2. Varage Sale

Connect with local sellers using this application which lists items individually so that it becomes easy to find what you are looking for. You can also find local garage sales by searching for the term using the app. It will show both the date and time of garage sales nearby that you can physically shop from. The USP of this app is the manual review process that everyone joining the app goes through before they can buy or sell an item. This guarantees maximum safety to both the buyer and seller.

3. Yard Sale Treasure Map

This app directly goes to Craigslist-listed garage sales rather than scouring online sites and newspapers. It comes with a handy map from which users can view the location of the garage sales. The best sales in your locality are listed depending on the set preferences. You can even change the location, day of the week you are shopping, and distance coupled with the accompanying filter. New sales that are entered into the system pop up whenever they are located close to you. This application is available both for Android and iOS users.

4. Nextdoor

This app is beneficial for people residing in housing development as you can connect with your neighbors and find out who is selling just an item or two or having a proper garage sale. By browsing through the web page, you can get to know about the upcoming garage sales in your neighborhood. Each posting gives out details on the included items alongside the address of the garage sale.

5. Garage Sales By Map

This app draws data from multiple online resources like,,,, and to present the best yard sales nearby. You can comb through more than 60000 sales every week. It becomes easy to find exactly what you are looking for by banking on the keyword feature. Since the app covers the entire country, you can easily browse through the sales in other locations.

6. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is an excellent way to find garage sales online. It works unlike other applications and you can easily find nearby options by searching up the term garage sale or yard sale. If you are looking for a particular item, then you can search specifically for that rather than going through tons of garage sale items. However, Facebook members aren’t manually reviewed like VarageSale and you will have to take proper precautions if you meet someone in the process whether you are buying or selling.

7. Garage Sale Wizards

This app includes estate sales, auctions, moving sales, and traditional multi-family style sales. Contributors upload sale details on this portal so that you get notified of the upcoming sales in your neighborhood. This app is compatible with iPad, iPods, and iPhones and can be used completely for free.

8. Garage Sales Tracker

Enjoy the best of both worlds with this ingenious application that comes to the aid of the host and the buyer. If you are having a yard sale, then you can list it for free on the app. Customers are intimated of upcoming sales weeks in advance and they can find nearby sales by using the zip code. It uses Google maps to store locations making it easy to find flea markets, garage sales, and consignment shops. You can use Garage Sales Tracker from your tablet, phone, or computer as it is supported by iOS, Android, and the browser. After searching in your locality, you can refine the search results by the date of sale, distance, and type of items on sale. This application can be extremely beneficial if you are searching for specific items like tools, sewing machines, etc. Its search feature can come to the aid of people residing in an area with a lot of sales. The USP of this app is its bookmarking feature allowing users to bookmark great sales so that they can go back to their favorites.

9. Yard Sale Watch

You will be alerted of items sold in your area by this free app that might be of interest. It links to other social media sites and combs through those listings to help you out. If you are on the lookout for new and exciting updates, then you can install this application on your smartphone or tablet.

10. Private Garage Sales

Rather than having a yard sale on their lawn, sellers list their items for sale on this app so that the buyers can contact them using the free network. You won’t have to pay any fee or commission to become a part of this community even while buying or selling. This app allows sellers to retain 100% profits so that users can enjoy the maximum profit.

11. College garage Sale

You can showcase your love and support to your alma matter using this app which shares a percentage of profit with the school of the seller’s choice. With items starting as low as $1.00, you can buy items at competitive rates by locating garage sales using this application.

12. Scrounge Around

This is one of the best apps for garage sales as it gets updated daily and caters to a large network of users. It combs through online postings and social media to collate the offers. Users can also post their requirements. You just need to integrate it with a separate map app before you go treasure hunting.

3 Best Websites to Find Nearby Garage Sales to Save Money

1. Yard Sale Search

Enjoy a location-based search for yard sales nearby using this website. Here you can find listings including information of photos of the offerings. You can even set a search radius specifying how far you are willing to drive for checking out the sales. It allows users to post listings for free if they decide to have a yard sale themselves. You can check out the rundown of local sales on a given day using its “Today’s Map” feature. After registering with the website for free, you can save the sales you are interested in for future reference.


Use the map search feature of to see the listing of yard sales, garage sales, and estate sales which are visually represented according to location. You just need to enter your zip code and the results get pinned automatically on the map. For getting additional information and photos, you simply have to click on these pins. The website also features a newsletter giving daily updates on nearby sales after subscription. This is extremely beneficial both for sellers and buyers.

3. Craigslist

While the search sites mentioned above can offer information on local sales, you can get additional options on Craigslist which might not be available elsewhere. This website is updated continuously and allows users to easily add sales to it. You just need to browse through your city and click on “garage sales” in the Sales section. Once you click on a sale, you will be able to see its location on the map to easily plan out your route.

There is an old saying that one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure. Garage sales can help you find some of the best bargains while ringing in massive savings. Gone are the days when you had to chase signs around the town as the apps and websites listed above can help bargain hunters make the most of garage sales than you could ever imagine.