Dollar General Penny List: How does it work?

In a world where pennies often seem forgotten, behold the extraordinary power of the humble cent at Dollar General’s doorstep in 2023! While a single penny might not seem like much, Dollar General’s 2023 Penny Policy can turn it into a key to a treasure trove of items. Our comprehensive article leaves no stone unturned from the basics to the nitty-gritty details. Ready to unlock the potential of every penny and become a Dollar General savings maestro? Look no further; your savings adventure begins here!

So, What’s the Deal with the Dollar General Penny List?

Picture this; You can buy all sorts of stuff at your local Dollar General for just one cent! These magical penny items are usually products the store is clearing out. It could be because they’re discontinued or discounted up to 90%. They’re supposed to be off the shelves, but sometimes they stick around, and that’s when the magic happens.

Cracking the Code of Dollar General Penny Shopping

Penny shopping isn’t a pursuit for the faint-hearted. It demands dedication and a personal visit to the store, yet success is far from guaranteed.

Here’s the scoop: Every Tuesday, a selection of items takes a jaw-dropping plunge to just one penny. While most weeks feature these coveted penny items, there’s the occasional ‘miss.’ Simply because an item is listed for a penny doesn’t guarantee its presence in your store. Diligent employees might have already removed these items, either for local donations or return to the manufacturer. Don’t be shocked if one store has an item listed for a penny while another down the road doesn’t.

Then there’s the quirk of the registers. While most stores update their prices on Tuesday morning, some of the newer systems might lag behind, updating later in the day or even by Wednesday. Also, be aware that a few stores might not allow you to purchase penny items once they ring up as $0.01. Most stores won’t make a fuss, but there have been tales of stores refusing the sale.

Penny hunting at Dollar General stores has gained immense popularity among savvy shoppers seeking household essentials and gifts at unbeatable prices. Before you embark on your Dollar General adventure, we highly recommend joining an online community or group to glean insider tips and tricks for better preparation. These groups often provide lists of penny goods available at your local stores.

Unleash the Power of the Dollar General App

Here’s a nifty trick, use the Dollar General app (available on iOS and Android) to scan items before heading to the register. Just tap on the scanner icon in the search bar and enter the barcode number. The app checks prices in real-time, so make sure it’s updated to catch the latest markdowns.

A UPC (Universal Product Code) is the barcode on the packaging, and the app will tell you if it’s a penny or not. If it shows $0.00 or $0.01, it’s usually a penny! You can also use the app to search nearby stores for specific items by typing in the UPC. Bear in mind that while the app is a valuable tool, it’s not infallible.

When’s the Big Day?

For most stores, the magic happens on Tuesday mornings when they update their pricing, revealing a treasure trove of items priced at just one penny. It’s a weekly savings spectacle you won’t want to miss! But here’s the icing on the cake – depending on holidays and special occasions, you might also get the chance to score penny items for a full week. However, make no mistake, Tuesdays are the true champions of penny shopping at Dollar General. So, mark your calendars and get ready to embark on your penny-hunting adventure.

How To Find Penny Items At Dollar General?

Penny shopping at Dollar General is like cracking a secret code to uncover incredible deals. These penny items are often items that Dollar General is offering at a steep discount, or they may be classified as ‘out of season.’ To become a master at spotting penny products, pay close attention to the tags and barcodes. The season code next to the barcode is a telltale sign that an item is out of season and will cost you just a penny.

You can find Dollar General penny items all over the store, but your best bets are clearance sections, by the register, and on end caps. However, don’t skip the regular-priced sections – you might stumble upon hidden gems. The app might drop hints too, like “Fr End ck,” which means it’s up by the cashier.

Some common season codes to keep an eye out for include:

WI = Winter

SP = Spring

FA = Fall

SU = Summer

Moreover, some items may have price tags adorned with symbols that indicate they are ‘out of stock’ goods that staff should remove from the store’s shelves. Look for symbols like diamonds, circles, stars, and ovals as your clues to penny treasures.

But wait, there’s more! Some websites compile weekly listings of penny products at Dollar General, making your hunt even easier. These lists are typically updated every Tuesday, aligning perfectly with your penny-shopping day.

While penny shopping is a thrilling endeavor, it comes with a set of golden rules. First and foremost, always be kind and courteous to store staff – they’re your allies in this adventure. Second, respect designated areas off-limits to shoppers and maintain the store’s order while on your bargain hunt. Happy penny shopping.

Some Ground Rules

Whatever you do, don’t pester employees about penny shopping. They’re aware of it, but they’re supposed to have cleared those items. And please, don’t complain or call corporate if your store won’t sell penny items. Complaining could lead to the end of this money-saving practice.

That said, persistence can pay off. I know someone who visits her Dollar General store right at 7 a.m. every Tuesday, and the cashier puts penny items aside for her. It took some time, but it’s possible!

Is Penny Shopping Legal?

You bet! As long as the item’s on the sales floor, Dollar General’s policy is to sell penny items. But they’re not keen on you going back for more.

What About Clearance Items?

In addition to penny deals, keep an eye out for Dollar General’s clearance items. After major holidays and events, like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and the Super Bowl, you can strike gold. Clearance usually starts at 50% off but can go as high as 90%. If those 90% off items don’t sell, they become penny items.

Can Dollar General Employees Buy Penny Items?

Dollar General employees are strictly prohibited from purchasing penny items. Doing so goes against Dollar General’s policy, and it could lead to disciplinary actions, including termination. Employees are responsible for ensuring that penny items are promptly removed from the shelves.

How Long Do Items Stay A Penny At Dollar General?

Penny items can remain available for an extended period. In some cases, they might last for six months or even longer. Some penny hunters have even stumbled upon items that have been marked as penny deals for several years.

Do Dollar General Employees Get In Trouble For Selling Penny Items?

Dollar General employees are not held responsible if penny items are left on the shelves. The company typically won’t terminate employees for failing to remove such items. However, after a sale, store staff is instructed to clear any remaining penny products from the zone where they were discovered.

Can I Use Coupons on Penny Items?

Yes, you can use coupons on penny items, provided the coupon matches the item you’re purchasing. Keep in mind that some stores may require you to buy something at the total price for the coupon to work. If your coupon results in an overage, you generally can’t receive cash back for it.

What Is an Override, and Can I Ask for One?

An override is a managerial action to adjust prices, often to lower them. Managers might do an override when items on clearance don’t ring up at the sale price. You can ask for an override, but it’s essential to respect the manager’s decision if they choose not to do it.

Why Does My Store Not Have Any Penny Items?

There could be a few reasons for this. It’s possible that other penny shoppers in your area have already found and purchased the penny items. Additionally, some stores might be diligent about removing penny items as per corporate instructions since penny deals are not advertised sales.

What Is a Surprise Penny?

A surprise penny is an item that rings up at a penny despite not being on the official penny list sent out by corporate. These surprises work to the advantage of penny shoppers, as they increase the chances of finding more items. Shoppers often discover surprise pennies by purchasing a random item and seeing it ring up as a penny.

Where Can I Find the Penny Items in the Store?

Penny items can be scattered throughout the store. While checking clearance sections is a good place to start, be prepared to search anywhere. Look on end-caps, shelves, pegs, and even under or behind items. However, it’s essential to respect store boundaries, avoid restricted areas, and maintain a tidy store while hunting for bargains.

What Color Dots Are A Penny At Dollar General?

Dollar General does not explicitly label penny items with tags like “Penny deal here!” Instead, shoppers need to learn how to identify the tags and understand the system. It’s important to note that what may be a penny in one store may not be in another.

Why Did My Store Refuse to Sell Me My Items?

Some district managers instruct their employees not to sell penny items. If you encounter such a situation, you can ask for the district manager’s contact information. If that’s not provided, consider filling out a survey on your receipt to express your concerns without explicitly mentioning penny items. District managers often intervene and instruct stores to sell items already in their carts.

If It Is a Penny, Will It Always Be a Penny?

No, items that are marked as penny deals can reset and return to their regular price. This can happen even more quickly if a glitch results in an item being sold for a penny. Corporate typically works to resolve glitches swiftly and restore regular prices.

I Can’t Find Any Penny List Items; What Do I Do?

If you can’t find any penny items, it’s possible that they were removed from your store before your visit. It’s a good idea to arrive at the store when it opens to increase your chances of finding penny deals.

Can I Be Refused a Sale on a Penny Item?

Store policies may vary, but according to Dollar General’s store policy, customers should be allowed to purchase penny items if they find them. However, individual store experiences may differ.

Dollar General Penny Policy In 2023

As of 2023, Dollar General continues to employ penny pricing for items that employees are responsible for removing from the shelves. If a customer discovers an item on the shelf before it’s pulled and proceeds with the checkout, Dollar General’s penny policy allows the item to be sold for a mere penny. Happy penny hunting!

Top Shopping Tips

  • Early birds often catch the best deals on Tuesday mornings.
  • Get to know how your local stores operate.
  • Some stores might update prices at the end of your transaction, so be patient.
  • Always be polite to store employees; they don’t make the rules.
  • Please don’t buy stuff you won’t use; consider donating it instead. A deal isn’t a deal if it ends up in the trash.


Who doesn’t love that thrill of discovering an incredible deal while shopping? It’s like unwrapping a surprise gift every time you hit the stores. But you know what’s even better than stumbling upon an unexpected deal? It’s having the insider knowledge that you’re about to score some mind-blowing bargains before you even set foot inside the store. Dollar General has earned its reputation for being a hotspot for penny items and jaw-dropping clearance sales. Shopping here is like holding onto your hard-earned cash, as it can save you a bundle.

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