Dollar General Cashback Amount, Fees, and Policy

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Dollar General is a trusted American retail store chain currently operating around 14000 outlets in 48 states. It has spread its wings over more than 170000 countries with a wide variety of offerings at low prices while maintaining top-notch quality. Dollar General offers cashback on every purchase other than medical items when the payment is made using a debit card at the checkout register.

It also accepts Discover, Mastercard, and Visa credit cards although the rules for cash advances might vary depending on the store and the card issuer. Discover is the only credit card offering traditional cash-back options with its “cash over” program which can be used at a Dollar General store up to a maximum ceiling of $120 within 24 hours. The Discover credit card is free and has no fees imposed on the card. However, a fee is charged from this business based on the type of transaction. You can get a cash advance at a store register using other credit cards. But this will come with higher interest and fees. Both American Express and Mastercard impose their cash-over transaction restrictions.

Cashback on debit cards has significance for both retailers and consumers. Retailers can improve their client experience by refunding the money as a reward. This also helps in uplifting company turnover as customers can get the cashback only by purchasing from stores. Consumers don’t need to wait in long queues at ATMs to withdraw cash and have to pay a lower fee for cashback compared to an ATM withdrawal.

Cashback Rules of Dollar General

A cashback program is offered by Dollar General to customers spending a minimum of $5. Debit card and Discover credit cardholders can enjoy a maximum cashback of $40 at all Dollar General stores. You will have to make multiple transactions at a time to get a cashback exceeding $40. A fee of $1-$2 per transaction is charged by Dollar General to get the cashback.

  • For availing of the cashback, a customer has to buy items worth $5. Spending less than this amount won’t make you eligible for the cashback program. Customers will have to bring their purchase receipt to the money center or register (whichever is nearer to your location) following which the cashier will guide them through the process.
  • The minimum cashback offered by Dollar General to its customers is $10 while the maximum ceiling is $40. Different cashback options of $10, $20, $30, or $40 can be availed of by customers depending on their purchase amount.
  • No cashback is offered if the customer uses the cheque at Dollar General for honoring the payment. Since the company doesn’t have any cashing services or cashiers to validate the cheque of customers, they cannot be returned for a refund.
  • Depending on the location of the store, a fee of $1-$2 might be charged by Dollar General from the customers based on the withdrawal method. Certain Dollar General stores demand customers to spend at least $5 before redeeming the cashback which will be $2 per $5 if the purchase was below $10 or 50 cents per $5 if the purchase was between $10 and $40.
  • The payment processor bank account processes the cashback automatically to the customer’s account. An average of 3 days is required to complete the whole process depending on the bank policy.
  • Customers having TANF (temporary assistance for needy families) cash benefits can avail of a cashback with an EBT card in the Dollar General store. A cash refund can be attained from the Dollar general store if you use an EBT card for making payments online.
  • Your debit card is most likely to get declined if you have an inadequate cash balance. The credit card will however be operational as long as you have credit in them even when your credit card is short of money.
  • A cashback is offered by Dollar General if the payment is made via PayPal. However, this does not apply to payments made through Apple Pay.

 If you want more cashback than the upper limit allowable by Dollar General, then you can split your items into two or more separate purchases. In this case, you will have to swipe your debit card or Discovery credit card each time at the register and select the cash-back option. However, you will have to pay the required fees for each transaction.


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