Does CVS give Cashback? Redeem Charges & CVS Cashback Earning Guide

Does CVS Do Cash Back? Limits Minimum Spend

CVS Pharmacy is a US-based pharmacy chain operating more than 9000 stores in 49 states. Since its establishment in 1963, it has evolved into the largest US pharmacy chain in terms of prescription revenue and the number of locations. A wide range of products and services are offered by CVS Pharmacy including over-the-counter medications, prescription drugs, photo services, beauty products, and more. The company has also gained popularity for its MinuteClinic walk-in clinics offering convenient access to healthcare services.

Does CVS Give Cash Back?

You can enjoy free cashback on debit card purchases made in 2022 subject to certain restrictions on the type of transactions.

Does CVS Give Cash Back On Credit Cards?

Cheque and credit card transactions are not eligible for cashback at CVS stores. You can make purchases through various modes of payment like cash, gift cards, cheques, credit card, and Apple Pay. However, only debit card purchases are eligible for the discount. The only exception to this rule is the ‘Discover card’ using which customers can get cash back on any transactions entered into with its ‘cashback feature.’

What Is The Limit Of CVS Cashback?

CVS has gained popularity as it offers a variety of services other than just selling products. Getting cashback from the purchase is one such service that deserves special mention. This is especially helpful if you can’t manage to visit a bank or ATM before traveling to your next destination. The highest ceiling of cashback at CVS is $35 per transaction. You can either visit a different CVS store or make another purchase for getting more cashback than this limit. The best thing about CVS cashback is that you can request any number of the denomination as long as it is within the $35 limit and is available. The only downside of the maximum cashback limit is that you have to make multiple purchases for getting more cashback than $35.

How To Get CVS Cashback Using A Debit Card?

  • Once you have completed shopping, simply proceed to the checkout counter and swipe your card. Now you will be asked by the cashier whether you want the cashback or the question is displayed by a card reader with a prompt.
  • If you offer an affirmative response, then you can select to get cashback up to $35.
  • The cashback amount gets added to the purchase total.
  • Next, you need to confirm whether the total is correct.
  • On confirmation, the transaction goes through and you will be handed over the cash with other items by the clerk.

Does CVS Charge For Cashback?

No fees are charged by CVS for dispensing cash back at any of its stores. You will become eligible for cashback on transactions made using a debit card. This makes it an excellent means of avoiding pesky ATM fees. You can get the required cash without any extra fees at CVS whether you are buying groceries, medicine, or just household essentials. Most CVS stores have US bank ATMs and Allpoint Network surcharge-free ATMs next to the register. While these ATMs are surcharge-free for eligible customers, non-customers have to pay out-of-network ATM withdrawal fees ranging from $2-$4.

What Is The Easiest Way Of Getting CVS Cashback?

You have to simply select CVS cashback on the card reader or ask the cashier for cashback while paying for your items. The cashback requested gets added automatically to your total and the net figure is charged right after that. You can get your items purchased and the corresponding cashback on completion of the transaction. Make it a point to ask the cashier about your cashback the next time you go shopping a CVS.

Can CVS Cashback Be Redeemed With A Gift Card?

You cannot redeem gift cards at CVS for cash or credit. These gift cards can be redeemed in exchange for merchandise at CVS. However, you cannot exchange gift cards for online gift cards.

Can You Get CVS Cashback Using Contactless Payment?

No cashback is offered by CVS on transactions made using any method other than a debit card. However, you can get a 1% cashback on each transaction made if you add your Discover card to Apple Pay. Customers can also get a $10 cash back on their first in-store purchase of $20 or more using Venmo or PayPal QR. Thus, it becomes easier for customers to get their desired cashback without having to go through the hassle of using a debit card.

There is no minimum spend amount for becoming eligible for cash back at CVS stores. You can purchase anything ranging from hair dye to a bottle of filtered water for getting the cashback. Users can choose cashback in bills, coins, or a combination of both. You might have to make an unplanned purchase to qualify for a cashback at CVS. However, it is still cheaper compared to driving around with high gas prices and expensive ATM fees. CVS offers 24-hour pharmacies where you can accomplish multiple tasks and also get the lucrative cashback under one roof.

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