Legit Typing Online Jobs at Home to earn $20+ hour

In today’s digital age, the opportunities for flexible and lucrative remote work have expanded significantly. If you possess strong typing skills and a desire to work from the comfort of your own home, legitimate online typing jobs can provide a promising avenue to earn $20 or more per hour. The realm of online typing jobs unveils how you can tap into this dynamic market and embark on a journey toward financial independence and a balanced lifestyle.

If you want to:

  • Genuine remote opportunities offer annual earnings of up to $95,000!
  • Earn money using your typing abilities.
  • Improve your typing speed to increase your earnings.
  • Explore the wide range of typing jobs available to you.

What is a typing job?

A typing job entails receiving compensation for the act of typing.
The job might demand typing as a key skill or an essential component of it.

  1. Data Entry Work
  2. Transcription
  3. Online Chat Jobs
  4. Blog Writer
  5. Virtual Assistant
  6. Community Moderator
  7. Freelance Writer
  8. Captioning
  9. Translation
  10. Editor
  11. Copywriter
  12. Proofreader
  13. Ghostwriting
  14. Scopists

What types of remote typing jobs can be done from home?

1. Data Entry Work

This might be one of the easiest jobs to do from home.

You might need to perform data entry tasks from the comfort of your home:

  • Fill in details on a spreadsheet.
  • Input information into a company’s computer.
  • Check and fix data.
  • Conduct simple research.
  • Complete minor tasks like typing receipts.
  • According to US government data, the typical hourly wage for data entry tasks is approximately $16.10.

The pay varies based on your employer, but being a self-employed data entry specialist on the internet often results in a lower pay rate. Earning around $12 to $15 per hour is considered good for this online task. If you excel, you might open doors to more chances with clients. Your data entry skills are versatile and can apply to various typing jobs, allowing you to increase your earnings.

Responsibilities of a Data Entry Worker:

The main responsibilities of an online data entry worker could include:

  • Organizing files like documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
  • Gathering information or doing research.
  • Converting spoken or recorded data into text.
  • Keeping simple records by entering information into spreadsheets.
  • Turning physical documents into digital formats.
  • Reviewing data to spot errors.

Typical Data Entry Jobs
Typically, jobs are commonly grouped into three main categories:

1. Conversion
Converting data from one format to another – like turning Word documents into PDF files, or changing JPEG images to PNG.
2. Scrubbing
Reviewing data records for precision and indicating, removing, or rectifying any errors (typically presented as a list or spreadsheet).
3. Word processing (word formatting)
Creating written reports, documents, or various files by typing.

Which Skills Do You Require??
Data entry work is easily accessible since it requires only basic skills for entry, with typical tasks including:

1. Basic computer skills
You should feel at ease when using a computer and the Internet.
2. Typing
The quicker you move, the higher your potential earnings.
3. Organization skills
Organizing files, folders, and keeping track of deadlines, and so on.
4. Communication skills
Replying to emails, chatting online, or communicating with clients through video conferencing apps.
5. Basic software skills
Utilizing tools like spreadsheets, word documents, and presentation software (e.g. Microsoft Excel)
6. Discipline
Being able to focus, avoid distractions, and handle repetitive tasks.
7. Attention to detail
Being able to fix mistakes on your own while staying accurate.

What Equipment Do You Need?

You’ll need the following:

  • Computer: either a laptop or desktop (not your phone!)
  • Basic home office equipment: make sure you have a comfortable place to sit and work
  • Software access: depends on the type of job
  • Numeric keypad: better for number entry jobs that are difficult to do on a laptop keyboard

Where can I easily locate online data entry jobs?

2. Transcription

Transcribers listen to audio recordings and write down what they hear. Podcast transcripts are a clear instance of the work that transcribers create.

For this position, reliable internet connectivity and excellent auditory abilities are necessary. Proficient typists with a high typing speed and minimal errors will distinguish themselves.

Transcription jobs typically offer an average payment of $28 per hour.

Yet, the majority of transcription tasks offer compensation for every accomplished audio hour. This implies that your payment is determined by the number of audio hours transcribed, rather than the hours you put into the work. As per industry norms, it typically takes around four hours of transcription time to transcribe one hour of clear audio.

By becoming a fast and effective transcriptionist, you can boost your earning rate. Using a foot pedal is advised to expedite the process.

4 Types of Professional Transcriptionists

  • General Transcriptionists
    This work-from-home position involves duties such as transcribing basic voicemails, managing phone conversations, and composing memos. It’s an ideal opportunity for beginners who want to accumulate experience across different subjects.
  • Medical Transcriptionists
    Convert a medical professional’s spoken notes into written records. Typically, this role demands AHDI-accredited education or completion of an associate’s degree program, as a grasp of medical terminology is essential.
  • Financial Transcriptionists
    Convert audio into various formats such as meeting notes, press conference summaries, interim results, and analyst reports.
  • Legal Transcription
    Transcribers need training and/or experience to transcribe court proceedings, depositions, dictated notes from lawyers, and various legal records.

Best Websites to Find Professional Transcriptionists Jobs:

3. Online Chat Jobs

For individuals seeking remote work, this could be the ideal typing job, especially if they value customer focus.

Online text chat agents assist in responding to customer inquiries via live chat. This role can be either full-time or part-time, with an average earning of $15 per hour for chat agents.

This internet-based job necessitates familiarity with the company you’re employed by, as your role will involve responding to inquiries about them. Although certain firms prefer candidates with technical proficiency for such tasks, numerous others simply seek adept individuals with fast and precise typing abilities. Hence, this could potentially serve as the perfect entry-level job for you.

What is an online chat job?

These types of chat roles entail:

  • Sales
  • Technical support
  • Email assistance
  • Product advocacy
  • Expertise

Big corporations frequently employ numerous agents to ensure round-the-clock coverage of inquiries through chat, email, and phone support. The majority of these agents need to have adaptable schedules, accommodating varying weekly work hours, including weekends.

What are the potential earnings from chat jobs?

The payment can differ significantly depending on whether you’re employed by a company, working as an independent contractor, or self-employed.

According to ZipRecruiter, the typical pay for a Live Chat Agent is around $15 per hour, with a maximum of about $21 per hour.

Yet, if you possess technical expertise, customer service experience, and specialized knowledge, you can anticipate a higher earning potential.

What types of chat jobs are suitable for remote work?

Chat agents typically offer customer support through text-based chat conversations, often holding roles exclusively focused on chat interactions.

Yet, you might also need to handle phone calls or provide email support. Make sure to thoroughly read the complete job description prior to applying!

Who is eligible for an online chat job?
These full-time or part-time job options can be perfect for individuals who:

  • Don’t want to talk on the phone
  • Don’t have a private workspace
  • Have small children
  • Have previous customer service experience (though this is not always necessary)
  • Have technical expertise (depending on the role).

What are the required personal skills for online chat jobs?
When searching for this type of work as a successful live chat agent, you should possess the following qualities:

  • Take pleasure in offering reliable customer support to individuals.
  • Take pleasure in a high-speed setting.
  • Possess the skill to multitask, since you’ll frequently engage in multiple conversations simultaneously.
  • Possess the skill to communicate with correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  • Possess the self-discipline to operate from your home.
  • Remain adaptable, as you might need to work full-time and be accessible during evenings and weekends.

It’s worth mentioning that you might require a particular typing speed before you consider applying for these types of positions.

Typically, an average individual can type around 35-40 words per minute (WPM). If you can type faster than this (60-75 WPM), a customer service role might suit you well.

What equipment do you require?

  • Reliable internet connection
  • Computer
  • Keyboard
  • Phone and headset (depending on the position)

These are the six primary categories of remote chat-based jobs that can be done from home:

  1. Online Customer Service Agent
  2. Email Support Assistant
  3. Technical Support Assistant
  4. Virtual Assistant
  5. Online Sales Agent
  6. JustAnswer Expert

More details on each one are below.

1. Online Customer Service Agent

This online job is quick-paced and involves resolving customers’ issues. Your tasks might require using the company’s website or social media platforms.

Great news: frequently, prior experience is not required.

You might need to, as an online customer support agent:

  • Easily address multiple individuals simultaneously.
  • Promote a product or service.
  • Guide individuals to the correct path on the company’s website.
  • Address complaints from upset customers.
  • Offer assistance with technical issues to users.

What is the salary for online customer service jobs?

You can make about $15 per hour on average with these chat jobs, as per ZipRecruiter. But, if you’re open to handling both chat hosting and phone tasks, your potential earnings could be higher.

Where can I easily locate online customer service positions?

2. Email Support Assistant

This chat role is commonly paired with a customer service job. You’ll be offering help through email, which makes your tasks more spaced out as you wait for replies.

As an email support assistant, your usual tasks include:

  • Responding to inquiries about products or services
  • Resolving customer issues
  • Escalating unresolved questions to specialists
  • Cultivating customer relationships.

What is the typical pay for email support positions?

You can anticipate earning approximately $17 per hour for this chat and email position, as stated by ZipRecruiter. Frequently, these roles are bundled with chat responsibilities, and if you’re open to incorporating phone-based tasks, your potential earnings could increase.

Where can I easily locate email support jobs?

3. Technical Support Assistant

This online job is distinct from customer service chat support as it concentrates on a business’s technical facets and handles more detailed inquiries regarding a product or service.

As a technical support expert, you must:

  • Easily address individuals’ technical issues through simple instructions.
  • Efficiently manage numerous support concerns simultaneously.
  • Offer assistance for both simple and intricate problems.
  • Possess advanced familiarity with the company’s technology systems.
  • Exhibit strong communication skills to guide individuals toward solutions for their problems.

What’s the pay for technical support roles?

On average, these positions earn around $19 per hour.

Given the job’s requirements, having a computer science qualification or technical support experience can boost your earnings. If you’re bilingual, your expertise is even more valuable, potentially leading to higher pay!

Where can I find technical support jobs?

4. Virtual Assistant

Being a Virtual Assistant (VA) is an attractive chat-based role that offers a diverse array of tasks, typically without the constraints of a single focus. VA responsibilities commonly include delivering chat support on a client’s website.

As a virtual assistant, your tasks might include:

  • Discussing the client’s products or services
  • Directing customers to specific sections of a website, such as a sales page
  • Assisting customers with technical support
  • Addressing customer complaints.

What’s the potential income for a Virtual Assistant?
Rates differ among VAs, as they provide various services like social media management and newsletter writing.

On average, you might charge around $19 per hour. If you possess advanced skills or source work independently, your earnings could be even higher.

Where can I find virtual assistant jobs?

5. Online Sales Agent

Sales agents typically engage with customers via a website chat or a social media business page. Your primary task is to drive sales effectively.

The role of an online sales agent involves:

  • Understanding the company’s products.
  • Promoting products or services on behalf of clients.
  • Guiding customers toward specific products or services when needed.

What’s the potential income for a sales agent?
A sales chat agent typically earns $20 per hour on average, as reported by ZipRecruiter.

Additionally, sales agents have the opportunity to earn bonuses through commission-based structures, which are tied to the number of sales they achieve. This extra income supplements their regular salary.

Where can you locate a job as a sales agent?

6. JustAnswer Expert

This gig is an excellent opportunity to make extra money during your free time.

JustAnswer functions as a platform where knowledgeable individuals convene to offer solutions to people’s questions. As a JustAnswer affiliate, your role involves furnishing users with precise and clear responses through text.

To qualify for this chat-based position, you need to be a certified expert in your domain, with verifiable proof of your proficiency. Professions that can be considered as experts encompass:

  • Mechanics
  • Web Developers
  • Accountants
  • Electricians
  • Dream Interpreters
  • Doctors
  • Genealogists

What is the potential earning for a JustAnswer Expert?
The majority of queries seem to get resolved at a fee of $5. Typically, professionals receive 20% of the user’s payment. With consistently excellent ratings, one can eventually progress to a 50% share.

Experts are paid by JustAnswer monthly through PayPal.

This is commonly viewed as a convenient method for those interested in earning supplementary income rather than a full-time commitment.

4. Blog Writer

As a blog writer, your responsibilities include researching, writing, and editing blog posts for a company’s website or individual clients like authors or coaches. This work can be conveniently done from home, and numerous bloggers have built their entire careers working remotely.

The income of a blogger is influenced by various factors, including:

  • The companies they collaborate with.
  • The caliber of their writing.
  • Their efficiency in completing freelance assignments.

On average, bloggers make around $36 per hour, as reported by ZipRecruiter.

If you possess additional abilities like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media proficiency, your earnings potential in this type of typing role increases.

Having your own blog to display your work and writing prowess to potential clients is strongly advised.

Where can I discover opportunities for blogging jobs?

5. Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant (VA) may include duties such as:

  • Data entry
  • Writing up blog posts
  • Administrative work
  • Social media management

Your role as a virtual assistant (VA) involves aiding clients with tasks they prefer not to handle on their own. The appeal of this work-from-home job often lies in the wide range of tasks it entails.

By providing diverse services such as merging social media management and effective customer service or grasping newsletter optimization, you can anticipate higher earnings.

According to ZipRecruiter, VAs typically make around $19 per hour on average.

Nonetheless, Virtual Assistants have the potential for significantly greater earnings if they establish their own freelance enterprise and avoid relying on third-party firms for securing assignments.

What is a Virtual Assistant?
A virtual assistant is an individual who operates online, providing support to individuals or businesses with a range of tasks.

VAs have flexibility in their work arrangements, including full-time, part-time, employee, freelance, temporary, and non-traditional schedules.

Common tasks undertaken by virtual assistants encompass:

  • Handling client email management
  • Managing client calendars
  • Making basic website updates
  • Conducting data entry
  • Providing customer service
  • Overseeing client social media
  • Arranging travel for clients.
Top-notch virtual assistants excel at juggling various tasks, even when they’re intricate or untidy. They’re adept at handling whatever challenges come their way. Virtual assistant services are typically customized to meet the unique requirements of each client.

Additionally, certain virtual assistants provide expert services demanding specific skills or expertise, like graphic design, audio/video editing, project management, and data analysis, among others.

Is it possible to become a virtual assistant (VA) without any prior experience?
Numerous accomplished VAs began their journey without any previous background in virtual assisting or online work.

What is the potential starting salary for a Virtual Assistant (VA)?
It varies based on factors like your work schedule, hourly rate, services offered, skill set, taxes, and more.

6. Community Moderator

Think of companies that have their own:

  • Facebook Groups
  • Subreddits
  • Private message boards
  • Big audiences on social media

Lots of companies require moderators to manage their online communities.

As a remote moderator, your role involves making sure community members follow the rules and offering assistance for any user inquiries.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average pay for this remote job is $19 per hour. In addition to basic computer skills, patience, and effective conflict resolution are important qualities for moderators.

Where can I find community moderator jobs?

7. Freelance Writer

Freelance writers produce content for various types of businesses.

This is among the typing jobs that offer higher pay.

Examples of projects you could take on as a freelance writer are:

  • News pieces
  • Sales pages
  • Video scripts
  • Research documents
  • Email newsletters

Even when not connected to the internet, conventional newspapers might recruit freelance writers to contribute to their online editions.

These writers can earn varying amounts, from a few hundred to thousands of dollars monthly, determined by their clients and level of expertise. Typically, they earn approximately $30 per hour on average.

This freelance setup allows for working on several projects remotely from home, making it a reliable method to supplement one’s income.

Where can I find online writing jobs?

8. Captioning

Captioners carefully transcribe audio content, crafting text that forms captions for individuals with hearing difficulties or those who opt for soundless video viewing. This involves noting background sounds like “[laughing]” or “[car honking]”.

As a niche transcription skill, captioning offers the potential for higher earnings, with real-time captioners earning an average hourly wage of around $20, often ranging between $16 and $24.

2 Types of Professional Captioners

  • Offline Closed Captioning
    This task entails playing a pre-recorded video file, which could range from a recorded lecture to a movie or TV show. Experience with transcription is necessary for these typing assignments.
  • Real-Time Captioner
    This captioner assists the deaf community by providing typed interpretations. They type in real-time during live events, necessitating high accuracy and rapid typing skills, along with specialized stenography equipment.

Who hires remote captioners?

9. Translation

To work as a translator, you’ll need to know at least two languages so you can convert content between them.

In certain fields like science or law, certification is also necessary.

The content you translate might include:

  • School records
  • Blog posts
  • Marriage certificates
  • Legal documents
  • Financial reports

You can make around $24 per hour on average through translation work, but the amount might vary based on the project’s size and your expertise in the field.

To be a successful translator, you need to skillfully convey ideas and subtleties from one language to another. Strong understanding and writing abilities are essential.

3 Types of Professional Translators

  • Literary Translator
    This task involves translating literary pieces like poems, essays, or books, often done from home due to their demanding and focused nature.
  • Technical Translators
    Engage in tasks involving legal, scientific, or technological content, like user manuals, often requiring certification from bodies such as the American Translators Association.
  • Advertising Translation
    This task entails converting a marketing message from one country to another, which requires understanding not only the language but also the cultural nuances.

Where can I find remote translation jobs?

10. Editor

As an editor, your role would involve reviewing your clients’ content and enhancing its flow and readability. You’ll be working with materials such as:

  • Blog posts
  • News articles
  • Recipes
  • Even a whole book

Editors improve the readability of content, and if the text lacks coherence, they might need to completely rephrase sections to enhance the narrative’s structure. Many editors find it preferable to work from home, avoiding distractions.

Given the necessity for excellent writing and grammar abilities, the typical compensation for editors is $25 per hour, with a maximum potential annual income of $95,000.

Due to frequent tight deadlines, editors must also possess fast and precise typing skills.

Where can I find a job as an editor?

11. Copywriter

A copywriter generates content that prompts the reader to take action, which could involve purchasing a product or registering for an account.

Copywriters are often hired to create or improve:

  • Ad copy
  • Sales pages
  • Email sequences
  • Landing pages

According to ZipRecruiter, copywriters make around $28 per hour on average. If you possess SEO skills or advertising experience, there’s a higher chance of earning even more in this field.

Where can I find remote work as a copywriter?

12. Proofreader

What distinguishes a proofreader from an editor?

A proofreader reviews surface errors like grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
An editor aims to enhance writing quality by improving flow and readability.
Proofreaders often assess dissertations, reports, and academic papers, or assist individuals seeking resume help.

Online proofreaders make approximately $26 per hour, with potential earnings varying based on your level of experience.

If you’re interested in online proofreading jobs, having a degree in the relevant field might be necessary.

Where can I find remote work as a proofreader?

13. Ghostwriting

As a ghostwriter, the writing you produce isn’t attributed to you. You generate the content, but it’s typically published under your client’s name instead.

You’d be writing such things as:

  • Books (or eBooks)
  • Speeches
  • Blog posts
  • Articles for companies

This remote job can be quite profitable, especially if you’re not getting the recognition you deserve for your work.

On average, ghostwriters earn about $31 per hour, as reported by ZipRecruiter. But if you possess substantial experience and work with renowned clients, your earnings could be even higher.

For ghostwriters, demonstrating their ghostwriting ability can be challenging when they lack proper credit for their content. It’s advisable for them to maintain a website showcasing additional writing samples to provide proof of their skills.

Where can you find remote work as a ghostwriter?

14. Scopists

A scopist is responsible for transcribing final trial, deposition, and other proceeding transcripts, originally typed on a steno machine by a court reporter.

In the role of a scopist, your task involves filling in missing words, rectifying misspellings, and adding appropriate punctuation to the document. Thus, a strong grasp of the language you are working in is imperative.

Typically, a scopist can earn an average of $28 per hour for their typing services.

For this remote position, prior experience as a court reporter is beneficial. While a formal degree is not a prerequisite, undergoing some training can enhance your prospects of securing this job.

Given the potential exposure to challenging and distressing cases, this career might not be suitable if you possess a highly empathetic or sensitive nature. Although remote work is possible, it demands reliable Internet connectivity and specialized software like CATalyst.

Where can you find work as a scopist?

  • Scopists.com
  • By connecting with court reporters directly


If you’re looking to earn a legitimate income from the comfort of your home through typing online jobs, there are indeed opportunities available. However, it’s crucial to approach this endeavor with a discerning eye and a healthy dose of caution. Research thoroughly, verify the authenticity of the platforms or employers you engage with, and never hesitate to ask questions or seek reviews from others who have had similar experiences. Remember, building a sustainable online income takes time and effort, and while earning $20+ per hour is attainable, it might not happen overnight. Stay determined, stay informed, and with the right approach, you can find online jobs that align with your skills and financial goals.