Remote Side Gigs: Legit Works to Make Money

Remote Side Gigs

In today’s dynamic work landscape, online side hustles are gaining popularity as a means to earn extra income or pursue personal interests. With the prevalence of remote work tools, various contract and freelance opportunities can be explored from the comfort of home. This article introduces some in-demand side hustles that can serve as your gateway to real money-making possibilities!

Remote Side Gigs to Earn Money

1. Data Entry Clerk

Job Responsibility: Data entry clerks play a crucial role in updating computer databases with customer and account information, organizing source data, and ensuring accuracy.
Average Salary: $18.16 per hour
Websites To Find Work:,,

2. Customer Support Representative

Job Responsibility: Customer support representatives play a pivotal role in aiding customers encountering issues with products or services. Their responsibilities include troubleshooting, providing guidance, assisting with software and equipment installations, and meticulously documenting each customer interaction.
Average Salary: $17.76 per hour
Websites To Find Work:,,,

3. Artist

Job Responsibility: For artists, the primary task revolves around creating compelling, unique, or functional pieces, whether for advertisement, product packaging, sale, exhibition, or personal enjoyment.
Average Salary: $19.74 per hour
Websites To Find Work:,, or

4. Digital creative

Job Responsibility: Creatively skilled individuals can generate income by either attracting clients for business asset projects or independently monetizing their digital designs through platforms like YouTube or print-on-demand businesses.
Average Salary: Between $46.30 to $67.70 per hour
Websites To Find Work:,,

5. Health Coach

Job Responsibility: Health coaches offer individualized fitness advice, creating programs that help clients improve their overall well-being by addressing and modifying their dietary and lifestyle habits to meet specific health goals.
Average Salary: $18.64 per hour
Websites To Find Work:,,

6. Transcriptionist

Job Responsibility: A transcriptionist listens to audio or video recordings and converts them into written form, often employed in fields like medicine or law. Their responsibilities include ensuring accuracy, maintaining confidentiality, and staying in communication with supervisors or clients to meet project deadlines.
Job Requirements: Basic equipment like a transcription foot pedal, headphones, and software, along with a computer and internet connection, is necessary.
Average Salary: $19.65 per hour
Websites To Find Work:,,,, or

7. Brand Ambassador

Job Responsibility: A brand ambassador serves as the face of a brand or organization, actively promoting new product launches to increase awareness and drive sales. Through engagement on social media, responding to customer queries, and cultivating a positive brand image, they play a crucial role in brand representation.
Average Salary: $19.93 per hour
Websites To Find Work:,,

8. Social Media Manager

Job Responsibility: Social media managers are responsible for supervising a company’s social media platforms. Their role involves monitoring various social media channels, engaging with comments, and crafting a robust social media marketing strategy. The primary goal of social media managers is to enhance brand awareness and contribute to maintaining a cohesive brand identity.
Average Salary: $56799
Websites To Find Work:,

9. Renting Your Belongings Online

Job Responsibility: Whether it’s automobiles, spare rooms, sporting gear, swimming pools, pickleball courts, campers, RVs, or tools, almost anything can be rented for a profit nowadays.
Average Salary: This can fluctuate depending on factors such as the type of item being rented, the duration of the rental term, and the total quantity of items being rented.
Websites To Find Work:,

10. SEO Specialist

Job Responsibility: Undertake a diverse range of strategies, including keyword research, establishing backlinks, generating high-quality content, optimizing website loading speed, measuring outcomes, and more.
Average Salary: $32.40 per hour
Websites To Find Work:,,,

11.  Driver

Job Responsibility: Exploring a driving side hustle can be a lucrative option if you’re open to leaving the house! Various opportunities involve delivering groceries, alcohol, pet supplies, people, and restaurant takeout.
Job Requirements: Requirements for these roles typically include passing a criminal background check, maintaining a clean driving record, possessing a valid driver’s license, and providing proof of automobile insurance.
Average Salary: $18.39 per hour
Websites To Find Work:,,,

12. Market Researcher

Job Responsibility: Through surveys and other research methods, they provide valuable insights that enable marketing teams and business owners to make informed decisions.
Average Salary: $16.83 per hour
Websites To Find Work:,

13. Website Tester

Job Responsibility: Through a combination of manual and automated testing, they identify and document bugs and errors, focusing on aspects like functionality, design, and usability. Their crucial role involves providing comprehensive reports to the development team, who then use this information to make necessary corrections and enhancements for improved website or web application performance.
Job Requirement: Laptop with a built-in camera
Average Salary: Between $47.60 & $56.97 per hour
Websites To Find Work:,,

14. Taking Online Surveys

Job Responsibility: You just need to answer questions concerning your preferences and habits.
Job Requirement: Computer, internet connection, and an email address.
Average Salary: $31.06 per hour
Websites To Find Work:,,,

15. Content Writer

Job Responsibility: Many businesses prefer freelancers for tasks like crafting marketing content, social media copy, SEO articles, and more.
Average Salary: $20.40 per hour
Websites To Find Work:,,,

16. Graphic Designer

Job Responsibility: Graphic designers utilize computer software to create visually appealing designs that complement a client’s brand, producing digital materials such as advertisements, banners, menus, and invitations.
Job Requirement: Proficiency in graphic design is crucial for this side hustle.
Average Salary: $21.61 per hour
Websites To Find Work:,,,,

17. Bookkeeper

Job Responsibility: Bookkeepers are tasked with a range of responsibilities, primarily involving the accurate processing and recording of diverse transactions into a company’s ledger accounts. Bookkeepers also play a role in managing a company’s cash flow statements, processing financial reports, and ensuring the reconciliation of accounts.
Average Salary: $21 per hour
Websites To Find Work:,,

18. Pet Sitter

Job Responsibility: Pet sitters provide essential care for pets in the absence of their owners, offering services such as staying in owners’ homes, hosting pets in their residences, or making regular visits. Their responsibilities encompass ensuring pets receive proper nourishment, medication, and companionship.
Average Salary: $15.43 per hour
Websites To Find Work:,,,

19. Online Stylist

Job Responsibility: In this role, you’ll be tasked with curating clothing selections for individuals who may be too busy to shop for themselves.
Job Requirement: These positions value excellent customer service skills and a genuine love for style and trends.
Average Salary: $17.26 per hour
Websites To Find Work:,,,

20.  Content Creator

Job Responsibility: Creating content on popular social media platforms and earning through sponsorships, advertising, affiliate marketing, and product sales.
Average Salary: Between $18 to $47
Websites To Find Work:,,,,

21. Recruiting Coordinator

Job Responsibility: Recruiting coordinators play a crucial role in a company’s hiring process by developing and executing the hiring strategy. They initiate candidate searches by crafting compelling job descriptions and posting them on social media and job search platforms. Additionally, recruiting coordinators are responsible for screening and interviewing candidates to identify the most qualified individuals.
Average Salary: $33 per hour
Websites To Find Work:,

22. Mock Juror

Job Responsibility: Mock jurors play a significant role in influencing legal cases and offering valuable insights to research companies.
Average Salary: Between $20 to $150 per case
Websites To Find Work:,,,,,

23. Social Media Manager

Job Responsibility: A Social Media Manager serves as the representative voice for a company on various social channels. Their responsibilities include responding to comments, crafting content, and actively seeking opportunities to enhance the brand’s visibility and exposure.
Average Salary: $54
Websites To Find Work:,,,

24. Search Engine Evaluator

Job Responsibility: A search engine evaluator helps Google refine their search results to provide users with the best content.
Job Requirements: Candidates should be tech-savvy, well-informed about current events, and detail-oriented.
Average Salary: $24.46 per hour
Websites To Find Work:,,

25. Human Resources Coordinator

Job Responsibility: Human Resources Coordinators, undertake diverse administrative responsibilities, encompassing tasks such as payroll and benefits management. Their overarching role involves providing support to the human resources department and directly assisting employees in adhering to company policies.
Average Salary: $21.23
Websites To Find Work:,

26. Virtual Assistant

Job Responsibility: Virtual assistants play a crucial role in handling diverse administrative tasks for small businesses, utilizing their technical and communication skills. From managing calls and emails to scheduling meetings and travel arrangements, they offer flexibility in part-time or full-time roles.
Average Salary: $24.77 per hour
Websites To Find Work:,,,,

27. Become a Mystery Shopper

Job Responsibility: Your assignments will involve making phone calls to companies, posing questions, or visiting establishments in person to provide detailed reviews.
Average Salary: $16 per hour
Websites To Find Work:,

28. Medical coding specialist

Job Responsibility: Medical coding specialists play a crucial role by overseeing audits and coding reviews to guarantee the precision of data. Their primary responsibility involves converting patient information into standardized codes, which are subsequently utilized for databases and insurance claims.
Average Salary: $22.65 per hour
Websites To Find Work:,,,,

29. Sell T-shirts Online

Job Responsibility: Here your responsibility is creating unique t-shirt designs and selling them online.
Average Salary: The monthly income from selling T-shirts on Etsy typically ranges between $100 and $1,000.
Websites To Find Work:,,

30. Sell Photographs

Job Responsibility: You can click photos or create vector images and earn money online by selling them on stock image sites.
Average Salary: $0.2 per image per month
Websites To Find Work:,,

31. Proofreader

Job Responsibility: Proofreaders play a crucial role in reviewing written content for spelling and grammar errors, as well as fact-checking and ensuring compliance with specific client guidelines. Their responsibilities may include making corrections or suggesting edits based on their findings.
Average Salary: $22.25 per hour
Websites To Find Work:,,

32. Closed Captioner

Job Responsibility: Closed captioning work involves the process of watching videos, TV shows, or movies and transcribing the audio into subtitles for the hearing impaired. Job Requirement: The role requires fast and accurate typing skills and a proficient command of the language being captioned.
Average Salary: $35 per hour
Websites To Find Work:,,,

33. Test Scorer

Job Responsibility: While computers can handle grading for many tests, tasks like evaluating written essays still require a human touch. Your responsibilities entail evaluating assessment tests, exams, and various tests remotely or from an office setting. This involves carefully reviewing the responses of online exam takers and utilizing scoring rubrics to assign scores or grades based on established criteria.
Average Salary: $14.56 per hour
Websites To Find Work:,,,

34. Tutor

Job Responsibility: Tutors play a crucial role in supporting students with their academic endeavors. They aid in exam preparation, offer alternative perspectives to enhance understanding of homework assignments, and provide encouragement. Tutors actively work to help students grasp challenging concepts or subject matter more effectively, contributing to their overall academic success.
Average Salary: $23
Websites To Find Work:,,,

35. Focus Group Participant

Job Responsibility: You have to share your opinions on various subjects such as products, services, music, and commercials.
Average Salary: $125 daily
Websites To Find Work:, Focus Group by Schlesinger,

36. Audiobook narrator

Job Responsibility: An Audiobook Narrator records spoken versions of books using a recording device for widespread dissemination.
Job Requirement: Specific recording equipment and a noise-free, echo-proof space
Average Salary: Up to $600 per hour
Websites To Find Work:, or

37. Translator

Job Responsibility: Review the original content and rephrase it in the target language while preserving the intended meaning of the source text.
Average Salary: $22.58 per hour
Websites To Find Work:,,

38. Traveler Host

Job Responsibility: Utilize your vacant private space—be it a room, guest house, or entire property—by renting it out to travelers. Ensure your comfort with hosting guests, commit to maintaining cleanliness between stays, and be readily available for any urgent needs, like addressing issues such as a clogged sink.
Average Salary: $15.24 per  hour
Websites To Find Work:,

39. Editor

Job Responsibility: Freelance editors play a vital role in reviewing and refining written content for clients, addressing aspects such as accuracy, grammar, and readability. This often involves collaboration with a team of writers and managers.
Job Requirements: You need to have a strong command of English and should excel at spotting errors.
Average Salary: $49 per hour
Websites To Find Work:,,,,

40. Hosting online workshops or classes

Job Responsibility: If you possess a skill that others may find valuable, such as being a fitness instructor, you can host live online classes or workshops and monetize them.
Average Salary: $25 per hour
Websites To Find Work:,,

41. Computer Programmer

Job Responsibility: Computer programmers develop, code, and test a diverse range of software and mobile applications. Their responsibilities extend to creating computer applications, addressing coding errors, and collaborating with various company departments, including marketing and design, to ensure cohesive and effective software development.
Average Salary: $32
Websites To Find Work:,,

42. Dropshipping

Job Responsibility: In dropshipping, the retailer sells products that are stored and fulfilled by a third party. The retailer manages customer-facing communications, product selection, and marketing, while another company takes care of inventory and fulfillment aspects. This approach allows businesses to focus on promotion and customer engagement without the need to handle physical inventory.
Average Salary: $18.89 per hour
Websites To Find Work:,,


Exploring legitimate side hustles, offers a valuable avenue for supplementing income, regardless of one’s primary employment status. The variety of options available caters to diverse skills and preferences. However, exercising caution and thorough research is essential to avoid potential scams. By aligning your passions, skills, and time constraints, you can choose a side job that not only complements your interests but also integrates well into your schedule.