What Feet Pics Sell Best? Tricks & Pose Guide for Success

What Feet Pics Sell Best

Feet pictures are highly sought after by marketing agencies and digital marketers. If you have healthy and beautiful feet, then you can make some easy money by turning into a foot model. All you need is to create an attractive portfolio of your happy feet. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to have angelic feet features. Rather you need to be an expert at taking feet pictures so that it carries a natural look. Websites like Tumblr, Shutterstock, Instagram, FeetFinder, and Instafeet can help you make money by selling the feet pictures even if you are an amateur photographer.

However, capturing good feet pictures can be a tricky affair. You need to bring various elements into consideration such as angle, lighting, and background. It is also preferable to have a good eye for details and basic technical know-how in using photography equipment. So, whether you are trying to flaunt your latest pedicure or make a living from selling feet pics, possessing expertise in taking good feet pictures can turn out to be extremely lucrative. Though professional photographers are your best shot at taking pictures, you can also succeed in this field by making note of a few basic pointers.

Getting the best poses

It is essential to know how to try out different positions while snapping feet pictures. You can make a massive difference in the photographs by experimenting with different angles. For capturing the perfect frames of your feet, you will mostly have to get down on the ground and try out varying perspectives and heights like shooting a birds-eye view or from below. Being creative with photography can also yield excellent results. You can choose between different sexy feet poses and movements like kicking, jumping, or pointing your toes in different directions. Doing this will help capture some dynamic and interesting shots which are different from standard foot photography. To make things easier, we have collated a list of the best feet picture poses you can try out:

  • Flaunt the lovely arch of your feet with the bottom of your feet facing the camera. This will put your feet under the spotlight.
  • Take an aerial picture of your feet to showcase your fresh pedicure while adding a dash of glitz to the frames.
  • Lay down with your feet up and show off its exquisite attractiveness while radiating a laid-back vibe. To make your legs look more alluring point your toes or cross your leg. While a solid-color background is the most fail-safe option, you can also use marble tiles as the backdrop for your pics.
  • Take a close-up of the top of your feet and show off your cute nail polish and foot tattoos.
  • Showcase your footwear to perfection by clicking a sideways picture of foot arches.
  • Take a snap in the bathroom by filling up your tub with dried flowers in vibrant hues. The pictures will have to be taken by pointing your camera downwards so that both your bath and feet can fit in the same frame. Alternatively, you can click sideways pictures to only capture your feet.
  • For making your feet pictures more appealing, you can experiment with temporary tattoos. These can work wonders in emphasizing your curves whether you lift your feet in the air, keep one foot straight and the other arched or take a close-up.
  • To get the best results, you can take photographs under different light conditions. You are bound to be surprised by the results according to the time of the day. While natural-looking textures are perfect for morning clicks, evening photos call for capturing warm tones to render a soft look to your images.
  • Stand on your toes and capture the viewer’s attention by wrapping a string of fairy lights around your feet. For best results, it is advisable to click the images next to a solid-color background so that the viewer’s attention isn’t distracted from the main object.
  • Capture creative chaos by splashing some paint on your feet and standing with your heel up. To enhance the colors in photos, you can either adjust the contrast level or make them brighter.
  • Take a foot selfie by pointing your camera downwards and paying close attention to the background and shoes. Such cute feet pics also look flattering when taken without shoes in a beach setup or by the ocean shore.
  • There is something about black-and-white photography that never fails to captivate our senses. If clicked in the right way, these photos can look more eye-catching than their colored peers. There is no need to focus on excessive details as you can experiment with shapes and lines instead.
  • You can use jewelry pieces for being placed somewhere in the frame or adorn your models’ feet. Wedding rings are a popular choice for decorating your newborn baby’s feet so that you can get a memorable click for your family album.
  • Turn the pictures into a mini story by creating a composition around your feet. A popular choice is to add action figures around the frames to showcase how they are caring for your nails.
  • If you run out of poses, then you can ask the model to dance as you take multiple shots in a loop. Ask the dancer to perform the steps slowly and freeze in your preferred position for a few seconds so that you can take the shot.
  • Another unusual angle is taking a feet photo by pointing your camera upwards. Ideally, you should ask the model to stand on higher ground or a bridge and shoot from below.
  • Photos clicked with feet submerged in the water is another great idea for a photoshoot. An area near a swimming pool or any other water body is the perfect setting for taking such pics. Before pressing the shutter take the lighting into account so that you can capture the sun’s glare on the water.
  • Creating a holiday atmosphere becomes easy by using different backgrounds or accessories so that you can capture the perfect feet photo. You can either pose in front of the Christmas tree or use Christmas props like bells or ribbons next to your foot.

Click the best-selling feet pictures

Close-ups are the best choice of feet pictures as they provide an opportunity of showing your unique features like tattoos, pedicured nails, and more while offering a better view of the feet. You can easily lure in potential buyers by focusing more on the composition and aesthetics of the photo. Natural shots, on the other hand, rank higher in terms of popularity as there is a bigger market for candid pictures rather than for well-rehearsed ones. To make the most of the natural shots, try to keep them unscripted and real without sacrificing an attractive composition. For the natural shots, you can click anything from playing beach volleyball to walking around town or simply flaunting your painted toes.

Types of feet photos that you can sell include:

  • Tattoos
  • Soles
  • Sandals
  • Barefoot on the beach
  • High heels
  • Fancy pedicures
  • Feet Selfies
  • Foot soles
  • Ankle
  • Toes spread

Get hold of the right equipment

Primarily, you need to invest in premium-grade equipment and tools such as props, cameras, and lighting which will render accurate color representation, great depth of field, and optimum detailing. You should research various lighting techniques, camera settings, and props to capture the best shot.

The quality of your feet pics is determined to a great extent by the camera and lens you use. DSLR cameras having a wide-angle lens is perfect for this type of photography as you can capture the subject better in this way. If you have budget flexibility, then you should invest in a high-grade camera and lens. Alternatively, you can get the work done with your phone camera. A large number of content creators use their phone cameras to take their shots.

Lighting is another important consideration while clicking pictures and feet pics also conform to this general rule. Though natural light is best as it renders a soft and even look to the photos, indoor shooting calls for investing in lighting equipment like fluorescent or LED lights which are specially designed for photography. These gadgets spread out light evenly sans the color casts or harsh shadows from ambient lighting sources. If you insist on keeping things natural, then look for areas with plenty of natural light such as next to a large window and a lot of shade to help avoid too much contrast in your pictures. Generally, late afternoon and early morning light are best as it casts a flattering and soft glow.

Content creators often use ring lights for taking quality videos and pictures. This can serve as a game changer and elevate your feet pictures to the next level. A ring light is a round halo-shaped light encircling the camera lens to deliver optimum video brightness and lighting. Your closeup shots will look more professional and polished with ring light as shadows won’t get to play spoilsport. If you don’t have access to other lighting stands, then the ring light can serve as an excellent makeshift fill light.

For using a ring light, you will have to attach it to your camera mount or tripod before switching it on and adjusting the brightness level till your desired level for the shot is reached. It’s not rare for content creators to get ring lights featuring adjustable LED brightness settings. You just need to make sure that there aren’t any reflective surfaces such as mirrors around as they tend to cause unwanted glare in your clicks.

If you want to keep your clicks buffered from motion blur and similar imperfections caused by movement and shaky hands, then having a tripod handy is essential. A tripod will make every shot look crisper and more professional even if your subject is moving around while posing.

Take care of your feet

For getting the best frames, you need to have your feet photo ready. Since the focus will be on your feet, you should care for them properly. Below we have listed some tips for caring for your feet:

  • One of the best ways to make your feet look best before clicking pictures is to get a good feet scrub. You can start by soaking your feet for about 10 minutes in warm water till they soften up. Next, you can remove any calluses or rough patches by using a foot file or pumice stone. For more extensive treatment, you can get an at-home foot spa by applying different foot masks and hydrating lotions.
  • After the scrubbing treatment, it’s time to moisturize your feet by lathering some rich moisturizer so that your skin stays soft and supple. If you can afford it, then you should invest in some superior foot cream containing coconut oil or shea butter as the main ingredients as they help replenish the lost moisture effectively. Put on a pair of socks after applying moisturizer and before getting into bed. As the moisturizer soaks in overnight, you will wake up to hydrated and baby-soft feet.
  • For taking nice pictures of your feet, it’s essential to have healthy nails. Trim your nails regularly as extremely long nails don’t look good in photos. You can avoid ingrown nails and other foot problems by trimming and filing your nails. On properly trimming your nails, you can apply a few coats of nail polish or get nail art done as desired. But make sure there aren’t any cracks or chips before clicking the pictures.
  • The sun can have damaging effects on your skin. Every time you step outside for an extended period of stay, make sure to apply some sunscreen lotion with SPF 50 or more. The sunscreen should be applied for at least 10 minutes before stepping out in the sun.
  • If you have dead skin patches or open pores on your feet, then a warm paraffin treatment can work like magic. It functions by shrinking your pores while softening your skin and feet sole. Hot wax fosters better blood circulation to render a natural glow to your feet. It’s advisable to get a hot wax treatment once a month.

Getting the perfect setting

Choosing the right setting can make your pictures look more put together and polished. Though finding the penultimate spot can be a tough task, you can follow these tips to make your pictures look world-class:

  • Opt for a background that is simple and uncluttered. Busy backgrounds are infamous for snatching away the limelight in your pictures from your feet. You can choose between urban and natural settings for the photographs. While urban settings like alleys and streets can render an interesting dynamic to your photos, natural ones like beaches or parks offer a beautiful landscape to shoot your feet picture. Some settings can be beautiful yet distracting. If you are shooting in a busy city street, then you need to consider the surrounding people and buildings so that they don’t end up in your photos.
  • Simple props can make your feet take center stage in the photographs. Though it’s a fun thing to do, you should make sure that the focus doesn’t shift from your feet along the way. Ideally, the props should enhance the image rather than cause a distraction. You can wear sandals with unique straps or add a scarf around your ankles to add interest to the frame. For best results, your chosen props should sync well with the surrounding settings. If you are planning on using flowers in the photos, then it’s best to shoot either in a park or garden. You can choose among the following ideas for posing with props:
    • Flowers can impart a touch of elegance to your feet pictures. You can pose either with a single flower or a bouquet.
    • For adding a whimsical touch to your photos, you can use feathers. The final result is bound to take your breath away with its ethereal and dreamy vibe.
    • Imbibe a rustic and natural feel to your photographs by using leaves as props. You can choose between fresh or dry leaves according to the theme of your photo.
    • Last but not least, rocks can add some interest and texture to your photos. Try to get the pebbles in different shades and tones as your main prop in natural settings like lakes or river banks.

Properly edit your feet pictures

Often feet pictures need to be airbrushed for looking their best. You can adjust their level of contrast and brightness to bring out the real color while creating more depth in the image. For adding more dazzle to the pictures, you can use the highlights or exposure slider whereas, for more definition, you need to adjust the shadows and mid-tones using the contrast slider. Tweaking the saturation levels can add a dash of vivacity to your images with bolder hues.

We all want our photos to be perfect. Nonetheless, there might be elements like background distractions and blemishes that we don’t like. You can seek the help of a retouching tool in such cases to minimize or remove all flaws without making it look unnatural. To fix skin imperfections quickly and easily, a healing brush or clone stamping tools can come to your rescue.

Filters can make the images look more polished. You can opt for a filter that either enhance the hues of the photographs or makes them look vintage. Blur effects help impart the right degree of depth and atmosphere to any image. You can draw attention from distractions and put your precious feet in focus by applying a subtle blur effect to the background. Alternatively, the blur effect can be used on the edges of the image for a softer look. However, you shouldn’t go overboard with it as the picture won’t have enough detail in such cases.


The best part of clicking feet photographs is earning some sweet cash in exchange for them. Once your portfolio is ready, you can start selling the pictures online. You can also create a photo album on Facebook, a website, or an online store. You just need to be consistent with your upload schedule to keep attracting new customers. Though taking foot pictures is not like any other job, it can pay your rent if you are focused on your work. Just, be confident and have a gala time with the photoshoots.