Sell Dirty Underwear: Weird Way to Make Money Online

Sell Dirty Underwear: Weird Way to Make Money Online

Selling dirty underwear is new side hustle to earn extra money using your body. Let’s explore the benefits of this business, how to sell dirty underwear, and the best websites that help you sell dirty money with valuable tips.

The internet is filled with people having weird fetishes like used underwear. If you don’t mind enduring the same panty for more than what is considered “hygienic”, then you can sell it in exchange for a handsome amount. Used panties have garnered a solid fan following among takers from different fields of life. Whether you are working at the office or lounging at home, you can buy and sell them while keeping your identity under wraps.

21-year-young Lady Kitten has been working for six months with a website called Sofia Grey where she has already raked up $4000 in her half-year stint. She got the idea of this erotic business after watching the popular Netflix series Orange Is the New Black, where the protagonist Piper Chapman sets up a business by selling panties worn by inmates for profit. Over the tenure of her gig, Lady Kitten met a buyer who offered her $5000 for selling a pair of panties worn over three weeks with no washing. Though she felt disgusted wearing the same panty for such a prolonged stretch, the money was too good to say no.

Reddit user KatanaDreams buys fresh underwear for $1-$5 per piece and sells them for $30 after wearing them for 24 hours. She also offers add-ons at premium rates like an additional $7 for an extra 24 hours, $65 for sexting for an hour once the underwear reaches the buyer, $2 for adding some saliva, and $5 for sending three more pictures. She packs the panties in plastic bags to retain maximum “freshness.” Though the shipping costs and plastic bags take away a chunk of her profit, the venture is still profitable for the Chinese girl coming from a conservative family. KatanaDreams has already created a niche market for herself selling thongs and cheekies. She even personalizes each piece with a handmade piece of origami.

If you are going to wear underwear, then why not make some money off it? On average, a used pantie can earn you $35 to $40. If you deal with custom orders, a single pantie can get you $70+. If you are planning on selling used panties as a side hustle, then we will show you how with website recommendations and tips for churning out big profits.

How to Sell Dirty panties

  • The first step is to take some pictures wearing the panties you are trying to sell. You can even take an erotic snap or shoot a 30-second video wearing the panties and shaking your booty in them.
  • The next step is to entice your fans by teleporting them to the fantasy land. You should market your panties in such a manner that the buyers feel that they will be able to own a piece of cloth that has caressed the most intimate spots of your body and they will get to catch a sniff of your beautiful womanly aroma from them.
  • Once the photos, videos, and alluring descriptions are ready, it’s time to upload the content on different portals to let the world know that they are for sale. You will also have to list their price in this step.
  • You can charge extra for add-ons like the following:
    • Farting in panties for guys with a quirky farting fetish
    • C*mming in them
    • Filming a teasing video wearing them
    • Wearing them for an extra day
    • M*sturbating in them

Shipping Tips

It is important to offer great packaging if you are sending panties via mail. Guys like it when the used panties are sent in a zip-lock bag carrying the model’s scent. You need to be especially cautious about never putting your real name or address on the packaging as that will hamper your anonymity. Though most buyers are decent, it’s not uncommon to come across stalkerish and creepy guys who might try to reach you at your address.

Tips for preserving your natural scent for shipping

Buyers will usually specify the number of days you need to wear the underwear before shipping it. You can try the following tips for preserving the scent of your underwear:

  • Wear your underwear in hot weather for your scent to soak in.
  • Get some bodily juices on your panties for that strong scent.
  • Ship the panties in a Ziplock bag and seal it using tape.

How to earn a profit from selling used underwear?

  • Create a rapport with your potential clients by discussing common interests so that you can connect on an emotional level.
  • Pick up skills of talking like a stripper or cam girl. In this way, you can keep your clients happy and get the right price for your panties.
  • You can sell more products by engaging more people. But your aim should be to keep the conversations short and strive to make the sale.
  • You need to present a visually appealing picture of your stuff before putting them up for sale online. For doing this you can upload a few photos or videos wearing the panties.
  • It is required to be detailed in listing the product descriptions such as its brand name and whether they are torn or slightly used.
  • Many money transfer services charge a percentage of the proceeds when it comes to adult-related businesses. You should stick to payment modes like Verotel, Bitcoin, Payoneer, Amazon Gift cards, Paxum, Bitpay, etc.

Best Places To Sell Your Used Underwear For Cash

Sofia Gray

Sell panties and other “naughty content” like pictures, sexts, and videos on Sofia Gray. On average, an active seller can sell around 8 items per month and earn between $30-50 for each pantie. You need to pay a 4-month shop set-up fee of $14.97 following which you can keep all your earnings. S*xual content-friendly payment modes like Payoneer, Bitcoin, Verotel, Amazon Gift Cards, and Paxum are advised for cashing out from Sofia Gray.


This exclusive website is meant for selling dirty and used panties alongside lingerie, stockings, and lace pants. Using this platform is free for both buyers and sellers. The payment system can be decided independently by both parties after they negotiate the prices. Sellers can keep the full amount without having to pay for cuts and commissions.

Snifffr is an exclusive site for both panty buyers and sellers. You need to sign up for a free following which you can create an anonymous profile and own a private online store to sell private content. Private chat support helps sellers contact buyers and decide on the payment system. You need to have a premium membership costing between $5.95 – $9 per month for getting 100% of the buyer’s payment.

Naughty Connection

This newest entrant in the used panty-selling spectrum charges a 15% fee on all sales. Though buyers can join for free, sellers require a premium membership for making sales.

Worn Desires

You can sell used underwear and other items like used masks, lollipops, and feet pics on this website which is run by a former panty seller. You can sign up for free but need to pay a commission of 15% on your sales.

Sexy Delights

Sellers need to pay a membership fee for joining this UK-based site and selling different items like used panties.

Chat with potential buyers and sell your used panties at this website meant exclusively for women. Buyers can even vote for their favorite seller through regular contests and the winner takes home some money. You need to pay $14.99 monthly to go premium and send messages to buyers.

Scented Pansy

If you want to get creative, you can list different products like used maxi pads, gummy bears soaked in pee, and used panties in this portal. Both sellers and buyers need to pay $8.50 monthly to enjoy lovely perks.


This fashion marketplace was launched in 2011 as a social network and currently offers different categories of products. You can sell your underwear with tags like “lightly used”, “pre-owned” and “signs of wear.” Sellers are charged 10% of the selling price by the platform and an extra fee of 8% is charged to boost sales.

You can sell used shoes, underwear, clothing, and hosiery in this free marketplace. Sellers can also combine other items like photos and used accessories alongside the main items. You can sign up for free but have to pay $14.99 to access full seller features like contacting potential buyers directly, listing unlimited items, conducting polls, etc. You can keep the entire sale proceeds by exchanging 10 KinkCoins (the payment mode) for $1.

General websites To Sell Your Used Underwear For Cash

  • Craigslist – This website has already gained a reputation for selling anything that’s of value. Both buyers and sellers can negotiate payment terms. However, you will have to pay a fee of $5 or more per posting according to the category of your product.
  • eBay – eBay prohibits the sale of any type of used underwear other than bras. You can’t include images or languages that fetishize an item and as we all know you need to fetishize a little for selling dirty underwear.
  • Etsy – You can expect to get around $10-$25 by selling used panties on Etsy. Sellers need to pay $0.20 for each listing and list items on a personal shop which can be promoted through social media.
  • Poshmark – Sell panties for a profit in this leading marketplace for second-hand and used products. Ladies used underwear can fetch between $20 to $50 with the highest prices offered for Prima Valentina and Victoria’s Secret panties. Poshmark prohibits the sale of used underwear for health and hygiene reasons. You can circumvent this rule by listing your underwear under the “Special” category or keeping the brand tag intact.
  • OnlyFans – You can sell s*xual content on this adult industry website which charges a commission of 20% on all sales. Used panties can get you $50 including shipping and packaging charges.

Pros of selling used panties

  • Can help you make money either passively or full-time.
  • You can remain anonymous throughout the entire deal.
  • Sellers can work on flexible schedules and terms.
  • Most of us wear panties around the clock. Thus, you can get the product ready for sale by basically not doing anything extra.
  • Buyers might present requests which may seem too much for you to oblige. You can simply say no without any hesitation.
  • This can be done alongside your existing jobs.
  • You don’t need to make any investments and can start selling the underwear you already own.

Cons of selling used panties

  • There is a maximum ceiling on the number of sales you can make as you can’t wear two underwear at the same time.
  • Sales aren’t consistent and you might face difficulties in covering your monthly expenses if you solely depend on it.
  • Competition is fierce in this field and it can become difficult for you to stand out if you can’t create a twist.
  • Buyers offer higher rates for underwear that are worn over prolonged stretches. However, this might cause discomfort and turn out to be a hygiene issue in the long run.
  • If you are married or in a relationship, then this might affect your partner’s emotions.


Is it legal to sell used panties?

Yes, you can legally sell used panties in countries like Australia, the US, Canada, and the UK.

Are there health risks associated with used panties?

Wearing a panty continuously makes you vulnerable to bacterial vaginosis and yeast infection. If you are planning on getting a high price by selling your panty after wearing it for weeks, then you need to beware that there might be bacterial growth in your vagina.

Can I use scented sprays to fake the real deal?

Used panty fetish buyers are good at spotting fakes and you shouldn’t try to fake it.