Thrift Stores Shopping Benefits

You must have heard the saying that one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure. Our societal propensity towards overconsumption often causes us to cast away big portions of our wardrobe. Most modern millennials have bursting-at-the-seams garages and overpacked closets that they all wish to declutter. A thrift store can serve as nirvana for these people who wish to rid their homes of chaos be it ill-fitting shirts or a bag of sea shells that you collected from your latest trip to Malibu. Though these items are in perfectly good condition, you just don’t need them anymore which is why donating them or holding garage sakes serve as lucrative propositions to minimize the excess in your life. Read on to know about the different benefits of shopping from a thrift store and a guide to grab the best offers:

18 Benefits of Shopping at Thrift Stores for Buyers

  1. A thrift store offers a rich collection of designer products at a fraction of its price. You just need to dig through the racks to get your hands on some of the best quality brands at steeply discounted rates.
  2. Purchasing the new summer collection from Nordstorm or Macy’s increases your chances of facing embarrassment on running into others wearing similar outfits. Thrift stores offer a more diverse assortment thus reducing your chances of ending up wearing the same outfit as your friend or co-worker.
  3. The stock offered at thrift stores usually comes from donations. As a result, their selection changes constantly and something you saw last week is bound to get replaced by new ones this week.
  4. Visiting a thrift store can help you find various pop culture mementos so that you can take a trip down memory lane.
  5. Taking children to shop from thrift stores is an excellent way of showing them that you can get good products while saving money along the way.
  6. Buying pre-loved clothes can be advantageous as they are already prewashed and preshrunk. You won’t have to worry about losing the fit of a garment by throwing it in the laundry if it fits you like a glove at the store.
  7. Different items are clearly labeled and neatly laid out at boutiques or department stores. If you get bored of shopping like this, then digging through the racks of a thrift store might feel like a personal treasure hunt. The friendly competition offered by fellow thrifters can further add to the level of excitement.
  8. Fashion changes with time and designers try mimicking these looks which you can avail of easily at a thrift store. You can mix and match garments to create statement looks.
  9. It’s not uncommon for thrift shoppers to stumble across a true treasure now and then be it an abstract painting or a sculpture whose current value might be worth a fortune.
  10. If you are planning on furnishing your home on a tight budget, then a thrift store can serve you well. When you move out of your parent’s house or just graduate from college, you might not have adequate funds to buy the basic furniture, appliances, and kitchenware. The thrift stores usually have a sizeable furniture section where you can get secondhand items at steep discounts to decorate your first home sans any financial trouble.
  11. Thrift shops are the perfect place for picking up basic materials for your DIY projects whether you are planning to re-cover your dining room chair or transform old t-shirts into tank tops.
  12. Kids quickly outgrow their clothes and if you can get an almost new pair of jeans and a shirt for your child at half the original cost, then it can surely serve as a viable proposition.
  13. If you are looking for an iconic T-shirt that was only made in the 90s or an out-of-print book, then thrift stores can be your best bet as they offer items that aren’t in production anymore.
  14. If you have friends or family who love quirky and unique products, then a thrift shop can be the perfect place to get them some astounding gifts.
  15. The best thing about thrift stores is that they have something for every generation. If your kids don’t want to go furniture shopping at IKEA and your parents aren’t very enthusiastic about being dragged to Anthropologie, then the thrift stores can serve as a match made in heaven.
  16. While some people love going to the mall, others detest the very idea given the high prices and crowds. If you aren’t very keen on shopping from a mall, then thrift stores might be the right choice for you.
  17. The thrift stores are often run with a non-profit motive in partnership with local charities. Thus, with every purchase you make, the proceeds go towards a good cause.
  18. You can easily turn thrifting into a booming business provided you have an eye for good deals. All you need to do is buy premium quality items from a consignment or thrift shop and sell them at higher rates.

6. Benefits of Shopping at Thrift Stores for the Environment

Now that you have learned about the general advantages of shopping from a thrift store, let’s take a look at how shopping from them can benefit the environment.

  1. 10 million tons of clothing gets tossed to landfills in the US every year. Given the rapid change in the fashion business, you will find retailers selling new styles almost weekly at lower rates. According to studies, 60% of the clothes made worldwide are manufactured using synthetic materials like plastic. On being discarded, they sit for years in landfills which is why it is advisable to recycle garments by shopping from thrift stores. You can reduce waste significantly by shopping from thrift stores as fewer clothes will need to be produced.
  2. Textile manufacturing requires a lot of energy ranging right from the transportation of raw materials to the disposal of unwanted items. You can prevent energy wastage by buying secondhand items at thrift stores.
  3. Every stage of clothing production requires high water consumption. Even the pair of jeans you are wearing requires 1800 gallons of water in its manufacture. Throwing away old garments will simply lead to water wastage and that’s why it is advisable to recycle them by shopping from thrift stores.
  4. Large factories all over the world are producing clothes and this is giving rise to air pollution. Though the fashion industry cannot be held solely responsible, it accounts for at least 10% of the world’s carbon emissions which can ultimately cause climate change and health issues like severe respiratory conditions.
  5. Around 90% of the cotton grown for being used in the textile industry is genetically modified and relies heavily on pesticides. About 20% of global pesticide use can be mapped against growing cotton plants. However, these chemicals tend to contaminate nearby water supplies thus causing soil acidification. The textile manufacturing process involves using caustic soda, harmful dyes, and crude-oil by-products which flow directly into lakes or rivers. Producing synthetic fibers release a greenhouse gas called nitrous oxide that is 310 times more potent than carbon dioxide. You can help decrease air and water pollution by switching to thrift shopping.
  6. Shopping for secondhand items helps local charities rather than filling the purses of multinational corporations. Thrift stores mostly hire disabled workers to run their stores which boosts the local economy by creating more jobs.

Thrift store shopping guide

Both resale shops and thrift stores are great places to browse and come across different types of fashion. This can be time-consuming and you might feel overwhelmed if you are in a hurry. However, don’t let that deter you from being an environment-conscious shopper. Read on to know about the various tips and tricks for thrift shopping especially if it’s your first time:

  • While it is advisable to ask yourself what you are looking for before going shopping, it becomes necessary while visiting a thrift store where there is an endless mix of shirts, pants, dresses, purses, shoes, and more.
  • Thrifting is a time-taking ordeal as you have to scan through the store minutely to get your hands on the best deals. If you are searching for a specific piece of clothing, then you need to invest more time and even drive to other resale shops.
  • While we mostly associate thrift stores with clothing, you can also get your hands on some of the best books, furniture, and home goods at these stores. This can help you save a lot on pricier items by customizing them to your needs.
  • Consignment shops are specially curated thrift shops where you can find rare and even specific designer items though they come with a pricier tag.


We all have memories of shopping from thrift stores, be it for assembling the perfect Halloween costume or getting cheap furniture for your first apartment. The key here lies in finding the right thrift store where you can shop unique t-shirts, vintage jewelry, and more to your heart’s content. Coupled with our today’s guide, you can avail of the best deals without paying the retail price and in an environment-friendly manner. There was a time when shopping from thrift stores was considered taboo. However, the various benefits it brings to the table far outweigh the stigmas.

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