Financial literacy: Where and How to Earn & Manage First Money for a Student?

Students are people who need the money more than others. When you are a student, you want to live beautifully, buy nice clothes, travel, and have rest while you are young and full of energy. It is even more demanding when you pay for an expensive education, rent suitable housing, or have a student loan. You no longer have to rely on good support from your parents.

The only way is to find a decent part-time job to cover your expenses. Let’s try to figure out how those who “gnaw at the granite of science” can earn money so that academic performance and attendance are not affected.

12 Ways for students to make money

1. Courier services

It is quite a popular activity if you want to earn money as a student. Couriers deliver parcels, correspondence, and small loads. They are often hired by companies, private entrepreneurs, and firms to provide logistics services to clients within the city. In most cases, couriers work according to a free schedule. The main thing is to deliver the order on the appointed day and to the agreed place. Therefore, this vacancy always arouses the interest of students because, as a rule, there is no strict attachment to the workplace and a rigid work schedule.

How to combine work and studying successfully?

Making money as a student can be challenging. You have to combine studies and work and keep a balance. You may be expelled for poor academic results, so you should pay maximum attention to your studies. Spending hours at work, students still have to submit essays and research papers on time. You should never miss a deadline, even if you are out of time to write just a sketch. If so, a flawless variant is to ask for professional help online. Do not be afraid to type the “write my essay” query in Google and click the “send us your instructions” button. A team of expert writers provides you with high-quality papers on any topic from the scratch. A plagiarism-free paper is always ready quickly and with a great level of confidentiality.

2. Tutoring services

If a student has sufficient knowledge in a certain field, he can make enough money for tutoring. But it is necessary to find and arrange a place for conducting lessons (although sometimes customers prefer to study on their territory) and to prepare materials according to the curriculum or the student’s needs. Services are paid, as a rule, on an hourly basis. It is necessary to be ready not only to teach qualitatively but also to find an individual approach to a person.

3. Working as a salesman-consultant

Probably, a classic job option for a student who does not want to look for vacancies in a specialized field is the vacancy of a sales consultant. Many choose it because of the daily and flexible work schedule. It does not require special knowledge, but you will have to learn a lot of practical nuances and be communicative, tolerant, and responsible. Among the advantages, there is official employment, stable pay, the ability to choose a convenient schedule and get discounts on the company’s products.

4. Translation services

If you are majoring in foreign languages, international relations, and other fields that require an in-depth study of English or other languages, this job is a perfect match. You can easily make extra money translating in your spare time. For students, a part-time job that involves the translation of entertainment content such as advertising, computer games, movies, TV series, or website content is perfect. In addition, students can accompany foreign tourists and help them communicate with native speakers. Such services are quite expensive and are paid hourly.

5. A Promoter

Large brands, shopping centers, and often local entrepreneurs actively use the services of students to distribute promotional materials. They also advertise new products, services, or companies. Even freshmen can work as promoters. There is only one requirement: be friendly, have extensive communicative skills, and not be afraid of talking with strangers. Most often, promoters are busy with work several days a week and work about 4 hours a day. Besides, it is trouble-free to become a promoter. You just need to know where to find such a job. Vacancies are usually posted in newspapers or job sites. Or you can always ask promoters on the street how to get a job.

6. A waiter or bartender

It is the most popular student profession. The job of a waiter is one of the oldest as well. On the frescoes of the Egyptian pyramids, there are images of people serving food at the pharaoh’s table. It can often be combined even with full-time education without any problems. Taking into account the fact that there are restaurants and cafes in each city district, you may be lucky to work in a pizza house, which is situated across the street from your university campus. This is especially true for those who live in a big city.

7. Dog Walking

This type of income for a student does not require special knowledge, does not take a lot of time, and is quite easy compared to, for example, office work. At the same time, it is necessary to objectively assess the burden of responsibility and clearly adhere to the schedule agreed upon with the client. Dog owners often include care for the pet after the walk in the price of the service. You might be responsible for washing the dog’s paws, feeding it, taking it to the vet, etc. It is good to plan your actions in advance in the event of an unforeseen situation and also to have the phone number of a veterinarian with you. The work schedule is discussed individually, and this is an additional plus of such work.

8. An animator

The work of an animator is ideal for students who have artistic abilities and are talented, active, and creative. The main task of an animator is to entertain people during various mass events. If you like having fun and cheering others up, this is a fantastic way to earn extra money.

9. Making money as a student online

The network can be used to earn money, not just to spend time playing games and socializing. Now there are many specialized resources where you can find tasks of varying complexity for earning money on social networks. A student can create and promote his group to receive money from advertising or sales, offer administration or services for the promotion of a thematic group, etc. As an option, you can become a blogger on YouTube, but to receive income, you need to promote your channel well and properly monetize it.

10. Copywriting

Modern information technologies give an opportunity to earn money for a student without leaving home. In most cases, copywriting refers to the activity of writing presentations, advertising, and informational texts of various formats. The services of copywriters of various profiles are in demand on the market. Copywriting requires certain knowledge (preferably in several areas), literacy, and creative thinking and allows you to make money from nothing, as no material investment is required. For most students, this is one of the best ways to earn money without compromising academic performance. The schedule and scope of work are determined by the performer himself. The main thing is to successfully complete the assigned tasks and adhere to the schedule for their completion.

11. Creating computer programs

If you have specialized knowledge and experience, a student can make a good living by writing computer programs. The best option is to devote free time to work according to an individual schedule without enrollment in the staff. You can find order through acquaintances, electronic bulletin boards, content exchanges, and freelancers. You can try your luck in various fields – software design, functional programming, UNIX / Linux programming, etc.

12. Freelance

In general, anyone can try working as a freelancer. It is quite a universal job related to various fields, namely programming, journalism, design, architecture, translation, videography, photography, etc. A great bonus of working as a freelancer is that you do not depend on your boss and do not have a set working schedule. You can complete tasks even at night. As a rule, a student can find a job on the Internet, quickly complete it and get his money. So do not hesitate and earn money and gain valuable experience.


Students usually face financial problems. That is why they combine work and study. Thinking of how to make money students may come up with various ideas but saving also plays a vital role. Some students decide to work part-time. Thus, it might be hard both physically and emotionally to combine work and study. Others choose jobs where you can plan your time independently, for example, freelance or tutoring. Combining study and work, it is essential to be self-disciplined and organized and to use the principles of time management in practice as well.

All students can earn money. The main thing is to have the desire and patience. Choose the appropriate way for yourself. When you start making money, it will radically change your life and thoughts.