Volusion Privacy Class Action Settlement for Data Breach

Volusion Privacy Class Action Settlement for Data Breach

Volusion LLC will resolve claims that the e-commerce platform didn’t properly respond to an 8th October 2019 data breach with a $4.3 million settlement. This data breach affected the personal information of Volusion customers. The class action settlement will benefit members to whom a Notice of Data Incident was sent by Volusion either on or around 21st April 2020. This notice informed the consumers that the Volusion merchant client might have had their information exposed to malware which was placed on their e-commerce platform by hackers.

Settlement Website: VolusionPrivacyClassAction.com

Objection Deadline: 09/06/2022

Exclusion Deadline: 09/06/2022

Claim Form: https://secureforms.krollsettlementadministration.com/DynamicForms2/1538/Form/e59afd33-d4b3-4445-bb07-1020158f3a44

Deadline For Submitting Claim Form: 09/06/2022

Final Hearing Date: 09/06/2022

Settlement Amount: $4.3 million

Potential Claim Amount: Variable

Proof Of Purchase: Class members are required to provide proper documentation that establishes both the actual loss and the dollar amount of the loss. The documents should also vouch for the fact that reasonable efforts were made by the class members to exhaust all other reimbursement sources like insurance benefits available because of the purchase of identity monitoring or credit monitoring. No documentation is required for claims of time spent responding to the Data Security Incident.

Volusion LLC is an e-commerce platform hosting websites for businesses to set up e-commerce shops. The company allows businesses to accept credit card payments as a part of this service. The data breach class action lawsuit brought against Volusion revealed that because of the malware present on Volusion’s site, the information of consumers who entered their credit card credentials into a website using Volusion’s e-commerce platform might have been stolen.

Volusion has agreed to settle all claims with a class action settlement despite not admitting any wrongdoing. This step was taken by Volusion to avoid the risks and costs associated with prolonged litigation. For receiving compensation for time spent dealing with the impact of the data incident and other out-of-pocket losses, class members are required to submit a valid claim. Class members are eligible to receive up to $1500 as compensation for out-of-pocket expenses including:

  • Fees for credit reports
  • Credit monitoring costs
  • Identity theft insurance products
  • Data charges
  • Cell phone charges
  • Bank fees
  • Gasoline costs for local travel
  • Long-distance phone call fees
  • Others

For time spent responding to the data incident, class members are eligible for an hourly compensation of $20 for up to three hours spent. Claims can be made by class members for both time compensation and out-of-pocket loss reimbursement. Compensation for time spent in responding to the Data Security Incident will be included within and not in addition to the computation of out-of-pocket losses up to a maximum of $1500 per person.