Titanium Cobalt Settlement of DEWALT, Craftsman, Irwin MAC Tools, Bostich, Matco, and Lenox


A class action settlement was reached between Stanley Black & Decker and the plaintiff regarding the improper marketing of the covered products. By agreeing to the settlement, both parties can avoid unnecessary disruption, cost, and distraction which comes with further litigation. As a part of the settlement, the defendant has agreed to make adequate modifications in its packaging and website to clarify that the Cobalt drill bits contain Cobalt alloy steel and Titanium drill bits are made with Titanium Nitride coating. The claims made by individual class members will also be honored as a part of this settlement with a maximum ceiling of $8 per household and equal to 40% of the total amount shelled in purchasing covered products during the class period.

Eligibility For Making Claim: Individuals residing in the United States who purchased the below mentioned covered products for personal use between 13th April 2015 and 13th October 2021 are eligible to file a claim:

  • Cobalt and Titanium drill bits are sold under the DEWALT, Craftsman, Irwin, MAC Tools, Bostich (titanium only), and Matco (cobalt only) brands.

Proof Of Purchase: Not required

Potential Claim Amount: Consumers who bought certain DEWALT, Craftsman, Irwin MAC Tools, Bostich, Matco, and Lenox titanium or cobalt drill bits and saw blades can claim up to $8 without offering any proof of purchase. Their payment will be equal to 40% of the total price of their covered product purchases with the maximum limit capped at $8 per household. However, the final payment amount might be reduced depending on the number of claims received. Class Representative Michael Starke has requested a service award of $2500 for compensation for the services offered in bringing these claims.

Case Summary:  A lawsuit was filed against the defendant Stanley Black & Decker by plaintiff Michael Starke on behalf of everyone who purchased the covered products for personal use between 13th April 2015 and 13th October 2021. As per the lawsuit, the defendant marketed the composition of covered products improperly. The deceptive labeling on products caused the consumers to purchase the same at a premium price. The Court has not passed any ruling in favor of any party. Though the defendant Stanley Black & Decker has not agreed to any wrongdoing, they have given their nod to honoring the settlement claim.

Claim Form: https://www.titaniumcobaltsettlement.com/form/fill/

Settlement Website: TitaniumCobaltSettlement.com

Deadline for Submitting Claim: The claim form should be postmarked and submitted online within 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time by 11/1/2022.

Final Hearing Date: 18th March 2022

Settlement Pool: $1627500

Important Note: All claimants will be included as a part of the settlement class unless excluded specifically. Class Members will be eligible to receive all benefits to which they are entitled while releasing the defendant from right to damages, claim, and other relief. A written request will have to be submitted within 27th December 2021 if you wish to exclude yourself from the settlement. For further instructions on excluding yourself from the settlement, you can visit TitaniumCobaltSettlement.com. Similarly, you might wish to stay in the settlement while objecting to its approval. In such cases also you will have to file an objection within 27th December 2021.

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