Florida Power & Light Brown FCCPA Settlement Over Debt-Collection Emails

Desiree Brown v Florida Power & Light Company Settlement

Florida Power & Light is an electronic utility company providing energy to more than 12 million people across the state. The company provides clean, affordable, and reliable electricity to Floridians. Despite winning multiple customer satisfaction awards over the past few years, Florida Power & Light Co. is facing the heat for allegedly violating Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act (FCCPA) with excessive debt-collection emails. The company has also agreed to resolve all claims brought against them by paying $500000.

According to the plaintiff in this class action lawsuit, the harassing debt-collection emails were sent to consumers outside of allowed hours, and without the prior consent of the customers thus violating the FCCPA. It is specifically prohibited to send debt-collecting communications to customers between 9 p.m. and 8 a.m. local time under FCCPA, which is Florida’s answer to the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. These emails are known to have caused annoyance and inconvenience to the customers as their phones chimed every time they received an electronic mail communication at unusual hours of morning and night as a result of the defendant’s violative conduct. Florida Power & Light has agreed to resolve this class action lawsuit with a $500000 settlement although it hasn’t admitted any wrongdoing.

While cash payments are offered to class members under the settlement, the terms of the deal do not wipe away debt owed by class members to Florida Power & Light. Class members will still be obligated to honor their debts even if they are participating in the settlement. Class counsel will ask the Court to approve a payment ranging up to $150000 for the attorney’s fees, litigation costs, and expenses. This fee is expected to reimburse the Class Counsel for litigating the case, investigating the facts, negotiating the settlement, and obtaining the settlement’s approval. The court might decide to award less than the amount requested by Class Counsel. On approval, these costs, fees, and expenses will be paid separately by Florida Power & Light and will not diminish the settlement fund or the class member’s payments.

Eligibility For Making Claim: You can benefit from this class action settlement if according to the defendant’s records, you received a written notice indicating you to be a member of the class. This constitutes of all persons having a Florida address to whom an electronic communication was sent by the Florida Power & Light Company and not known to be returned as undeliverable between 9 p.m. and 8 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time or Eastern Standard Time in connection with consumer debt collection where the communication was initiated between 16th October 2019 and 15th October 2021 by the Florida Power & Light Company.

Potential Claim Amount: Under the settlement terms, class members are eligible to receive a proportional share of the settlement fund. The payment amount will vary according to the number of claims filed although the lawyers have estimated payments to range between $1 and $5. This payment is directly proportional to the number of Class members participating in the settlement.

Settlement Website: BrownFCCPASettlement.com
Claim Form: Submit a Claim Online (brownfccpasettlement.com)
Proof Of Purchase: Proof of purchase is not applicable.
Deadline For Submitting Claim: 06/20/2022
Final Hearing Date: 07/22/2022
Settlement Amount: $500000