CSL Plasma Settlement for Biometric Data Breach

CSL Plasma Settlement for Biometric Data Breach

CSL Plasma has agreed to resolve claims that it violated Illinois law by collecting fingerprint data from plasma donors with a $9.9 million settlement. Class members constitute anyone who had their finger scanned at a CSL Plasma collection center in Illinois between 5th September 2014 and 16th October 2019.

Settlement Website: PlasmaSettlement.com
Objection Deadline: 08/22/2022
Exclusion Deadline: 08/22/2022
Claim Form: https://marshcslplasma.claims-administrator.com/
Deadline For Submitting Claim Form: 11/03/2022
Final Hearing Date: 12/08/2022
Settlement Amount: $9.9million
Potential Claim Amount: Variable
Proof Of Purchase: Not applicable

According to the class action lawsuit, CSL Plasma collected biometric fingerprint data from Illinois plasma donors who scanned their fingers for identification purposes at various plasma collection centers without obtaining their prior consent or notifying them in advance. This violated the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA). CSL Plasma has decided to settle the class action lawsuit for avoiding the expense and risk of ongoing litigation despite denying the fact that it violated BIPA.

Class members will be entitled to a pro-rata share of the settlement fund on submitting valid and timely claims. Each claimant will receive an estimated payment of $200 to $500. However, the actual amount will depend on the total number of claims filed. Apart from providing compensation to the eligible class members, CSL Plasma will also change its practices for complying with BIPA.

CSL Plasma will obtain written releases from Illinois plasma donors using a finger scanner and make all necessary disclosures as required by BIPA. They will also maintain a publicly available biometric data retention policy and destroy all collected fingerprint data within three years of the donors’ last interaction with CSL Plasma. The BIPA data breach settlement notice is sent to the eligible class members via mail or email. Claimants submitting online claims can choose among PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Paper check, or ACH Direct Deposit as the payment mode.