How to Get Stuff For Free On Amazon?

Getting FREE Stuff on Amazon

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the United States which sells almost everything under the sun. If a product is put up for sale, then chances are high that you will get it on Amazon. The retail giant can be compared to a virtual marketplace listing the products of millions of vendors from around the globe. Customers can easily score big deals and get freebies on Amazon given the fierce competition between sellers. Consumers are always on the lookout for buying things for cheap, although features like lightning deals and prime membership drastically reduce the cost of products. Today, we will share some tips and tricks that can help you make awesome savings around the year.

Earn Freebies by Reviewing & Giving Feedback

Become a Vine Reviewer

The Amazon Vine program offers free stuff to consumers as a reward for putting up honest product reviews. Usually, these are new products that haven’t been launched yet and require proper consumer backing to get started. However, you can become a Vine Voice only through invitation. Amazon watches for customers posting frequent reviews and writing about items that are typically featured in the program. Vendors do not have any influence over the Vine Voices reviewing their products and the Voices aren’t under any pressure to write positive reviews.

Early Reviewer Program

The Early Reviewer Program works like the Vine program wherein eligible members of the Amazon family are encouraged to share reviews of recently purchased products. These participants are selected carefully by Amazon to avoid fake reviews. Both Amazon and Amazon Prime members stand a chance to win free Amazon gift cards on submitting their reviews.

Top Amazon Reviewer

It is easy to gain a reputation as someone who writes fair and honest product reviews of products listed on Amazon. You might get an offer to review a free product once your “reviewer rank” reaches a certain rank in a category like pet food or gardening equipment. The company has a means of tracking its best and most prolific reviewers. Amazon values high-quality reviews and total helpful votes accumulated. You can get into the limelight by crafting detailed, well-written, and grammatically correct reviews. It is best to look for products that do not carry a lot of reviews as yours is most likely to be read and garner “Helpful Votes.” Becoming an expert in a particular category helps in attaining the “Top reviewer” status more quickly. You should try and focus on items you would like to get for free.

Use Influencer Status

The marketing department of Amazon highly values micro-influencers comprising social media users with smaller yet intensely dedicated followings. If you have a YouTube channel, blog, or a certain number of followers on social media, then you can sign up at However, the brands will choose you on Thompson, not the other way around. The business model of Thompson tries to connect brands with influencers and you will be selected for a campaign if you meet the right criteria. The brands here care mostly about getting the influencers who fit their product niche rather than the ones with a large number of followers.

Amazon Panel Program

Existing Amazon shoppers can weigh in by giving feedback through the invite-only Amazon panel program. Sharing receipts from other stores and surveys is a part of the program. Spending just a few minutes every month will help you score shopping credits and free items for Amazon products used every day.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are popular choices while searching for Amazon freebies. They offer gift cards and vouchers for items purchased on Amazon in exchange for a positive review. However, you need to be cautious as all the sellers on the review sites and Facebook groups might solicit fake paid reviews or violate Amazon’s incentivized reviews policy. Though it is risky for them, it can even cause your Amazon account to get suspended. The products might be of inferior quality and might not belong to the brands as named. Often sellers request product reviews on Facebook. You will find countless Facebook groups that are dedicated to facilitating these deals. The Amazon sellers link to their product listings in these groups and offer items to buyers for free in exchange for reviews. You can easily find these groups by searching for “Amazon Freebies.” “Amazon Hacks,” and “Amazon promo Codes.”

7 Best Websites to write reviews for Amazon and get free stuff

Let us take a look at some popular review sites you can browse to get free items:


You can visit the website which often offers a 100% discount on products. You can easily claim free stuff through this portal by putting in the least amount of effort. Once you sign up for an account at the website, you can view and buy the products. updates its free listing every day and you can easily access high-value products of premium quality.

2. Snagshout

Snagshout is another trusted review site meant for both reviewers and resellers. Here you can get items for free or at cheap rates either through cashback deals or promo codes. Some popular freebies on this site are electronics and supplements.

3. Vipon

Vipon, formerly known as AMZ Review Trader allows getting multiple items simultaneously. It is free to join and apply for products using Vipon. Once you have applied to receive a product, the seller will scan through all profiles and select the Amazon reviewer they want to send a coupon to.

4. JumpSend

You can enjoy up to 90% off the purchase price at JumpSend which is the only review site offering books to its customers.


It becomes easy to narrow down your choices to prices and categories of your interest through AMZRC. Since the sellers have to pay a lesser to get listed, they can offer better deals and coupons to you.


Extreme Rebate offers thousands of new products on their register and so it becomes practically impossible to not find something which interests you. Users need to individually request each item’s voucher following which the order number is sent to receive the rebate.


AMZDiscover is another accredited tool that is mostly targeted at sellers. The Amazon sellers offer free products to reviewers in exchange for positive reviews. However, you will require an Amazon account and a profile page to sign up as a reviewer. You can get yourself started by reviewing a few products.

Smart Use of Amazon Freebies Services & Programs

Amazon Music

Amazon has a big library filled with podcasts and free music. You just have to sign in using your Amazon account without the requirement of an Amazon prime membership or a credit card. However, the options are more limited compared to Amazon Music Unlimited. The music section resembles a radio station rather than a custom playlist but it is completely free for use. You can also avail of the free three-month trial of Amazon Music Unlimited offered to new subscribers. This offers on-demand and ad-free access to music and podcasts. However, you should end the subscription before the completion of three months as otherwise you will be charged $7.99 per month.

Amazon eBooks

Avid readers searching for free books to read can avail of the free Kindle e-books on Amazon. New books are added to the collection daily which can keep the reading bug in you contented for a long. While some eBooks are permanently free, others are just limited-time deals from upcoming authors. Readers can even exchange one free book for other if they don’t like what they are reading currently. Prime members are entitled to one free book every month.

Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive offers 5GB of cloud storage to users for free so that you can back up your most important files like photos, videos, and more. These files can be accessed on your tablet, desktop, and mobile phone.

Free Audiobook

A free 30-day Audible trial is offered by Amazon. This includes one credit for a free audiobook which you can keep after the completion of the trial phase even if you don’t subscribe to the program. Prime members can enjoy two free audiobooks.

Create Your Baby Registry

Sign up with Amazon Baby Registry and get free goodies for both newborns and parents having a value of up to $35. This can be of great use for couples who are expecting a new baby. The contents of the welcome box change from month to month. Diaper samples, wipes, and creams are some common goodies that were included in past boxes. By creating an Amazon baby registry, you can expect to receive coupons and offers for baby-related items. You need to purchase items worth $10 from your registry to gain access to the free Welcome Box.

Create Your Wedding Registry

There is also a wedding registry under the program offering “bonus gifts” to the couple. If you are planning on walking down the aisle then you can create a wedding registry through Amazon. You will qualify for the bonus gift if your registry includes items from selected retailers and others buy from those brands.

Free Amazon Prime Subscription

If it has already been a year since the expiry of your last subscription or you have never subscribed to Amazon Prime, then you can enjoy its free 30-days trial. This membership offers access to ad-free Prime Video, Amazon Music, Prime Reading, and Amazon Photo with free shipping on the items.

Amazon Cash

Amazon offers a great incentive to new customers in the form of free $50 Amazon Cash which is added to your account and a $10 credit towards your first purchase on signing up with Amazon Cash. You can enjoy ‘no-rush shipping’ on your orders with the Amazon credit card which also offers a 5% cashback on all purchases.

Sample Box Program

An Amazon Prime member can enroll in the sample box program where they have to purchase sample boxes and get the money back in the form of an Amazon voucher. These boxes contain everything ranging from new products to free food and other goodies. The sample boxes are limited to one for each customer with new ones added all year round.

Amazon Prime Student Buy

If you have a student email address then you can sign up for the Amazon prime Student Buy without the requirement of any promo codes or coupons. This includes six months of access to thousands of movies, TV shows, free shipping, and exclusive college discounts. It has been specially devised to help students trying to complete higher education but facing serious cash crises on buying essentials like Amazon Basics.

Free Cash Back

Most of us have several old electronics stacked around the house like Alexa or Kindle devices. You can transform these obsolete devices into Amazon credit through the Amazon Trade-In program which offers the perfect chance for customers to exchange their unused electronics and get gift cards in return.

Amazon Reload Program

Active Amazon users can consider using the Amazon Reload program. This is a preloaded Amazon gift card. Amazon will credit you with a bonus of $10 when you load your first $100. The free $10 credit can be used on anything sold by Amazon.

  • While fast shipping seems like a matter of convenience, Amazon rewards its Prime customers for accepting slower delivery times. You might receive a $1 credit depending on your order and where you live if you agree to delay your order’s delivery by one or two days.
  • Frequent Amazon shoppers have a clear notion of the return process. However, you can skip the bags, boxes, and packing tape for dropping off the package-free returns at participating stores like Whole Foods, Kohl’s, etc.
  • Prime Day has transformed into a full-blown shopping blitz. Alongside a mad rush, this day offers never-before deals and discounts. Retailers offer an equal amount of credit for money spent or buy one get one free proposal.

Finding a deal can be a thrilling experience especially if you can match up the savings with immense variety and world-leading shipping rates. If you thought that birthday freebies, couponing, and pesky survey sites are your only option for getting free stuff on Amazon, then you are completely mistaken. Our above-mentioned tips can serve as your ultimate guide on your frugal journey and help you get stuff for free on Amazon. The freebies offered by Amazon and its retailers serve as an excellent means of generating more sales. The sellers have a better chance of meeting their sales target when they offer free items to customers. These freebies also allow sellers to clean up their inventory so that they can save on redundant expenses.