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I don't like having to buy my

I don't like having to buy my ticket for the concession, while others are waiting on popcorn and candy I have to wait extra long just to buy my ticket . Also I don't like reserved seating, when you're meeting friends at the movie you all have to wait and buy your tickets at the same time if you want to sit together.

Posted by Anonymous on December 7, 2019 11:37am
Assigned seating is

Assigned seating is horrible!!!! Having to stand out in the elements to wait for people to decide where they’re going to sit. Everybody I know is complaining about it. Whatever happened to first come, first serve?? We go to the movies every week. There’s 5 of us and we doing always reach the theater at the same time, therefore, if we want to sit together, we have to stand and wait for the others to get there.
Can you tell people the reason for the change??

Posted by Anonymous on May 4, 2019 04:48pm