Ross Customer Satisfaction Survey: Win Gift Cards


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IRoss Stores you misleading

IRoss Stores you misleading loytal customer feedback t hats a joke and truthly a waste of time. And l will ma Yo
Y sur
no one
else gets fooled
about .Win gift card etc.Yourscam artist milking people shame!

Posted by Anonymous on January 6, 2020 11:08pm
Ross provides great quality

Ross provides great quality of clothing and footwear at the best prices.Ross gives a wide varity of clothing and shoes .Also there are household items at affordable and economical rates.
There is something for everyone at Ross male and female which is of the highest standard and quality and for every occasion.

Posted by Anonymous on April 15, 2019 04:01pm
I have been a customer for

I have been a customer for over 20yrs. The best service I have ever received was by a young lady named Caroline at your Folsom, CA Store. She was extremely professional and represented Ross in the best light. I was in the wrong line and she still waited on me and didn't embarrass me or send me back in line. She handled other customers with professional care as well. I place an extremely high value on Customer Service. Good Job Caroline!

Posted by Anonymous on December 14, 2018 01:54pm
My favorite store. Always a

My favorite store. Always a deal... Love It !!!

Posted by Anonymous on September 1, 2018 04:58pm
My favorite store AAA

My favorite store AAA

Posted by Anonymous on July 29, 2018 12:25am
The Ross survey ain't

The Ross survey ain't nothing. Try to put my receipt# ,and it says I put a incorrect#. Why print that shit on there if it's not correct? What kind of games are y'all playing?

Posted by Anonymous on July 25, 2018 08:44pm
Ross, Miami Fl 305-379-5339

Ross, Miami Fl 305-379-5339 downtown Miami. Loss prevention employee whose name I do not know should stop following customers at the store. She is a lady of dark skin, wears glasses and has an unpleasant voice like the character Tasmanian devil. jhe was behind my back several times I did not know she was there, when I turned around she scared me to death because she looked like a monster. I got nervous when I am followed at the store I have been shopping at Ross for 20 years, I's rather go to stores where I feel at ease, I am not a thief, I am a decent person. Ross has lots of competition I can go other stores that sells the same items.I s that what Ross wants?

Posted by Anonymous on July 21, 2018 11:16am