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I have eaten at Popeyes

I have eaten at Popeyes Restaurants for many years and the experience we had at the Elizabethtown KY restaurant was bizarre. we ordered a two piece chicken meal, one dark and one white entrée. We requested a ranch dressing like we've done many times before but this time we were told that it would cost an additional .28 cents for each dressing unless we were ordering chicken tenders in which the ranch dressing would be free. At first, we thought it to be a joke but soon learned that the comment was real. What is the difference between tenders and dark or white chicken. this new policy is absurd

Posted by Anonymous on September 6, 2019 09:42am
The service was friendly and

The service was friendly and very accommodative. I was there on Easter Sunday, and they were very pleasant.

Posted by Anonymous on April 23, 2019 09:33am