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Did not let me take the

Did not let me take the survey. Due to the host did not completed the entry of our arrival on Friday the 7. We where tolled 30 min. which I under stood. The couple before us arrived about 10 min. before. So they were called, so we said to each other we are next. So we waited. saw other people arriving and been seated, so we waited, So now is 45 min or so. So we saw more people been seat, so we waited. then by that time another 5 or 10 min. pass, then I saw the host and I ask how much longer, never came back, I went in side to ask, to come and find out My Name was never summited, to the hostes said let me add you in again, so WHY, been waiting for almost an HOUR, so asked her again how long she said 5 min. I waited, the right thing to do since the other hostes was there the one that took my name should have said yes, They should be next. Since it was her mistake I was not rude or said any thing I JUST WAITED AGAING!!! they were sitting other people which they had just arrived. NO credit on my bill. I'm not please with the serve. NOR THE MANAGER CAME BY

Posted by Anonymous on February 8, 2020 02:55pm