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Me any kids love st Hubert a

Me any kids love st Hubert a lot since 30 yearsc

Posted by Anonymous on January 9, 2019 08:01pm
Online Order #26162667, Check

Online Order #26162667, Check #2630547,order
Invoice name: Invoice No. 1
Product Quantity Price
Meat pie and fruit ketchup 2 $ 6.00
8 cheese sticks 1 $ 10.00
- Marinara sauce
- No sauce
Club sandwich (white meat) 1 $ 15.50
- Whole wheat
- With fries
- Extra bacon $ 1.25
- None
Chicken poutine (white meat) 1 $ 13.70
Subtotal 5 $ 46.45
HST Food $ 3.72
PST Alcohol $ 0.00
HST Alcohol $ 0.00
GST $ 2.32
Total - Invoice No. 1 $ 52.49
Salad choice Utensils Condiments
Traditional 1
Creamy 1
No Ketchup 0
Mayonnaise 0
Vinegar 0
Salt packet 0

This order arrived with no ketchup for the meat pies, no marinara for the cheese sticks, although they WERE ordered, and plain poutine, rather than the chicken poutine that was ordered.

I have ordered online at least ten times from St Hubert before this, and have received correct deliveries as they were ordered. This delivery was disappointing. Unfortunately, we were very hungry when the food arrived, and we ate the evidence.

I hope this doesn't occur again.

Nigel Whiteley

Posted by Anonymous on December 4, 2018 08:58pm
very good & tasty food

very good & tasty food specially the chicken.Delicious deserts.
Very humbel & cordeal services by specially by Mr.Rupert(hope my spelling is right.

sincerely yours.
Abdul Hakim

Posted by Anonymous on October 10, 2018 04:27pm
Dined at StHubert yesterday,

Dined at StHubert yesterday, We were very sadenned to hear the the Tuscan Noodle dish was no longer available.Shame on you. It was the whole family's favorite. Please bring it back. You dont want to loose your customers.

Posted by Anonymous on September 2, 2018 12:21pm