Hewlett Packard Feedback Repair Survey


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My son bought me a HP laptop

My son bought me a HP laptop in March 2018 after using it for 4 months it developed a fault on the keyboard some of the keys would not respond. In July 2018 I returned it to John Lewis shop in Sheffield where it was bought from. This should not have happened with a new product as it had not had a lot of use & I am very disappointed with this product. My son who works in IT was most upset with the failure of this product. I had to borrow another laptop to continue with my researches. Fortunately the laptop has been repaired 7 is now back in use, I only hope it doesn't fail me again. I have bought HP computers for some years & although I have had a few problems I have been generally satisfied with the value for money they gave. The one thing I did notice was on this model the keyboard was of a much less strong construction. If i have any further problems I will certainly consider another make. I do hope my comments here are took on board & i am not wasting my time,

Posted by Anonymous on August 13, 2018 11:30am