Firestone Complete Auto Care Customer Survey


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I purchased four tires from

I purchased four tires from the Firestone Store at East Chase in Montgomery, Alabama. The salesmen were very professional. They complete the job in a timely manner. I had a problem with my check tire pressure gauge. It was on when I got in my car. I went back in and told the salesman. He said it would go off after driving 5-10 miles. I stopped on the way home because it did not go off. I called back to Firestone and was told to keep driving, it would go off. I drove home (about 40 mile) and called back and told the salesman that the check tire pressure light still had not gone off. He told me to bring the car back the next day to be checked. I awoke the next day and my right passenger tire was flat. I called the salesman and he told me to bring the car in after putting air in the tire so he could check it. I took the car back to Firestone and they put a TPS Vale Kit on the tire (No charge). There was a problem-they fixed it- I would take my car there again.

Posted by Anonymous on March 9, 2018 03:59am
I went to Firestone on

I went to Firestone on Sunday, 09/11/2017 for a flat repair. While they were not to busy they were able to fix the flat in no time at all, my complaint is the 45.00 Charge to do this. I have had other low profile tires fixed that have tpms in the wheel and have never paid that much if anything for the repair. My thought on this is that the other places would like to have repeat customers and to recommend them for service. I have gone as far as to cancel my firestone credit account because I will not be a customer to a business that I feel over charges for their services.

Posted by Anonymous on September 12, 2017 02:04pm