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Hello I dined at triangle

Hello I dined at triangle town center #629 on Saturday the food was cold and had to be sent back my girlfriend just wanted a vegetarian taco with grilled vegetables and the broccoli was raw and all in all the experience was terrible and when I paid the bill the change was $8.43 the waitress gave me $8 change, that's unacceptable

Posted by Anonymous on May 6, 2019 04:08pm
Terrible service and will

Terrible service and will never go back!!! The Chili's in Tarentum, PA is the absolute worst! On top of the service being terrible the bathrooms were worst! All of the trash cans were overflowing and two out of the three toilets were clogged! I am waiting to be contacted by someone higher in the company because this is unacceptable! I work in customer service and I would write up if not fire my employees if they had the place nasty and the service terrible!

Posted by Anonymous on February 6, 2019 09:44pm
Kim is the most attentive

Kim is the most attentive server I know and always a delight

Posted by Anonymous on December 21, 2018 05:30pm
we ordered a bacon cheese

we ordered a bacon cheese burger i ordered everything on it except the condiments i had her repeat it when i got home they had put the sauce ON THE BUN..the veges were in a cup..THE CHEESE WAS IN THE PLATE ! i called and ask to speak to manager manager says vexgs are condiments yeas i ask WHAT? i disagreed with her, SDID SAY THE CHEESE SHOULD HAVE BEEN ON THE BURGER THIS CHILIS IS IN SEGUIN TEXAS this is not the only time i had incorrect order here. but it will be my last

Posted by Anonymous on October 31, 2018 02:26pm
A friend and I ate at

A friend and I ate at Chili's last night and were very dissatisfied. The host acted like it was an imposition so seat us, the table and entire restrant were filthy the service was awful. When we asked if we could get salad instead of the frys we were told yes, but not that it was extra. All in all it was a very bad experience and we used to really like to go there, but doubt if we will go back

Posted by Anonymous on April 9, 2018 07:29pm