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I recently purchased a laptop

I recently purchased a laptop through Best Buy's Black Friday days through internet this past December. I received it within 10 days which I thought was great. I opened it, plugged in for 12 hours and then the disappointment set in. The laptop was blank - black screen - than boot set-up remained on. I called the help line and Joyce helped through it but the help failed as it was a blank laptop with nothing installed on it yet. Was told to return it to a Best Buy store where they should fix it right there or give me another laptop. This conversation took place the end of December. I was just to the closest Best Buy yesterday (Feb 10, 2020). Yes they took it back and we exchanged for a different laptop .While I was making the transaction the young Best Buy worker took laptop and charger cord with him to back room to find a box to put it in. He brought the taped up box to customer service desk without my looking in the box to make sure every thing was there. I had a 7 hour drive home to make so box was not checked by me or family. Got home and took laptop out of box and could not find charger cord. Made a call to Winnipeg's 1940 Pembina Hwy Best Buy Store, spoke to a Terrence. Told him the problem and he went to look - found it- then asked when would we pick it up. Sorry not going back until July. He started laughing as he thought it was funny that this happened. I asked him to send via P.O. Not sure if I'll be doing any more purchases there in the near future

Posted by Anonymous on February 11, 2020 12:04pm
Martin, at the Queensway,

Martin, at the Queensway, Etobicoke location was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and courteous.
I purchased a Samsung Family Hub refrigerator and wine fridge. He was able to understand my needs and educate me as to what would work best for me. He took his time, and didn't pressure me. He was very professional.I would not hesitate in recommending Martin.
Jean Hawkins

Posted by Anonymous on December 5, 2019 07:47pm
I realize that it is past the

I realize that it is past the date for entering the contest but have been so busy that this is the first time I had a chance to send an email. My husband and I bought 2 televisions on October 12th and we just wanted to compliment you on your staff in the Fredericton, N.B. store, in particular, an associate by the name of Feng who served us. He was very kind and as we are technologically challenged he went out of his way to make sure that we got the best equipment in our price range and that we understood everything necessary. Again, thank you to Feng and your whole store for their help.

- Fred and Vicki MacKay

Posted by Anonymous on November 26, 2019 11:06am
My wife and I tonight tried

My wife and I tonight tried to purchase two new phones at your Bayer’s Lake store in Halifax Nova Scotia and after three hours you’re workers couldn’t complete the job.

Peter Smith

Please call me when you get this email.

Posted by Anonymous on October 15, 2019 08:25pm
I am very pleased with the

I am very pleased with the service and staff at Best Buy, Scott Road. I am always treated with respect and consideration. In particular the Geek Squad tech expert Aziz is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He is welcoming and strives to resolve any difficulties with devices and software. I have never left Best Buy without feeling satisfied.

Posted by Anonymous on April 22, 2019 03:15pm
Hi, l was at the Best Buy St

Hi, l was at the Best Buy St James location in Winnipeg on Sunday morning 3 Mar 19 pretty much right at 10 am. I must say that the service, honesty, and knowledge of both Thames and Oliver made my choice of buy a new iPad so much more easy!! They provided me with the knowledge l required to make the correct choice, as in not trying to get my older iPad fixed. Both of them were so very professional, kind and knew exactly what l was looking for!! Great to find and experience the customer service they provided to me!!! Exactly how l like to be treated when l am buying expensive products!! Thank you to both them!! Love my new iPad!!

Posted by Anonymous on March 5, 2019 08:41am
Rahul r and raiham took care

Rahul r and raiham took care of me while looking for a new tv. They were both great salesmen.

Posted by Anonymous on February 18, 2019 06:31pm
Went to Bestbuy on Walker rd.

Went to Bestbuy on Walker rd. here in Windsor Ontario on Feb. 10th to purchase computer speakers. As my knowledge in this area is very limited I stood there attempting to decipher the information on the different products that they offer while waiting patiently for a sales associate to assist me. There were several of them meandering about chitchatting but I was to recieve no help until I approached one of them playing with his smart phone. I finally did recieve the assistance that I needed, purchased a product and exited the store. The experience was some of the worst customer service that I have endured. Somebody really should have a little talk with their employees.

Posted by Anonymous on February 13, 2019 10:43am
RAJ was great at the Langley

RAJ was great at the Langley Store. He didn't let me leave until I understood all the changes.
What is disappointing is the amount of work and time it takes to do the survey to shop my satisfaction with his service.
Why make it so difficult to let us tell you how great your staff is?

Posted by Anonymous on January 31, 2019 12:52pm
Thomas at the Merivale Plaza

Thomas at the Merivale Plaza BEST BUY Store#928 was an awesome sales person. He made it easy for me to complete my purchace, and he had a great sence of humor. I'll be back to see him for my next purchace.
Thanks Thomas.
Have a Merry Cristmas and a very Happy New Year 2019.

Posted by Anonymous on December 18, 2018 03:18pm
Yax,Suman,and Dhairya did a

Yax,Suman,and Dhairya did a really good job to help us with my daughter s camera

Posted by Anonymous on December 16, 2018 03:52pm
I am entering the win a $1000

I am entering the win a $1000 Best Buy Gift Card but this site is confusing as it opens with " As rewards, you will get one chance to win one of three $500 best buy gift card every month. " In attempt to enter this site I was given several contest spots and multiple survey companies affiliating with this. I was shuffled to different sites which for me was confusing. One site showing year as 2014 $1000 survey and another showing $500 survey gifit certificate. Perhaps future contest entries should start with year/month and $GC prize.

Posted by Anonymous on December 10, 2018 11:30pm
The staff was very helpful in

The staff was very helpful in explaining the difference in TV's including the options between the different sizes.

Posted by Anonymous on December 4, 2018 03:44pm