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It’s amazing how one

It’s amazing how one extremely rude cashier can ruin your day. This was at the south Surrey bc location yesterday. My husband placed our bags on the conveyer belt and this cashier snapped at him you have to pack your own. Whilst she was checking our items she was just piling things Any old way as it was a fairly large shop it took my husband a little while which appeared to annoy her further After I paid she thrust the receipt at me no thank you nothing. It will make me think twice before will shop there again. I understand and respect social distances and new procedures are in place This however is no excuse for such rudeness to customers

Posted by Anonymous on May 29, 2020 03:17pm
Re: Salton Jumbo Coffee Pot

Re: Salton Jumbo Coffee Pot purchased at your Nanaimo store Oct. 27/19.
This morning I tried to pour the first cup. As I lifted it, the pot separated, fell out of my hand, spilling everywere, the just-boiled coffee burning my right hand. Fortunately not severe enough to require a doctors visit, but nevertheless, a burn. The product was returned to the store and replaced with the same coffee pot. I am not comfortable with the product after what transpired. The plastic handle/lid mechanism is definitely not strong enough to hold the 14 cup size..
Details of the purchase: ST#03059 OP#006273 TE#93 TR#00964
Not a Happy Customer,

Jode Tilley [email protected]
85 Bridgewater Lane, Parksville V9P 2V9e

Posted by Anonymous on April 9, 2020 11:56pm
You should know how pleased I

You should know how pleased I was with the great customer service that I received from Simir...?sp
Store #3117 op# 005624.12/05/19. I needed some help with the computer to print out some pictures. She was very knowledgeable, patient and gave excellent service while still attending with other customers. I certainly would come back again. Thank you. Anna from Winnipeg

Posted by Anonymous on December 6, 2019 09:26pm
I am very disappointed in the

I am very disappointed in the way Wal-Mart is treating its customers! Doing our own checkout is not what I call good customer service! There are fewer open cashier stations and more self serve ; if this continues or gets worse I WILL NO LONGER SHOP AT THESE STORES! Ricky

Posted by Anonymous on September 26, 2019 11:02am
I was appalled that there was

I was appalled that there was not even one cashier working at the mall entrance of the store at White Oaks Mall in London Ontario today (July 31, 2019). There were only self-check outs available. I take issue with self-check outs as management assumes that they are efficient. But they are not easy to use by seniors and those with disabilities and this is discrimination.
There were several people protesting but still no cashier. This is truly unacceptable..

Posted by Anonymous on July 31, 2019 08:00pm
I really dislike your new

I really dislike your new checkout format. I think you made a mistake if you are at all taking in consideration customer satisfaction. You may think you are moving forward with an advancement, but I believe you are alianateing a good number of your senior and frequent customers.
Bottom line is I am very upset at this unfortunate change.

Posted by Anonymous on June 25, 2019 01:26pm
We went to Walmart this

We went to Walmart this morning for a few groceries only to discover that 8 out of 12 self-checkout registers were closed. Apparently one helper can only assist 4 self checkouts. We waited almost 10 in line for one to be free. I asked the helper why Walmart would not open 8 registers which would require 2 helpers, since they are still saving the cost of 10 cashiers. I did not expect an answer, nor did I press for one, and I did not get one. Self checkouts are not as convenient as they appear. Never again! I will wait in line from now on, or shop at a regular grocery store. If Walmart have spent a lot of money to install those self registers, they might soon find out they wasted their money.

Posted by Anonymous on May 1, 2019 08:47am
I live in Red Deer AB I do

I live in Red Deer AB I do most of my grocery shopping at Walmart, very disappointed when I had a shopping cart full of groceries totalling $300.00 worth to find out I had to scan and pack my whole cart full of groceries. I shop at the south Walmart in red deer and have done so for many years. Your self serve stations are not set up for doing a cart full of groceries. The machine keep giving me errors, I was just about to leave my cart and leave, but the lady all alone having to attend this section was so helpful and understanding of my frustration she helped me process my groceries. Not only are you taking away customer service I feel you are making staff work harder. You shouldn’t open the store so early if you can’t provide proper service to your customers. I usually spend around $600 a month at the store, really thinking of changing and going to Costco at least they scan and pack your groceries also at a very comparable product price. Also it looks like they treat there staff better than Walmart does. You are not only being unfair to your customers it looks like you are also not fair to your employees expecting them to provide duties which looks like should be 2 to 3 employees and having one employee to take on the task. I don’t think I want to support a business that operates like that.

Posted by Anonymous on April 27, 2019 01:11pm
I would like to voice my

I would like to voice my appreciation to Atul of store 3028 in northeast Edmonton for his swift professional attention to my issue.. His service and knowledge regarding billing on the credit
card and customer problem resolution was excellent.


Posted by Anonymous on April 26, 2019 08:44pm
Regarding store 3179. It

Regarding store 3179. It would be nice if scooters were available for the disabled. The store is now down to 1 scooter. There are signs on scooters for repair but they don't seem to be getting fixed. The other 2 stores in Regina have 6 scooters each. WHAT HAPPENED TO 3179??????? I will just have to go else where even though I have used this store since they opened in 2000.

Posted by Anonymous on April 26, 2019 04:34pm
Today, my friend and I were

Today, my friend and I were at Walmart and had a bad experience with one of your associates. There was 2 boxes of 12 contago water bottles per box in your housewares department and right under them there was a sign with "clearout" $10.00. I was so excited! We finished our shopping and proceeded to the cash where we spent $133.95. When the cashier punched in our order, the contagion water bottle came up to $24.00 and I mentioned to the clerk that it was marked down to $10.00 clearout. She was very professional and called an associate to price check and I showed the associate excatly where I picked up the bottle. When we go to the area and I pointed the sign and product to the clerk she brushed me off with "oh well, they're in the wrong place" and proceeded to leave the area. I stopped her and mentioned that someone else will pick up the same article as I did thinking it was $10.00 and that wouldn't be right to what she said...oh well.....and walked away. That really upset me such terrible customer service and I went to your customer service desk to speak to someone in charge and a young girls named Krista took charge and was apologetic, walked back to the bottle area with and moved the boxes to it's proper location. I wanted to write to you to let you know that because of Krista's pleasant attitude and positive thinking, she made the experience go away. Congrats to Krista!
That all happened on Thursday April 25th at 17:19.
A satisfied customer,
Sue Tarle

Posted by Anonymous on April 25, 2019 09:13pm
Sadly I found it difficult to

Sadly I found it difficult to simply give positive feedback for a wonderful employee at Walmart. It would have been nice to be able to leave a written comment at the store so that she is actually recognized. I did speak to her and one of the managers. Her name is Sue M. and she works at the Walmart in Winkler, Manitoba. Sue is friendly, welcoming and helpful in an honest way, not with the routine automatic "Welcome to Walmart". When I need help and I see that she is there I smile right away and go straight to her.

Posted by Anonymous on April 19, 2019 09:49am
David, the cart supervisor is

David, the cart supervisor is amazing! He will ask if he can get you a cart or take yours back. He’s so friendly, I look forward to seeing him every Time!

Posted by Anonymous on March 20, 2019 04:17pm
I am disappointed that we

I am disappointed that we customers are being forced to do "self serve" at check out or wait in long line up because the express lines are closed. We should be able to go to the check outs we prefer. I have decided that if I have to self serve, wait in a long line up for a single open cashier or leave, I will leave my cart and go to another store that will not make me wait.

Posted by Anonymous on March 12, 2019 04:08pm
I do 85 % of my shopping at.

I do 85 % of my shopping at. walmart

Posted by Anonymous on March 1, 2019 04:56pm
i would like to give heather

i would like to give heather at the lancaster mall store a "10" for her excellent assistance on march 1/19

Posted by Anonymous on March 1, 2019 01:02pm
Why didn't you order on line

Why didn't you order on line and have it sent to your local store its free shipping to the store then you get an email when it arives and you go pic it up

Posted by Anonymous on February 27, 2019 01:03am
Unhappy customer since you've

Unhappy customer since you've taken away the fast check out with one to twelve items with an employee. You've installed instead double the self serve that is not what people want I've spoken to a lot of my friends and they will not use the self serve so waiting in line for service will take too long so I guess we will have to start re-routing to Basic or Giant Tiger for equal pricing with service. Too bad. I guess trying to save money on your part does not always work. This is your store at Train Yard in Ottawa.

Posted by Anonymous on February 11, 2019 02:28pm
I would like to give Anlin &

I would like to give Anlin & Jenny at the Wal-Mart pharmacy in Edmonton, Alberta Canada a 10 for their excellent service & care! Their service is second to none when filling prescriptions and just everything about them. In this day & age it's so hard to find caring, courteous people who go that "extra mile" to make sure customers are happy! Their knowledge is awesome! Keep up the good work girls!!

Posted by Anonymous on December 9, 2018 07:26am
I’m not very pleased with

I’m not very pleased with Walmart or the new MasterCard I was told I would get $15.00 off my first purchase well I made my first purchase yesterday paid for it with my Walmart MasterCard then I paid that off with my debit card I didn’t see any $ or discounts taken off my purchase

Store code 3185
Date 12/2/18
Time 13:16::25
And my purchase $104.02 I would appreciate an answer ty Helen Smith. Phone #709-660-2004
4Smiths Rd.
Irishtown-Summerside NL.
A2H 4A1

Posted by Anonymous on December 3, 2018 02:31pm
Your survey site is not

Your survey site is not secure

Posted by Anonymous on December 3, 2018 12:37pm
The Survey/Walmart site is

The Survey/Walmart site is not secure!?

Posted by Anonymous on November 24, 2018 09:54am
Went to to check

Went to to check availability of trekking pole and possibility of shipping. First, shipping costs are way too high relative to other places including Amazon. Shipping costs that are equal to or greater than the object of interest is outrageous. Website would not allow me to select pickup at any store. The website did indicate limited stock at my nearest store (3654) so I made my way to this store only to find nothing. Not just sold out but no similar items either.

Posted by Anonymous on November 14, 2018 10:23am
walmart is my store for

walmart is my store for shopping on-line,
i am wheelchair bound that has to do most of my shopping on-line,
thank you walmart for accepting my virtual debit card when on-line shopping.

Posted by Anonymous on November 12, 2018 01:35pm
Walmart check out lanes were

Walmart check out lanes were getting like mass production lanes. I was dissatisfied with my purchased in Winnipeg area (McPhillips and Templeton branch). After paying grocery items which came out to be $312.36 taxes included, I came from and putting my groceries away. I noticed that 6 pack rolls of paper towel was not with the groceries I brought home. It was 2nd items printed on my receipt. Since it was getting too late and tired I decided to to go back to Walmart the day after. I went to customer service kiosk and asked if anyone handed missing 6 pack of Royal paper towels. Front desk associate checked under the self and none was there. I was shown to store manager and explained to him what happened. He told me that there was nothing he could do because none in lost and found items. So I said it is my lost. He said that unfortunate it was my lost. My complained was cashier should have noticed about that item that was missed behind. But no. Cashier was more concerned of the next line up. I will not be shopping groceries at Walmart it is just like a jungle.

Posted by Anonymous on November 11, 2018 07:26pm
I want to comment your

I want to comment your employee Melissa L.sales floor associate at store 1130 in Fergus for her wonderful and excellent customer service . She went well beyond her duty to assist and I think she did a great job.

Posted by Anonymous on November 5, 2018 03:24pm
I shop at Walmart store #

I shop at Walmart store # 3063 and I am wondering why Walmart has an express line that states 1 to 20 items.. I work nearby and had to run in for something for my store and there were two women wit full baskets. The purpose of an express line is for people in a hurry. I was not happy hearing that the management at the store lets this happen. I know they are trying to have good customer service but this is not a good customer service.

Posted by Anonymous on November 4, 2018 12:13pm
Why is there always bare

Why is there always bare shelves in the Merritt B.C. store? They are always out of stock, or not stocked at all. When asked at the cashier end they say they don't know. I should not have to go to Kamloops for deals. This is shameful! The shelves should be stocked at all times. Also I told the manager about products being open and she did nothing, that is open food that was either not sealed correctly, but for me to see it in the same spot?? Ya not good. We don't need it shut down, we need a lot of things corrected.

Posted by Anonymous on November 3, 2018 01:56pm
I'm permanent customer of

I'm permanent customer of Walmart location code 1004. About noon today I brought my merchandises
to scan and go. Lori, a helper tell me to go to other site although I'm in line for first come first serve.
This attitude is unacceptable. I would like to suggest the schedule for employees to perform work based
on the number of their services of customers during holidays season. Customers are happy and directors effectively control the payrolls as well as best customers services.Thanks
Tuan Vuong
Member card 5434...........8730

Posted by Anonymous on October 29, 2018 12:57pm
Regarding store 3155, I have

Regarding store 3155, I have been very disappointed in the state of staffing and stocking in this store during the last few months. There are great gaping holes in shelves in many departments and stock piled in many aisles. We can never get all the items on our list anymore and do about half of our shopping at another store these days. The staff that are working are pleasant and helpful as they can be, under the circumstances. Also, due to staff shortages, there are never enough cash registers open and we hear more self checkouts are on the way. Most people in this town are not enthused about this idea. In a town with very little industry, more jobs would be preferable, not to mention that seniors prefer a regular checkout.

Posted by Anonymous on October 22, 2018 05:15pm