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We were at the Bo, on

We were at the Bo, on Saturday13th-2018 time was 5:48 pm. We purchased two sausage biscuits, & a order of no-season flies. The fries were nice & Hot.The sausage was dry like it had set for a good while.
It was really cold in the restaurant, so it did not take long for the Food to be Cold.
The last time we were there, it was cold out but nice & toastie in there. And enjoyable.!

Jan Barron

E-Mail: jan@cffcs.com
Ph. # 919-777-0614
358 Walter Bright Rd.
Sanford NC 27330

Posted by Anonymous on 13 January 2018 - 8:51pm
I Stopped in the Vinton, VA.

I Stopped in the Vinton, VA. location and have been there several times to get BBQ. I ask every time to be sure they make my sandwich look like the picture and drain the juice so the bun isn't soggy.......TODAY WAS LAST TIME

I'm tired of getting snotty remarks and jokes coming out of the kitchen area and then getting back to work to find my bun is completely saturated with juice and falling apart and the BBQ and cole slaw falling out on my desk and or floor. Also they seem not to be able to get the BBQ and the cole slaw on the bun evenly. Why is the BBQ on one side of the bun and the cole slaw on the other side?? As much flavor as your BBQ has it's a shame that your employees are not taught any better than this but you know as they say.....THE FISH ROTS FROM THE HEAD! So if ya'll don't care to teach your employees do do any better and KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT I'm done with Bojangles. And no I don't need your free biscuit coupon either to leave this comment!

Posted by Anonymous on 29 June 2017 - 12:21pm